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A cold day of winter
"And the skies turned gray, the clouds shutting the ether.
The winds blowed heavily. The ether had perished.
An ominous storm nearing, and darkness now lurking...
People began looking, as for hope they were searching.
The people gazed up, with turmoil within their hearts.
The radiant king now in slumber, his birds were now gone.
When birds had stopped flying, and skies stopped shining.
In a dark day, tales say, a demon shall awaken.
Fafnir, people whispers in fear, in a cold day of winter..."
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Quick birthday sketch: Mason, Kurama and Hi by Galm03 Quick birthday sketch: Mason, Kurama and Hi :icongalm03:Galm03 4 12
Guardian Angel Chronicles: Chapter 10
Chronicle I: Chapter 10

Reforging a soul

They group decided that instead of walking from place to place, they would rather move all their supplies to the building where the basketball court was. They dedicated the rest of the day to arrange everything to make it look like a proper base for the time they were using it, and when they least expected it, the day was finally over... The next morning…
     Jeff: --Already awake and dressed, standing on the court, looking at the windows in a reflexive manner, holding his sword-- …
     Maria: --Suddenly comes over, with only her white hoodie on-- Heck, why aren't the restrooms closer…? --Yawns then sees Jeff standing there-- Jeff…? --Carefully walks over--
     Jeff: … --Looks at his sword for an instant then looks back at the window-- … --Calmly sighs and mutters something-- I willl keep my promise… Ellie…
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Quick Sketch: Scarlett, Alex and Jaden by Galm03 Quick Sketch: Scarlett, Alex and Jaden :icongalm03:Galm03 7 15 THIS! by Galm03
Mature content
THIS! :icongalm03:Galm03 3 8
Guardian Angel Chronicles: Chapter 9
Chronicle I: Chapter 9
The Shelter…

The next day, at the city’s outskirts, a lone man was walking by the roads that led to Land Alba's mountain range… This man was cloaked, wearing a rouge outfit… It was the demon that attacked Jeff and company for the first time. Frexios…
     Frexios: --It seems he’s talking on some kind of phone-- Seriously! Who could have thought these humans were so smart? Their phones are just phenomenal! And with a little tweak here and there, I can call you wherever I am, babe! This is awesome! Whenever these bastards from the Hellian Army conquer this place, I’m coming over to make my own gold mine! Maybe we can make some profit!
     ???: --A young woman replies-- Come on, darling… You only think about money. What about me? Am I not good enough to make you happy? --Giggles somewhat in a sultry tone--
     Frexios: Of course you ar
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Guardian Angel Chronicles: Chapter 8
Chronicle I: Chapter 8
It’s been around two weeks now since the demons' last attack and nearly a month since Jeff and Joshua came to Land Alba… Joshua, Maria and Scarlett have been residing in the building where they took Jeff and Ephraim to recover and reestablished their camp there. Despite all the space they could have, their security was relative... They haven't found an opportunity to advance and continue the search of the journal Jeff and Joshua look for. Joshua's anguish increases as he knows that his mother's health is slowly becoming worse, not to mention that they possibly had demons coming after them...
The days keep passing and the ones awake scout the desolated city to watch the demons' steps and search for routes to escape if the moment came. As their pursuers slowly aproach more and more to them each moment, the group starts to get desperate after realizing that they're between the sword and the wall... Until
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Guardian Angel Chronicles: Chapter 7
Chronicle I: Chapter 7
Eye of the storm
Darkness once again enveloped the world… Only the silent whispers of people were heard at the distance. It couldn’t be understood, the words were unclear.
     Jeff: … Where…? --Blinded by darkness, feeling too weak to move, just listens at the voices that gradually are getting clearer--
     ???: I managed to eliminate the secondary effects of the... Substance, and supress it so his body can recover...
     ???: Will he be ok? It’s the second time, already…
     ???: He seems… Worse than before… I am not sure if-
     Jeff: … --Opens his eyes and gasps--
Jeff found himself laying down on a bed, with a blanket over him… The room itself looked old and abandoned, the bed felt hard as rock, and the blanket wasn’t better, neither… Only some light coming from the wi
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Mature content
Guardian Angel Chronicles: Chapter 6 :icongalm03:Galm03 1 0
Gift for Annadrujok: The things i do for love... by Galm03 Gift for Annadrujok: The things i do for love... :icongalm03:Galm03 1 14
Guardian Angel Chronicles: Chapter 5
Chronicle I: Chapter 5
 A voice within
     Ephraim: Morning, there! --Comes over-- Good to see ya getting up, huh, you little kid! How are you feeling? --Knocks his head lightly--
     Jeff: Oww, oww…! Why did you do that? --Rubs head, looking at him-- … You… --Looks at him carefully--
     Ephraim: What… Something in my face…? --Blinks at him-- … OH! Is is about this handsome face of mine? --Laughs--
     Maria: Eph, don't start... --Eyebrow twitches as she smiles irritated--
     Jeff: Who are you…?
     Ephraim: --Grins and kneels down next to him-- Ephraim Bellmont at your service! You can call me Eph! Or brother in your case --Laughs and raises his thumb--
     Jeff: Bro-brother…? --Eyes slowly getting wider in confusion--
There was this guy, in a way “Joshua’
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Guardian Angel Chronicles: Chapter 4
Chronicle I: Chapter 4:
Sinister dawn
“Are you saying those were demons!?”
Jeff and Maria travelled all their way back to Joshua’s location… It took them around half an hour to rendezvous with Joshua and this other girl Maria was talking about a while ago. As soon as they reunited, Maria asked about what happened to him before after he got separated from Jeff. While Jeff was still on route, Joshua, in the other hand, found the end of his way sooner than he expected. The canal ended, letting all the water flow to the ocean, the limits of the city… There was no shore; just a small cliff that seems was what Sky Alba left when it was ripped off from Earth. After finding his way blocked, Joshua tried to call Jeff back and make him know, but he was already too far away for the radio to function. So he just decided to walk back and try to find his brother. The tiredness defeated Joshua eventually, an
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Guardian Angel Chronicles: Chapter 3
Chronicle I: Chapter 3
Guardian without wings

