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Knuckles, Espio and Shadow
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The Story Of Kisentsu no. 4
The Forbidden Mountain
The white car drove off to the mountain, which was ten kilometers away from the gates. When the car could be on the way, the lizard-dressed Vincent got a view of the creature walked away towards the mountain. Vincent honked at him, which caused him to turn around and look alarmed at the car. The creature gestured for him.
- Stop! he said.
And the car stopped. The window was folded down, and Vincent's head got out that was covered by a lizard mask.
- Good day! he greeted. Me and the lizards are in now. We are heading towards the mountain.
The creature went against him. But suddenly he looked surprised at him and didn't know whose car it was.
- Where have you got it from? he asked. Whose car is it?
Vincent cleared his throat.
- Sorry, he said, but we have scared away the man who owned the car now. We have stolen it.
The creature looked closely at him and the car.
- Hm, he said. I don't understand why you stole the car. You look familiar, I think. Are you... the sam
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Mature content
Jinzo Unleashed - chapter 12 :icongallerica:Gallerica 0 0
In The Heart For Them - chapter 15
15. We're healthy now!
Sonic and Espio had woken up in the morning, and they realized that their teeth were not as sharp as before. They went down the stairs when they went to Rouge. And when they were in the kitchen Rouge stood by the stove and cooked oatmeal porridge.
- Yeah, said Espio without saying good morning. Now we are back as normal animals. We're healthy now!
- Yes, we are, Sonic said and kissed on Espio's head.
- So good, Rouge said and smiled. How is it with you?
- Much better, said Espio and smiled.
- How is Knux doing? wondered Rouge.
Sonic looked surprised.
- He sleeps, he replied. He shows up at any time.
He smiled and didn't know how Knuckles managed. Tikal remained at the table with the necklace she held.
- Guys, she said. Thank you!
- For what? wondered Sonic and looked at her.
- Because you saved me in the dark evening, replied Tikal. I didn't manage to be alone in the woods. It was terrible to see Finitevus follow me.
- No cause, Sonic said with a sad smile. That'
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Mature content
Love Hurts no. 5 :icongallerica:Gallerica 0 0
New Day - chapter 13
Chapter 13
Yazo held the pixie when he got up.
- I got him! he whispered.
Ginekuto looked around.
- Uh, he said in a whisper. I think we're leaving from here before Senji and the other two get to see us. Because we have caught that rascal now.
- We do that, whispered Yazo and started running away. Come on!
Both he and Ginekuto scurried back quickly to their bikes and locked them up. But suddenly a scream was heard. Not from the teal house but from another house.
- Don't worry about it, whispered Yazo. We have the troll with us, so we'll leave him somewhere.
The scream would have come from an old woman who cried.
- Someone stole my wallet! she yelled. Find the thief!
The guys turned around and saw the poor aunt standing and crying.
- Gin, you go away and talk to her, said Yazo and pointed at her, and I drive away with the troll.
- I'm n..., began the pixie but was interrupted when Yazo put his finger on his mouth.
- Quiet! he whispered.
- Okay, said Ginekuto. Get away now!
Yazo nodded,
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Ren and Stimpy On An Adventure - chapter 3
3. Tom Trillionaire
Ren, Stimpy and the other four remained as petrified when they saw a man standing there among burgundy clouds.
- What do you want us? said Mr. Horse angered.
- I have come here to welcome you, the man began to say. I heard that someone used the time machine to take you to another time like this year.
- What do you mean? asked Stimpy.
- When I say another time, the man said, smiling maliciously, I mean... uh...
He was looking for the right word.
- Eight thousand years til now.
Stimpy jumped.
- Well, who was it that took you to another time? asked the man. Not me, but someone else. Who did it?
The smile scared all six.
- I-it was me, sir, stammered Stimpy. It wasn't the intention.
- It was the intention, pointed the man.
Ren turned red in the face of anger.
- My friend would never do that! he screamed. He's just stupid, and he can make a mistake too!
- It's true that I'm stupid, pointed Stimpy. I swear.
- Alright! said PTM and made a gesture with his hand. I think tha
