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Neoverse- Capperpie? How 'bout n o

Bases by Nsmah and ElementBases, backgrounds by Vector-Brony and the show, aria vector in the first pic by Suramii. Okay I think that's it for credits.

I was originally going to write this out, but after spending a bit too long drawing this, I want to get back to playing the N'Sane Trilogy. Sorry fam. 

OKAY! So the Dazzlings finally figure out that there's a portal back to Equestria at Canterlot high, and decide that they're willing to risk whatever is waiting for them on the other side in order to survive, as their siren magic has run out and they've all gotten pretty sick. 

They go through, only to find themselves in the Crystal Empire (bc I forgot that the mirror was moved back to Canterlot after eqg 1, then to Twilight's castle. My bad.). Their plan to seek refuge with Princess Celestia and/or Luna is thrown out the window pretty much immediatley as everyone in the friggin empire notices the giant sirens hovering outside. 

Twilight and Hope were visiting (oh gee, how convenient) but Twilight was asleep already or something so didn't notice the sirens were there. Radiant Hope feels bad for them and heals them of their sicknesses, and with their strength regained the three turn into their mostly pony forms in order to avoid detection. 

Hope realizes that these are the three that Twilight told her about so decides that Twilight just doesn't need to know. She helps the sirens to get on a train to Canterlot, bc Ponyville would be too obvious and I guess there are no other options. 

It's there that they meet Pinkie, and since Pinkie may or may not have actually been her human counterpart from Rainbow Rocks the whole time (I didn't quite explain this right, but see the eqg deleted scenes)- she recognizes them immediatley and's like "hey wazzup?" 

Stuff happens, they eventually end up in Ponyville, yada yada yada, Twilight hesitantly decides not to arrest them on the spot, blah blah blah...

They become pretty good friends with Pinkie, eventually more because obligatory crack-shipping, and in the future they're all a four-way love herd because why not. (sidenote: the only ever piece of media to call the sirens sisters was retconned, and it could be interpreted as a term of endearment because of the way Adagio used it- so I'm just deciding they're not sisters).

Get it? Got it? Good.
If you don't, sorry about that. 
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omg i loaf the dazlings a s ponies!! ahhhhhhhhhh

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always loved ponified sirens

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I like the gradient on Aria's wings^V^

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:D yeah I got the idea from the ponified aria on the box of her figure