We are weak…
We’re alone…
I am alone…
No one…
Voices can be heard among the darkness…
     Jeff: … --Violently wakes up-- NO! --Panting, scared-- What is this…? --Gasps as he soon sees what’s in front of his eyes-- N-no… What happened…?
The blue and clean sky he saw hours ago turned into a dark, bloody red… The air felt heavy… Eerie…
     Jeff: … Where am i…? Wait… Joshua… I must find him! --Rapidly goes out his bag, takes on his shoes and runs all his way back to where he saw Joshua-- Joshua… I hope you’re ok, you hear!? What in the earth just happened…?
As he runs, some shadows lurk around him, silently following the desperate boy…
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Feel free to visit my gallery, guys! I`m doing my best to please even readers and car fans.

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Game of Cones by broettonavarro Game of Cones :iconbroettonavarro:broettonavarro 11 27 WOLFSBANE ARTICLE 07: 'USANCE' by Rafael-Domination WOLFSBANE ARTICLE 07: 'USANCE' :iconrafael-domination:Rafael-Domination 30 28 Santa form by giannysuki Santa form :icongiannysuki:giannysuki 715 39 winter play by azzai winter play :iconazzai:azzai 1,450 69 Spitfire Alley by rOEN911 Spitfire Alley :iconroen911:rOEN911 473 59 Rooock YEAH by Futago-KawaiI Rooock YEAH :iconfutago-kawaii:Futago-KawaiI 212 51 Supra RZ by StrayShadows Supra RZ :iconstrayshadows:StrayShadows 1 0 Scuderia by Attila-Le-Ain Scuderia :iconattila-le-ain:Attila-Le-Ain 75 3 Korra In Her Element!! by dCTb Korra In Her Element!! :icondctb:dCTb 9,631 222 Pastel Chibi Princess Victoria by Lettelira Pastel Chibi Princess Victoria :iconlettelira:Lettelira 559 0 Last Snow by Lupinicious Last Snow :iconlupinicious:Lupinicious 1,206 49 F-15C - Galm 1 by Jetfreak-7 F-15C - Galm 1 :iconjetfreak-7:Jetfreak-7 80 0 F-15C - Galm 2 by Jetfreak-7 F-15C - Galm 2 :iconjetfreak-7:Jetfreak-7 63 0 F-5E - Top Gun by Jetfreak-7 F-5E - Top Gun :iconjetfreak-7:Jetfreak-7 52 0 Shelby by Attila-Le-Ain Shelby :iconattila-le-ain:Attila-Le-Ain 55 8
My likes are ample, as ample as... Well, okay, not as ample. Mostly Ace Combat, Gran Turismo, Nintendo and general, niche anime stuff. Have a look at my favorites; there are plenty of talented artists!


