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Winterverse- Berry Triplets' Future Families

Oof, not the most catchy title. 

Aaaaanyway- I'm just going left to right with short descriptions of how everyone got together and stuff, m'kay? m k a y. s o u n d s g o o d. 


Diphthong and Blackberry Molasses
Diphthong (son of Moondancer and Doctor Whooves) was withdrawn and introverted back in the day, much like Blackberry. He spent all of his time reading books and whatnot, until Moondancer finally decided that he definatley needed somepony to talk to besides his parents and whoever would listen to him about books. Blackberry was a bit of a poetry nerd, and the two eventually bonded over literature and shared social awkwardness when Rasberry Sugarcane may or may not have forced them to meet. 

Huckleberry also had a crush on Diphthong, but unlike his sister, wasn't too interested in a relationship at the time. Eventually Blackberry and Diphthong settled down in the Golden Oak Library 2.0 with Moondancer, Doc, and their young daughter Purple Prose. 

Eucalyptus, Rasberry Sugarcane, and Cream Cone
Originally, these two met when Rasberry and her family visited Mount Aeris to see Skystar. Eucalyptus (son of Terramar and Thorax) also happened to be visiting. Their relationship was really nothing more than flirting and a one night stand, which eventually resulted in Cocoa Conch. Raspberry saw no reason to let Eucalyptus know about his daughter (being worried that his duties as embassador between Changelings and Hippogriffs would be interrupted), and thus- just kept it to Ponyville. Eventually, he did find out, when visiting Twilight. 

Although the two did get back together, it was clear this was only out of their joint desire to give their daughter a good foalhood. Eucalyptus' duties did eventually pry him away from his family, and him choosing duty over his daughter ultimately made Raspberry move on. She has all legal custody over Cocoa, but Eucalyptus does sometimes visit to see her. However, this isn't much more than once or twice a year. 

A few years after Eucalyptus and Raspberry's breakup, Cream Cone (daughter of Lyra and Bon Bon) opened an ice cream stand in Ponyville, which was seen as Raspberry as competition to Sugarcube corner. Raspberry and Cream Cone ended up friendly rivals, but actually ended up combining their businesses. Cream Cone now worked at an extension to Sugarcube Corner, and seeing even more of Raspberry only deepened her crush she didn't quite know she had. 

Eventually, the two got together and had a daughter- Honeysuckle Pie. 
(Sorry to shoehorn in this bit): Cocoa Conch really has it out for her stepmother. She doesn't actually dislike her too much, but teenage angst kind of combined with understandable frustration over a new step-parent. Despite this, she does really love Honeysuckle. She would do anything to protect her precious little sister.

Golden Glimmer and Huckleberry "H" Chip
(sidenote: Golden Glimmer is his stage name, but there's no strikethrough so I just put that rather than his actual name; Golden Wheat)
The story of these two is actually quite straight-forward. H was catering at a party where Golden Wheat/Glimmer (son of Derpy and Cheese Sandwich) was performing. The two really hit it off, dated for awhile, and eventually got married. 

Golden Glimmer ultimately abandoned his traveling magician lifestyle to settle in Ponyville with his husband. However, he still was able to find a job teaching stage magic to anyone interested, while still performing nearby if he could. Anyway, their kids are- from left to right- Hat Trick Pie and Whipple Drop.


w o w that was a lot of writing. 
Bases by SelenaEde and PainterEde
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