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Subtitle: Mysterious Robot

Project Caiaphas; A robot built on Earth built by a scientist with the intention of slaying off kaiju and invading aliens more efficiently and effectively than the two most prominent attack teams known as HAM or EGGS. While very skilled in combat, it's fatal flaw is that it is not built with a very stable mind. Eventually during one fight, it snaps, going rogue and on a rampage and killing everything it deems as a hostile threat. So it's going to be up to HAM to try to find a way to get this mech to snap back into reality. However there's more to meet this mecha than meets the eye....

Abilities and Weapons; Mouth Cannon, Flight, A giant knife specialized for it to stab a kaiju repeatedly, a giant gun that resembles a futuristic HK416 Assault Rifle that it can use for combat effectively, energy shield, claws, energy consumption from which it can drain energy from it's hands and do so to power itself up and enhanced agility.
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