Welp, seems like I've neglected the page once again. But I have a good reason, aside from the usual college life and what not.

September is coming to an end, and October was supposed to be the month where my dog would turn 13, but... Well, that won't be possible anymore. This week, he had become sick. And pretty badly, all of the sudden. His strenght began to gradually decrease until he wasn't able to stay still. After taking him to two vets, and receiving treatment for an illness that only ticks can transmit, my dog died just 30 minutes after getting back home. He suffered, but, it was for such a short time.

Needless to say, I'm devastated. I loved him so much, and I'm sure that he loved my whole family just as much. It was a hard blow for all of us. So much, that I still can listen to him and hear him around the house, still. I was hoping this year to be one where I wouldn't have to deal with such loses... But I was wrong.

Trying to move on, I've been returning to my writing. I guess that sadness can be some sort of inspiration, as well. For now, that's it.

... And I don't really write for the people following me. I do it just for anyone really interested in an update. Thank you beforehand, if you keep paying attention to this place xD That's all for now...

Galm 03, Out.
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Jonathan Flores
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to begin... my name is Jonathan Flores, I live in El Salvador and you wasted 5 seconds of your life reading this, whoo *fake cheering*

ALRIGHT, I have matured, time to change some things.

I'm an artist by hobbie who's lacking motivation and time due college life. Usually I do a bit of literature (script format) drawing (traditional media, sketching mostly) and fanart photomanipulation, (Just your fancy way to say that I used to take screenshots of Gran Turismo 4, just letting ya know), and just recently, a bit of photography. You could see that my gallery is... Quite modest. OH! And the occasional meme here and there.

My pleasure to get your acquaintance, thank you very much! I do accept critiques, and you are also welcome to crush my pride any way you see fit, as long as it's constructive.

Favorite genre of music: rock, a tad bit of electronic, soundtracks, orchestral, a bit of metal.

Favorite photographer: Gupa507 and Blue-Petal

Favorite style of art: mostly anime/manga, but I love me some detailed and cell-shaded art, as well. Minimalistic, vectorial, watercolor. In other medias, landscape photography.

Operating System: Always trustworthy Windows 7 Ultimate.

Personal Quote: If you ever feel down, try smiling at your own misery. An humorous take on life can sometimes help you just take a problem from a different perspective. Once you get through, your sad moments will be just silly and humorous tales you'll be able to laugh at, as you were able to overcome them.

--- --- --- --- ---

I believe in Jesus Christ my Savior. If you do too and aren't scared to admit it then copy and paste this in your signature or your page.


OC Ref: Ephraim Bellmont
Given Name: Ephraim Bellmont.

Age: Over 10,000 Avalon years (He appears to be 25)

Race: Custos Angelus, or, in simple terms, Guardian Angel.

Occupation: Currently active member and Commander of his own battalion at the 20th Crown Legion, of the Holy Althean Army. Second-In-Command of the 20th Vanguard Squadron, from the previously mentioned legion, after his superior and childhood friend, Alexander Gallant Cortez. While he's off-duty, he works as a barista at a small cafe, back in Valencia City, Sky Alba.

