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Dental Care
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Published: June 11, 2011
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Ok so I will be putting up my stories for ALL Owl City songs eventually...not sure why I started with this one when it is by far one of the least interesting. And not sure why I used such an epic picture for thisone either.... IT LOOKS JUST LIKE EBBERS! (he despises that name). But seriously I'm starting to think someone posed him to paint this picture. This is for Dental Care :D


I was in the car, hurriedly attempting to brush my teeth in the mirror in the sun flap of my mom’s car, on our way to the dentist. Do people always do that, try to get their teeth maybe a bit whiter, to avoid the chidings of the dentist. It is a fruitless task. I was smiling so wide, I couldn’t help but laugh. There I was, doing something so… normal, it was amusing. I experienced a short burst of hysterics.

'What’s your problem?' Eb enquired of me. On car trips he flew above the street, or (when feeling lazy) rode on top of the vehicles.

'Nothing!' I insured him, though I don’t think he was convinced. The car rolled to a stop and I got out promptly, finding myself face-to-face with a flowerbed and my dragon on the side.

My mom was at the office door. “Honey, come on,” she prodded.

I swooped two blue blossoms from the bed, placing the biggest one behind my left ear and giving the other to Eb. “We’re coming, Mum.”

Grabbing the door, I bowed dramatically. 'After you, my good Sir!' Eb grinned comically and squeezed through the human-sized door, scales rubbing a bit on at least one side. My mom shook her head a bit in contempt, as she thought I was playing some bizarre sort of game.

As did the people in the waiting room. We smiled at them warmly, trying desperately to brighten the mood. It failed miserably. I chose a spot on the floor. Eb’s head filled most of my lap. I drummed my fingers softly against his scaly neck, the feelings starting to build up.

'You’re nervous,' he observed. 'Haven’t you been to this place enough, brace-face?' I grunted and shrugged, and he snickered a reply.

“Miss Tyler?” The receptionist called out. I pushed Eb’s head off of me and stood up. Fixing the flower behind my ear, I let the blonde receptionist show me the way. Without another word to me, she disappeared, leaving us alone.

The Dentist was suddenly at our side. How these people got around without making noises and defying the laws of motion and physics escaped me. Without consciously doing so I was shaking his slightly sweaty hand. “Have a seat, have a seat,” the middle-aged dentist insisted, gently pushing my shoulders to indicate where I should sit.

Eb bristled in the direction of the dentist. 'No one touches her but me!' He snarled. The man had no idea how close he was to being eaten by an invisible dragon in a different dimension.

“Ok, Miss Tyler, I’m going to have you open up, nice and wide.” Then followed the normal dentist-y things. “Don’t worry, this will only pinch a bit.” He said it with a smirk. I winced. That did not only pinch a bit.

Eb could hardly contain himself. 'You know, if you don’t behave you can leave,' I told him through our mental link.

'He’ll be havin’ more than a fit when I’m done with him, if he hurts you…'

'No one’s hurting me', I complained sarcastically, though secretly happy he cared so much. '…Ouch!'

“Ouch!” came out loud too. But then the dentist was gone, and I was done. Eb grabbed the front of my shirt with his teeth and helped me out of the chair.

'You know, that’s not so bad. It’s not nearly as bad as chicken that sits on the counter for a few days. And then the worms start, and…. It’s not…..uhh bad.'

'Maybe you should leave the talking to me,' he said, as we found my mom again.

I looked at his glossy jet black body and smiled. “Yeah, I think that sounds like a grand idea.”

“What was that, honey?” My mom peered over her shoulder at me.

“Nothing, Mum.” We burst out laughing again and left the office, my hand on Eb’s shoulder.


Well, there ya go! I don't know why i should have to write a story in the comments...
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SIOUXSIE1Student General Artist
This is beautiful
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DisneyPhan01Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cute! :D Though I have a question: is Eb in the girl's imagination, or is he actually real and she's the only one who can see him for some reason??
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GallifreySkyStudent Writer
Ok, so it's a little of both. Eb is... I guess you'd say he's real because she did't "imagine" him, he kind of came to her (which I have a story for as well), but he's not exactly in this world. More like... where Angels are. I guess he's sorta like a guardian angel :dance:
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DisneyPhan01Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, cool! :D
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