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Neoverse- FleetDash Twins

I feel like I’m on a roll with these designs :3
Their names are now Warm Front and Cold Front (left to right).

Anyway, on the left there is... um... let’s just call her “Deejay” for now. She’s, as expected, a DJ. She’s a lover of all kinds of music, though, and loves to dance as well- not giving a single buck wether or not she looks like a chicken while doing so. Also, I imagine Deejay’s personality as being very similar to RD’s from the RDP series. That’s a nice way of saying, she’s sometimes an optimistic and oblivious idiot.

On the right is the one I’m just gonna call “Righty” for now bc screw creativity I’m tired. This gal feels like her destiny is to be a Wonderbolt, possibly because it’s been forced upon her for her entire life. However, Righty’s not a great flier and is actually somewhat afraid of heights. So what exactly is her purpose, if not to follow in her parents’ hoofsteps? She’s quite jealous of her sister’s carefree manner, but adores her more than pretty much anything else in the world.
Also, that cutie mark is a placeholder.

If any of y’all have ideas about names and/or Righty’s cutie mark, feel free to toss em my way!
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I really like the right twin's cutie mark, and I can relate with not liking heights^^;

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yea im so scared of heights I can't even get on planes without issue :/

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Same here, I couldn't even do abseiling or skydiving if I was asked to do it^^; And it doesn't help that I've been watching a series called "Air Crash Investigation" recently:|

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oof why do all the interesting things have to make phobias worse

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Ikr? Despite this making me even more paranoid about flying, it's still intriguing to watch^^;

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One on the right could be named Solar Flash and the one on the left could be Daring Jockey that way you could keep DJ. :3

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love the designs!!

How about Thundering Bass or Strobe Lights for the dj girl

and hmm

maybe she could be on a ground sports team? like this [crap sketch but]

Cm Iidea

and have a name like Penalty Kick or Lightning League

*sorry im kinda crap at cms/names twt*

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