Personality: Ephraim is what you would consider a peace-seeking, happy-go-lucky, and a bit of a comical fellow. He's quite calm and cheerful, be it on his daily life or in the battlefield. He finds the good side of things on everything, and is capable of handling stress without affecting him. Of course, this can backlash on him, as his calm nature is often translated into an ungodly laziness, which makes other angels question how the heck he has kept his position back at Althea's army. Ephraim also teases and fools around his friends every time he can, for the sake of laughs, be it for everyone, or just himself. All to make the atmosphere as light-hearted as possible.

He can also show an intellectual side, as millennia and millennia of experiences had made him into a wise man, his erudition only being inferior to his friend Alex, which is one of the most intelligent Archangels in Althea.

Ephraim is a bit of a flirt himself, but doesn't act like that to get the laides. It's mostly winks, flatter and good-hearted praise, instead. His job as a barista and his looks have earned him a bit of a reputation among girls, although it has never reached anywhere near a relationship.

In addition, he also seems to be quite a loving person. He truly appreciates his friendship with Alex, and keeps his bond with his younger brother, Jaden, as solid as steel. Also very close to his other two companions, Maria and Scarlett. Overall, he vows himself on protecting the very few friendships he has, as he suffered many harsh loses to the wars he has been through.

Back then, during the previous wars Althea was involved in, Ephraim was known to be an exemplar soldier, often letting out a composed, confident and focused side. During combat, Ephraim is also able to show a mocking and conceited side toward his opponents, provoking anyone skillful enough to bring out their best at him, only to make them show what they're worth to him, as he always loved to fight against enemies that were worth his level of skill. This, combined with his devil-may-care attitude, makes him an extremely obnoxious adversary. However, he also shows a honorable side once he has met an equal adversary, and can easily acknowledge the skill of his enemies. Today, he is just as confident, but less mocking, although he can tick off someone, if he wishes.

Ephraim does have a rather somber side, though. Although only in very specific conditions, Ephraim turns into a straightforward and even merciless person during fights. He becomes this way mainly because very personal reasons, whenever he harbors deep resentment towards someone. He doesn't hesitate on giving his all to fell any opponent that has seen this side of him, but, even with such change of heart, he somewhat keeps his usual, challenging behavior, the only difference is that he'd make sure to utterly defeat his opponent, or at the very least, bring them along with him to the graveyard.

Love Interests: He's straight. Happens to have a thing for librarians with glasses, since he had spent a few years with one before returning to Althea.

Powers/Abilities/Signature skills: 


- Army-grade Spearmanship and Melee martial arts: Ephraim has been trained in the arts of the spear since he entered the Althean Army, at the age of 18, which means that he has spend his whole life perfecting his abilities with his preferred weapon until near perfection. At some point in his service, he found himself also using melee techniques, allowing him to become quicker and more precise when combining them with his spear mastery. In short, he's able to attack from hand-to-hand range to quickly disable his opponent, quickly finishing them with any of the myriad of techniques of his spear.

- Soul Energy Mastery: Along with his combat techniques, Ephraim is also known to have a high grade of manipulation of his own life essence, allowing him to perform a variety of energy-focused attacks that are colored according to the color of his very soul, pale blue, which combined with his combat level, can be quite deadly. His soul is characterized by housing water and electric attributes that allow him to perform attacks that often resemble storms of pure lightnings. Among his signature skills, the ones that are most recognizable are this:

    - Aegis Arts; Valiant Charge: He performs a quick dash forward toward his enemy, then either a downward thrust, an upward slash or a straight thrust movement of his spear, empowered with an energy charge on the spearhead, which improves piercing of the spearhead, once it makes contact with his opponent, dealing severe damage if connected well.

    - Aegis Arts; Spear Spikes: Ephraim fiercely thrusts downwards, nailing his spear onto the ground, quickly making a rushing trail of light bolts sprout from below, tracking his foe and thrusting while keeping their guard too high. However, the trail's distance goes as far as roughly 6 meters, which makes this skill more close-quarter focused.

    - Aegis Arts; Spear Storm: Ephraim materializes several energy spears on the sky, making them fall down on his opponents in the blink of an eye. The number may vary, depending on the energy used, but it never exceeds 5 or 6 spears. It has more or less the same range as Spear Spikes.

