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Pencil Shaving Idea by Caen-N
Honeymoon's Over by dr34mcrush3r
Estatua by sanfrancysco
LAZY GIRL by remstan
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dead  BALLERINA's .2 by oneoftheclan
STRANGER IN  DOORWAY by dave-bischoff-expess
The Valentine Day Doctor by mihaizen
Don't Make Me by joemill
behind the art -- member Self-Portraits
PROJECT RED: Emma. by DarkStarPoet
Self Portrait130628-12 Pp by MartinGollery
Kakashi by JEURO85
Jade by Elle-Arden
Daybreak by faroutsider
Habitable zone by arsdraw
OC Emblems by zoomzoom
Cathar.sys by Ace0fredspades
Steampunk Engine Animation by GrahamSym
Rainblown mind by Ace0fredspades
Showreel 2012 by Ace0fredspades
Car and bike art -custom paint jobs
Fiat Seicento - Virtual Tuning by HobbyFotograf
Royal Enfield - 008 by laurentroy
A Nice Ford Coup With Flames by TheMan268
A 1950 Mercury by TheMan268
Butterfly by TheFantaSim
Hanged Man by TheFantaSim
Strength by TheFantaSim
Alice's Three Of Wands by TheFantaSim
Comics-graphic novels
Parasomnia 04 nb by jesss33
Cap by xHOJUx
Harley Quinn by Raphooo2014
Thank you generous hoes by NICKOLAI-IVAN-KILIN
Pentacle Digital Art Pendant by HoneyCatJewelry
Knocker Earrings Labyrinth - Special Edition by buzhandmade
The Pond Koi Lotus Necklace by popnicute
3D Origami - Mega Mewtwo (Y Form) by Jobe3DO
designs and interfaces
Get Up! by jesss33
knuckles dark fire by kira1133
Give It a Try by Coralulu
Comission: Butterstar CD cover by Ace0fredspades
Digital art
spiralotos digitalos by santosam81
Drawings and sketches
Alter Ego. by sav2718
Eyes, Mouths, Noses ,Ears, Nails
Vintage Nail Art by xRixt
Fractal designs
Angels Egg by GrahamSym
Fun Stuff
Autumn Leaf Grasshopper by FauxHead
graffity and street art
Lincoln Patriot Thug by abcartattack
Hentai and erotic art

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Happy New Year 2013! by JonathanChanutomo
Manga and Anime
Smile 4 by melted-ices
Mixed Media
In the world of music by Madhurupa
Other Media-Mature Content
Z42 by regina6
Painting, Airbrushing-Traditional Art
ujjjjjjjjjjkkkkk by santosam81
Photo manipulation
Life Isn't Always Fun and Games by ts95studios
Photography- abstract
Through Space And Time by BranislavFabijanic
Photography-Animal photography
Puma Style by sylffkaaa
Photography- architecture
Chile | Rapa Nui by slecocqphotography
Photography- artistic nudes

Mature Content

Of Cold Comfort III by simonovikis
Photography- child Photography
Indian bus by cangelir
Photography- cityscapes and streets
the lightning by aurelianno1990
Photography- country and rural
POLUTION is near us by panosozi
Photography -Cosplay drama-queens
Tao Ran (Shaman King) by SweetieFox
Photography- Dolls and Toys
Spring is Near by MySweetQueen-Dolls
Photography- flora"only flowers"
Tenderly by badpicsofbugsetc
Photography- food culinary
Eggplants by koshadesing
Photography- fetish

Mature Content

Ama y siervo II by CatarsisADiez
Photography -Gardens and parks
Statue in Pedralbes by BleuLilo
Photography-Graves and Grave yards
Hold On To Nothing by doomed-forever
Train Shed by mrotsten
Photography- horror gore
Silent.. by MateuszPisarski
Reach by Metal-Bender
Photography- Landscapes and skylines
Shroud by Metal-Bender
Photography- macro
The grapevine beetle by madlynx
Photography -Machines , vehicles and gadgets
Wisdom by Metal-Bender
Photography miscellaneous
Marbelous by DionisDei
Photography-Musical instruments
Jazz by BranislavFabijanic
Photography- Nature Photography
A Purple Thistle by TheMan268
Photography- People and Portraits
*### by styvop
Photography- Pin up
Pay no heed by pwillyams
Photography- stills
The Mask by Breakaway13
Photography Waterscapes
Morning , Dead Sea by DaniBabitz
Photography-Stock And Pre-Made Backgrounds
vvood oo by mistyt-stock
Photography- x rated