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Taiyoukei-Gai De - chapter 10
10. A single seed
Espio and Tikal was left in the kitchen in the spaceship. They waited until Quackerjack, Megavolt and Sulphere would come back to them. But how long did it take for the three to be far away? The timer ticked, and the pizzas in the oven were soon ready before they were eaten.
Espio was sitting on the chair and yawning. He looked tired.
- Where are they now? he murmured.
Tikal was still sitting on the chair but didn't seem to yawn.
- Yeah, where are they now? she repeated more clearly. Won't they come back to us and tell us where they have been?
- Yes, replied Espio, but it's very foggy, so it's hard to see.
- But the fog isn't white? said Tikal and looked at him.
Espio shook his head.
- No, he said. Just turquoise. I think so.
Tikal got up from the chair.
- I go out and look after, she declared and went out of the kitchen.
Espio looked after her.
- Tikal! he shouted. Remember, it's very foggy out there! You can get lost!
Tikal turned around.
- I don't go to the mist, E
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Paradox.exe - chapter 19
Chapter 19
Byumaki, Penelope and Lanade quickly ran to the bank, as it was shown on the computer screen. When they arrived, they saw how the double doors and windows containing glass had been crushed, and anyway someone had stolen money and stuck from there. Or? Byumaki asked the two to sneak carefully there to the entrance. And when they arrived, the doors were broken.
- What just happened? wondered Lanade and looked around.
- Well, the thief must have been felt bad because of the moneytheft, said Byumaki.
- But..., Penelope began to say. Isn't that anyone lying there?
She pointed to a human who was lying there on the floor. Byumaki stepped in cautiously through the doors and slipped away to them. As he bent down, he realized that it was a young skinny woman lying on the floor with a knot set in her hair. He shook her gently.
- Hello? he began. Is everything well?
The woman began to move.
- Ugh..., she moaned.
- Are you okay? wondered Byumaki when Penelope and Lanade entered the doors
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The Way To Another World - chapter 4
Chapter 4
Alissa, Harriet and Sandra ran down the stairs quickly to the laundry room to see if Matilda and Anya were there. But when they ran into the laundry, neither Matilda nor Anya were here.
- Where are they? asked Harriet.
- I think they're left in the kitchen, said Alissa and went out of the laundry room. Come on!
But when she and the other two had to run into the kitchen through the hall, Jasper came here to her and the others. Then Harriet and Sandra screamed, and Alissa jumped scared.
- Help! she gasped.
Harriet and Sandra ran past her, and Alissa followed them.
- Stop! shouted Jasper and ran after them. Stop, I said!
The girls ran into the kitchen, but since neither Matilda or Anya was here either, it was instead a dog lying on the floor and whined because he was very hungry. He had the breed Saint Bernard. He stood up and saw how the girls came into the kitchen.
- Close the door! asked Alissa.
And Sandra closed the door and held it hard so that Jasper wouldn't come in.
- Wh
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Masashi vs. Derek by Gallerica Masashi vs. Derek :icongallerica:Gallerica 5 0
Pirka Kotan - chapter 8
8. Possession and transformation
The demons flew past the street lights. When they did, they spread out. One of them, who was a female demon, was looking for a woman who was lonely somewhere. She was on her way to a house where a bunch of youngsters stood outside and surrounded a poor boy who was.
- You're not going to continue like that until the row is over, said the demon when she saw an older girl who gave herself on the boy.
But when she came to the young people, she realized that it wasn't worthwhile to take over one of the girls' body that the boy had escaped a gang brawl. She gave up and decided to fly on instead.
Anet, who was with the two girls, went to a road that led to Yenna's house.
- Hey! she hissed the girls. Don't just stand there! You must come with me over to the ugly's house over there!
She pointed at the house far away. She gestured to the two to accompany her towards the house where Yenna was.
- Come on! she whispered.
The female demon appeared when she saw Anet a
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More brown than purple and yellow bracelets by Gallerica More brown than purple and yellow bracelets :icongallerica:Gallerica 2 0