    - Aegis Arts; Grand Javelin: He imbues his spear with his life essence to make it appear like a lightning bolt, to throw it with equal speed and strength. Once thrown, Ephraim can make his spear come back to him by pulling on the red lace tied on it, that can stretch indifinitely, as it is just an extension of his soul, as well.

    - Althean Seal; Field of Fallen Blades: Focusing his mind on a life-changing memory of his past, Ephraim casts a whole field of light blades of several shapes and lengths from the ground, piercing through anything on an approximate of 20 meters radius. The field itself serves a second purpose, keeping enemies either away from him or within his attack range. The attack itself is inspired on the very first battlefield he survived, the blades representing those he had seen of his fallen comrades.

    - Soul Unleash: All angels in Althea, when they're not in their homeland, create a shell that stores their spiritual selves, in order to fulfill their duty as guardians of creation, and to keep those around them from harm, as the shells contain the tremendous amount of energy all angels possess. It's said that the energy emanating from an angel can easily mimic that of an actual star, compressed to the size of a human body.

The shells themselves adopt the appearances of a human version of their real bodies. When the shell is broken, a part of their selves is seen, only limited to the physical laws that bind all physical and logical phenomenons that each world is ruled by.

Breaking the limits of his human cocoon, Ephraim manifests part of his real self, emanating pure energy colored in pale blue. His body becomes monochromatic, in white and pale blue color palettes, and is surrounded by a spherical energy blanket that acts like an intense wind gust, with pure white light feathers floating around it. Particularly on Ephraim, during this intense state, gravity becomes heavier around him, and small electricity currents start passing over his body. Only another entity of the same energy level can stand next to him without suffering the effects of this. His abilities increase exponentially in speed and might, making him able to devastate a complete city, depending on how strong are the physical laws that bind him to the world he is present. It is known, that without any boundaries holding him, that Ephraim could easily wipe out a planet's surface, using all his might, but no world other than Althea itself really allows him to unleash such tremendous power.

The only reason that justifies angels unleashing such amount of force is that they have found an adversary just as powerful, or they have put their very own life at risk, and this means that drastic measures are to be used.

        - Althean Oath; Spear of Peaceful Storms: After unleashing his true self, by reciting the same oath they vowed to Althea and King Yaveh, the creator himself, Ephraim is able to cast a whole storm of light spears that can rain down upon a complete city, the power being equal to a hurricane. The radius may vary, but it's never smaller than a metropolis perimeter. This skill is only performed by him as a final resort, either to give the coup d' grace on a mighty foe or to turn the tables during a battle, in an attempt of bringing his enemy along with him, when death is certain. The amount of energy used by this is enough to drain Ephraim of all his energy, reducing him to a mere human. Afterwards, minus the energy he is able to recover from the raining spears falling on him, it takes him a whole month of deep slumber to recover.

The vow he recites is the following: Like the storming clouds that covered the heavens, and the rain that rid the land of sin, I pray for my soul to become the storm, and for the land to be pure, once again. May my King's might become the strength of this storm, and his mercy the calm after. For me to cleanse the land of chaos, and rain down the peace my soul seeks. I call forth.


Ephraim is quite good at writing, as he always had a journal of sorts at hand, while being in the army, and during the many wars he went through. He has compiled several tomes of his personal life, to keep a record of his near endless, experiences, memories, and all the people he had met. He has considered writing down a book for his brother, in a way to teach and share experiences with him, to compensate for the years away from Althea.

He also is an avid tactician. While being a brilliant strategician, himself, Alexander recognizes that Ephraim has the uncanny ability to instinctively adapt his tactics in middle of a battle by simply giving it a close look, which has earned Ephraim the reputation of being a respectable field commander, in constrast with Alex, who is instead exceptionally adept in seeing all the legion's possible strategies, as well as the enemy's countermeasures ahead of time.

