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Title: Pray For Japan
Client: Personal
Media Format: Traditional Art > Miscellaneous
Duration: 8 Mins

Description:With all this tragedy happening in the world today its times like these we should come together and see how truly short life is. Right now Japan needs as much help as they can get, So please if you guys can Donate or Pray for them, please feel free to do so.....Still Kinda choked up about this its like The Haiti thing all over again. *Sigh* I Found This Poem on Yahoo that i wish to share:

Manifesting Wave
By: Adam M. Snow

A day ends short when lives are lost,
On this blackened noon, death be the cost.
Manifesting wave crash down on hopes and dreams,
All is gone, so it seems, so it seems.
Some are lost and never found,
Some still shocked of the quaking ground.
Many without homes to keep them safe,
Many in terror and children's now waif.
Families and strangers comes together,
Crying shoulders, mourns the day after.
Hatred becomes love and enemies becomes friends,
On this day of terror to be remembered till the end.

Donation Link: [link]
Poem Link: [link]
Let Us Pray For Japan!
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