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We're a Doctor Who art group. We welcome absolutely all of absolutely everything that is Doctor Who, though naturally we have a few simple rules that we stick to, and these can be found in the Submission Guidelines.

Provided that your work doesn't break the rules (using stock that isn't yours or creating works of a sexual nature for example) it can be whatever you like: classic series or new, Daleks or Cybermen, hand drawing or photomanip, image or literature. It's your call. Just please submit things to the proper folder!
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This collection does not have any deviations yet!
Here are the rules of this group. Please stick to them, they aren't that strict.


1. This is a Doctor Who fan group. Only Doctor Who related artwork is welcome.

2. The group has a selection of folders whose titles are specific to their content. Please submit to the correct folder.

3. NOTHING EVEN REMOTELY SEXUAL IS PERMITTED. No nudity in any images, no underwear shots or sexual references and no kinky stuff. Fanfiction is welcome in this group, but be warned if I spot the tiniest smattering of slash you will be OUT.

4. All submissions will have to be approved before they are accepted.

5: Please do NOT use stock that you got off Google or a Doctor Who website or anything. For copyright reasons only your own original material can be included in this group.


1: Which Doctors/Monsters/Companions are allowed?
All of them!

2: Even original characters of my own creation?
Only if accompanied by characters accepted globally as part of the Doctor Who canon.

3: What's your take on roleplay/cosplay?
Knock yourself out.

4: Can I submit images if they're a bit violent or bloody?
PLEASE DO! That's what Doctor Who is missing these days.

5: Are there any forms of art that aren't welcome?
Porn and slashfic are out, I'm afraid, but within the framework of the rules you can submit a Doctor Who drawing, photo, story, song, poem... you get the idea.

6: Is there anything I should do on deviations I submit?
Make sure you clearly state that the BBC owns Doctor Who. Copyright is a tricky blighter.

7: Is there anything I SHOULDN'T do?
See the rules above.

8: I had a question but it's not in your list. What do I do?
Comment on this blog and ask :)


1: Any criticism made of any artwork should be constructive. I won't tolerate abuse.

2: Anyone caught trolling or bullying is out without so much as a warning.

3: Please make sure you fave and/or comment anything you really like.

4: Instances of bullying, abuse or spam should be reported to the group moderators. Please don't try to be a vigilante.

5: Keep it light and have fun!
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