During his stay in Valencia, he learned to play saxophone and trumpet, which earned him a part-time job as a jazzist, along with his angel partners, at the same cafe he works at. Is also an expert in forging metal crafts, just like any fellow Althean soldier, as it is a requirement of sorts for the Althean soldiers to craft their own personal weapons, that are expected to last until the day they die.

Likes: Wander around town or lay down anywhere he feels comfy to kill time and think about his stuff, play some pranks on friends, drinking coffee, playing with the jazz band. He also has a bit of a gaming habit.

Dislikes: Getting bored, so you always find him trying to do something (Unless he's chilling and thinking). Noisy, dissonant places, and, sometimes, home labor, or pretty much any labor in particular that revolves around being in an office. 

Favorite food: No specific taste in food. Anything goes. But he has a special like in coffee.

Character's Bio 

A few generations after the first war in Avalon, Ephraim had served to his kingdom, proudly, along his best friend, Alexander, and his younger brother, Jaden. He was one of the young angels that were birthed during the "Rebuilding Era" of Althea. His father, Ewan, and his mother, Talys, having survived the Avalon War, retired from the service to the crown to raise a family. Ephraim was one of three siblings, and the middle one of them. Born after his elder brother, Ikaros, and before his younger brother, Jaden.

At first, he was just a normal child, a life fresh and full of oportunities, but saw in Ikaros what would be his own definition of hero. An exceptional soldier, despite living in peace time. With the resolve of becoming a Guardian Angel, Ephraim asked his father to train him in the fighting arts, so he could join the army at the age of 18. His future seemed written until chaos struck once again. An angelic rebellion had taken place in Althea. Lucifel, one of the highest Archangels of Althea, and left hand of King Yaveh, had raised up in arms to overthrow Yaveh of his thrown and gain power, in an attempt of becoming the only God of all. Another war had exploded. Among the revolting angels was Ikaros, the one and only Ephraim admired most.

Ewan and Talys, having answered to their moral duty, went to fight the rebellion, but would be felled by Ikaro's blade, right in front of Ephraim and Jaden. Seeing that something had changed in Ikaros, Ephraim's resolve was torn into pieces, and Jaden's life was put at risk, as Ikaros himself tried to kill his younger brothers. Somehow, Ephraim had managed to hold his ground against Ikaros, taking Jaden with him, successfully fleeing from what was once his home. As the rebellion continued, Ephraim wandered with his toddler brother in arms, trying to find a way to survive the merciless conflict. It was until a young angel had come to his aid. It would be the one that would become Ephraim's new elder brother figure. Alexander. Being an Archangel's apprentice, was able to help Ephraim, leading him to the safety of Yaveh's Plains, the place where he lived and were he was trained by Archangel Michael. It wouldn't take long for the rebellion to be suppressed, and the revolting angels to be purged out of Althea.

With his determination now becoming more mature and somewhat, Ephraim had now sworn himself to become what Ikaros would have been, should he stayed in the right path, and sworn that if they ever crossed paths, Ephraim would avenge his parent's death. And so, along Alexander, under Archangel Michael's wings, the two trained harsh until they climbed up ranks in the military. Michael would eventually replace Lucifel's place as Guardian of Althea, and Alexander his closest subordinate, leading one of the largest contingents in the army, while Ephraim earned a solid position as commander. Jaden soon would catch up with the two, once he reached age enough to become a Guardian Angel, and his resolve was just as strong as Ephraim's. The three soon would embark on many crusades against demons, trying to bring peace to the chaos Avalon had turned into, after Lucifel's rebellion. But Ephraim's intentions made him turn a rather abrupt and dangerous path. Feeling hurt by Ikaros' betrayal, Ephraim decided to flee from Althea, in search of answers. Having no real purpose in his life, he decided to make his own, and abandon everything, but only after making Alexander promise him to take care of Jaden, until his uncertain return. Alexander, quite hesitant, gave up to Ephraim's wishes, and aided him escape.