Mature Content

Cracking THE Code by H0LL0W25
Pixel art
I Feel Immortal... by GuardianOfShigeru
POP art
Volando by Art-by-Esther
Short film animations
Martini cleaning his face :animation: by Panda-kiddie

Mature Content

The Night of Lord Shiva by sivousplay
Tattoos body art
Butterflies and Stars Colored Tattoo by Breakaway13
Hair Tutorial by TheJoanaPADJ
Vexel and vector
Wut by HoneyCatJewelry


Welcome to Gallery42. This group was established as a place to collect and house the finest photography, digital, and traditional art. It quickly expanded to include crafts, animations, and tutorials.

However, this group is closed. There will no new submissions or members accepted.





First,  a quick update.

For those of you who did not know, in August 2011, our original founder, corvus-sky,  left a few of us in charge of Gallery42  while she spent time trying to get her personal life back on track. As co-founders began to disappear, three of us stayed true, keeping the group going for corvus-sky. She has never been able to return. She had been in contact with me by email off and on for a while, still struggling,  hoping her life would change and she would once again be a regular at dA, but it wasn't happening. Then in July of 2012,  she asked me to take the group; but, she left without giving me Founder controls, and although I've written to her twice, I've yet to hear from her again.

Since then, I've lost Elle-Arden as a co-founder helping accept all submissions for all themes except for photography; and more recently, my photography co-founder, dark4Maxine, had to cut back on her online time.

That basically leaves just me.  

During that long period between corvus-sky and myself taking the lead, deviants forgot they were members of Gallery42.

Even though the group is constantly picking up new deviants, for one with nearly 3,000 members, we're just bobbing on the surface of the ocean that is the deviantArt community.  What was once a thriving exciting place to be, is now just a shell of what it could be.

I was going to keep the group going, but, now that I've sat here and read what I just wrote, I have to ask myself, why? Is this group really worth holding on to?

I'm sitting here shaking my head.

Over the years, at dA, I brought  ManipulateThis  from being a club art account to  Super Group, and picked up HumanConditions as Founder.  I started my own group, artistsofcolor, and I most recently kept Untold-Possibilities from being closed. I assist in some sort of capacity as co-founder at AlteredMixedCollages, Castle-of-Cards, and CRPhotomanipulation, and I'm a staff/contributor at fella, and iManipulate.

Do I really need to hang in there with Gallery42?

I've always loved the idea behind Gallery42. It was never meant to be a group that accepted anything just because it had been submitted, but it has never been an elitist group, either.

I hate to say this, but it's time to let it go.

Founded May 5, 2010   Closed  July 28, 2013
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The FantaSim Wood Fairy ID by TheFantaSim

From Our Member's Self Portraits November 2012 - July 2013

PROJECT RED: Emma. by DarkStarPoet:thumb385110504: Self Portrait130628-12 Pp by MartinGollery Kakashi by JEURO85 Color is a touch out of darkness by ZuzuTurkova Self portrait 130621-34 by MartinGollery:thumb361449151: portraitcommission Girl and French Bulldog project by eydii:thumb377449635::thumb377286812: Peaceful by slecocqphotography youth by safonovma Have you ever lost yourself... by ZuzuTurkova Naughty Girl by StephanieStutz:thumb368910479: Just me... by ZuzuTurkova AN OPEN MIND by PancreasSupervisor Blue Stache by Caen-N Beside Myself by MartinGollery No Regrets by femketje:thumb351933379: Samus Aran by JEURO85 alter ego by Hewnly Static noise by Sarmistha-Talukdar castaway by Hewnly Au'...27 by aurelianno1990:thumb362100125: Slough by Simplexification Femketje by femketje:thumb357325981::thumb354667263: Nino by milanglo Me by LimonTea Panter by femketje Circle of Fear by OsmanKarter Photo hunting by RichardConstantinoff

Everyone, all current members, or you deviants who just wandered in to take a look, you're invited to join me at any of the groups where I am a founder, co-founder or just a lowly contributor. All of the groups I mentioned above are theme groups. Check them out and see if they suit your fancy.  Believe me, with all of the talent you've shown here, you'll easily be accepted there.

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