Here are these pics I made. Good luck! ;)

You may not use my arts and/or photos without my permission. You're not allowed to recolour my arts either. :police:

You may critique however you want, but I recommend that they must be very positive. Just let me draw anything better what I want, as soon as you have to tell. :pat:

Doing traditional artworks, I use the line pen to draw over the sketches:
Stamp - Staedtler by fmr0
(If not, I use other line pens than just Staedtler)

And the marker pens to colour the lineart:
Stamp - Stabilo by fmr0

Doing digital artworks, I only use:
MSPAINT User by HaruoKitty MS Paint User Stamp by Matchstar

Please note that I'm working with digital arts in how many hours and not minutes.



I've collected a lot of artworks as my favourites, including Sonic The Hedgehog, Steven Universe, and much more.

24 by graepstamp I love Knuckles Stamp by DryBones157 Knuckles Stamp by Knightmare-Moon :Knuckles: by Queen-Vegeta69 Knuckles the Echidna Stamp by Karmarsi-Kedamoki Knuckles The Echidna stamp by Gallerica
- Stamp: Espio the Chameleon. - by ChicaTH espio stamp by PFV0-Stamp Espio The Chameleon stamp by Gallerica
I love Shadow Stamp by DryBones157 Shadow The Hedgehog Stamp. by Kyaatto Shadow Stamp by Miha85 Shadow The Hedgehog stamp by Gallerica
(Request) Quackerjack Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 The 3 Cs of Quacky by The-real-Vega777 Quackerjack stamp by Gallerica
(Request) Megavolt Stamp by KittyJewelpet78
Cyril Sneer stamp by Gallerica
Jinzo stamp by Gallerica
187 by Reykholtz Jasper stamp by Gallerica Jasper Appreciation Stamp by AxelBlazeUltimate
Ren N Stimpy Stamp by darkest-light



Wow! It seems like you have changed her a little bit, I guess. :D I see that you have done a right style on her. Wasn't the previous sty...

by Quinfu

This artwork looks very great, and you drew these two Pokemons very great, too. They look cute, too. I consider this as a masterpiece, ...


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Watercolour (characters only)
It will cost 10 points for one character, 20 for two, 30 for three and so on, but the artwork must have max 5 characters and no more. You can donate on my donation pool how much points you donate.
Sketches are in traditional.

If you don't need to click this button, just donate on the donation pool if you commission me instead. :nod:
Linearts are in digital.

If you don't need to click this button, just donate on the donation pool if you commission me instead. :nod:
Colouring without background
Character without background in digital.

If you don't need to click this button, just donate on the donation pool if you commission me instead. :nod:
Colouring with background
Character with background (only flat colours, shading is hard to make) in digital.

If you don't need to click this button, just donate on the donation pool if you commission me instead. :nod:
Colouring with background and text
Character with background (only flat colours, shading is hard to make) and text in digital.

If you don't need to click this button, just donate on the donation pool if you commission me instead. Nod
Comic strip
Comic strip (only if it must be coloured) in digital.

If you don't need to click this button, just donate on the donation pool if you commission me instead. Nod



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
My name is Erica and I live in Sweden. I'm an artist for traditional arts, but also for photographs and even some things (jewels for example) to create. I'm good about flowers, trees, bushes and weeds. And about vegetables, too. To work in the garden is my dream, and it's my interest. Now I have got a new job in my town.

The Swedish and the English languages are perfect for me. I'm trying to learn myself speaking French. :blahblah:

Current Residence: Landskrona, Sweden
Favourite genre of music: Pop, dance, ballad, rock, techno
Favourite character: Knuckles, Espio, Shadow, Jinzo, Quackerjack, Cyril Sneer, Jasper (SU)

If you like my arts, even if I like yours, too, just watch me. Don't force me to watch you, I choose to watch whatever I want. ;)

You give me a llama, I give you one back. I really appreciate it. ;)

You have to feature me and my artworks whatever you want. All I have to do is to accept the feature on me and my artworks, no tagging questions.

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