This is how Ephraim soon began traveling the realms of Avalon. At some point in his life, while in search of his brother Ikaros, to confront him for the murder of their parents, he would become a mercenary, proving his fighting skills to be useful to earn him a life outside the military. With no clear path in his life, Ephraim's will seemed to turn for the worse as he had become a ruthless and merciless warrior, until he met defeat during a job, in a small town, lost in the smallest of worlds of Avalon. Having survived a ferocious skirmish, Ephraim crawled his way to the house of a young librarian, which nursed him back to good health, and gave him a pillow where to lay his head. Her name was Leanne, and the girl would devout herself to deal with the rebellious male for many years. Helping her out with her library, Ephraim's heart would turn back to a new, gentle self, and would slowly fall in love with Leanne. The years passed, and soon the two would make a quiet and peaceful life, together. Having found his real purpose in life, Ephraim would soon realize that all he needed was true, deep peace. But his life with Leanne would come to an end.

One peaceful day, Alexander would show up in front of Ephraim's door. He had brought bad omen. Althea was at war, once again. A demonic empire had risen, and was on the verge of conquering all its way up to Althea. Ephraim blindly refused at first, but seeing how the war would soon catch up with his life with Leanne, for the sake of her happiness, decided to leave her. He'd take one more night with her to explain everything to the girl he'd soon marry. From how he was an angel, and why he defected from the Altean army. With a broken heart, but also an understanding smile, Leanne allowed Ephraim to leave, but not after spending that last night like it was a whole lifetime. With an aching heart, but the resolve of protecting Leanne, Ephraim returned back to Althea, where he would be branded a defector and a traitor, and lose the affection Jaden once had towards him. Only Alexander stood in his defense, and managed to allow Ephraim elude martial court trial, and his certain execution, at least for some time, and went back to the front lines, and eventually earn back the respect of his fellow Guardian Angels.

From world to world, the 20th Crown Legion would engage in fierce battles, and encounter after encounter, it would shrink to what would be the 20th Vanguard Squadron. Only Ephraim, Alexander and Jaden would remain, along with a young angel Alex had managed to raise as his own sister. Scarlett Minuet Sartori. An unexperienced and lackluster archer, but also an exceptional medic Virtue. As the war progressed, Ephraim would rescue the soul of a former human girl, and the fifth member of the squadron. Maria D'Loef Laurent. A small team now formed, and the two girls having been trained by fellow Guardian Angels from other legions, the squadron would soon become a force to be feared and respected, equaling the might of a whole battalion. At some point, the squadron efforts would put a stop to the Hellian Empire, and bring peace to Avalon, once again.

Once at peace, Ephraim decided to get back to lost time, and tried to forge his bond with Jaden, and teach him of his experiences. With a rough start, the two would earn the trust of each other, and brothers reunited, aided on the reconstruction of what was left of Avalon. The 20th Vanguard Squadron's role after the war would then focus on finding a realm, named in prophecies of Althean tales. A world that would be where King Yaveh would set foot, once he woke up from his slumber, as he returned to his realm, to thread back creation to its former self.

Millenia would pass, until Ephraim and company would find a world named Elysea, scarred by the impact of an asteroid that shattered into thousands of fragments. Such peculiar world, with masses of land elevated into the skies, and a source of energy that seemed to flow from King Yaveh's soul, itself, would be the stage of yet another confrontation. A small Hellian legion had set foot on the world, in search of a way to open the spiritual realm between Elysea and the demon realms, that would serve as cornerstone for yet another invasion. The squadron, accompanied by Jeoffrey and Joshua, two brothers from said world, Markus, a young gifted engineer, and Sarah, a cyborg-turned-human girl, would join efforts in stopping the demonic forces, convinced that Elysia held the key to the world the 20th squadron was looking for.

Having succeeded in defeating the demons, and after a sudden encounter with the legion's general, and his former elder brother, Ikaros, who had adopted the name of Ehxas, Ephraim and company would go back to Althea, only to return to Elysia a few months after, by Archangel Michael's orders, to settle down and build a home that would serve as base for them to keep researching about this realm mentioned in prophecies. The Promised Land. From there, Ephraim would start a rather normal and peaceful life. Having earned great friendships, and his younger brother closer than ever, he took the chance to finally live the peaceful life he had always wished to have, and while dealing with pesky demons that decided to dig their noses into angelic business, his life would become that. He currently works as a barista, and part time jazzist, at a small cafe, mixing up with humans, while he aids his team in the search of The Promised Land.

Additional Info:

Ephraim went to the military academy (Obviously). That's why the cadet uniform.

Ephraim's spear is made of Guardastel, which is basically holy steel forged in Althea. Guardastel itself allows a Guardian Angel to easily manifest its soul into the weapon, which allows the weapon to gain magical-like strength and flexibility, as the steel itself resonates with the Guardian Angel's soul.

- The colors of the spear are a mix of pure gold, white pearl and pearl golden. The spearhead edges are white pearl, and the core is pearl golden, as well. The spear itself is white pearl, and the decorations are gold. The small spheres are sapphires, being blue his distinctive color.

- The lace on the spear is red. It represents the unity and strong will of Althea, as every Guardian Angel has one tied onto their weapons. It is made of Guardastel resin, which is made by using leftover Guardastel from forged weapons and mixing it with cloth materials, giving the lace a silk-like texture, but the ability to stretch indefinitely, being yet another extention of a Guardian Angel's soul.

- The ripped wing on his Squadron Badge represents his defection from the Althean Army. That way, the rest of the Guardian Angels can identify him as a traitor. Although he earned his reputation back, and won the right to recover the wing, he decided to keep his old badge, as it was a reminder of his life as a "human", and his deep love for Leanne. It is also a reminder of his uncertain, but future execution.


Alternate world with :iconthe-childish-neko: In this world, he actually fell in love, again. He changed his name to Noah. The name of this girl was Jasmine Ink. He turned into a teenage, again, to live with her. Some years later, he got married and had twins. Yumi and Abel.

Alternate world with :iconannadrujok: In this world, he got coupled as well, but this time with The Queen of the Underworld. Shonan Nazo. He didn't even expected it, at the beginning, as it all began with gentle flirting. Neither did she. But after plenty of crazy stuff, they ended up like it. The Eph of this worls is also the one that suffered more, because the relationship would turn into a hot mess, from time to time. He married Shonan and lived a prosperous life. Today, he's spending his days with her and his adoptive son, Baskerville. His personality changed a bit, and now is more responsible and mature.


18/02/14: Added new skill: Second Spear Blade.

24/02/14: Changed Spear metals. From gold and silver to reinforced steel, then Guardastel.

19/06/14: Edited his skill "Tempestad Of Spears" Changed to "Spears Cyclone" to avoid sue-ness. Use of Tempestad Of Spears remains unclear in his Bio.

17/03/2017: I'm SO MUCH revamping his whole bio. He has become a better character. Will also make him as powerful as he originally was, because his enemies are just as powerful... So screw it xD

07/01/2019: Yet again, will gave him tweaks here and there. Gotta do something while I'm on the site. Or more like, yet another complete revamp xD. This is the definite version of his bio, but perhaps I could draw him with a revamped design. Now off to work with Alex's.
Welp, seems like I've neglected the page once again. But I have a good reason, aside from the usual college life and what not.

September is coming to an end, and October was supposed to be the month where my dog would turn 13, but... Well, that won't be possible anymore. This week, he had become sick. And pretty badly, all of the sudden. His strenght began to gradually decrease until he wasn't able to stay still. After taking him to two vets, and receiving treatment for an illness that only ticks can transmit, my dog died just 30 minutes after getting back home. He suffered, but, it was for such a short time.

Needless to say, I'm devastated. I loved him so much, and I'm sure that he loved my whole family just as much. It was a hard blow for all of us. So much, that I still can listen to him and hear him around the house, still. I was hoping this year to be one where I wouldn't have to deal with such loses... But I was wrong.

Trying to move on, I've been returning to my writing. I guess that sadness can be some sort of inspiration, as well. For now, that's it.

... And I don't really write for the people following me. I do it just for anyone really interested in an update. Thank you beforehand, if you keep paying attention to this place xD That's all for now...

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