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I love pieces like this with a little bit of a theme or dynamic with more depth than just...nude. We have a nice little bit of acting i...

by drkshp

This is a very excellent, emotional piece that exudes beauty and sensuality. Very lovely shot! There is great framing work and a beauti...

What an amazing photo! Everything that is wonderful about this piece is all secondary to the beautiful model. WOW! She's amazingly beau...

by d2l2

What an excellent shot! This is one of my favorite pieces. Everything in its sensual nature is really just suggestion. The model is sho...


I love pieces like this with a little bit of a theme or dynamic with more depth than just...nude. We have a nice little bit of acting in the pose which can lend more artistry to a shot, giving us a lot to see by changing body lines and angles. I know that sounds a little layman, but I don't think we actually think about things like that enough, we just know we love it! The model here has a lot of talent in that regard, from what I've seen before, which is very evident in this particular photo. The framing is also wonderful and showcases the lines and the similarities between the model and the set props. Her body also contrasts well with the cool colors of the backdrop. Very dynamic, very lovely artistic piece! Like it!
Well, I don't want to get too preachy, political, or outright mean, but this was quite the year...for stupid.  

Stupid, just in general.  Like "I don't know who or what I am and you should respect that" kind of stupid.  Like "You don't think the way I do, so you're a racist" kind of stupid.  Like "I've made this life choice, and it is a life-changing decision that took much deliberation and pondering, but I need the validation of total strangers" LEVEL OF STUPID!  Look, everyone's free to do what they want (that's a God-given right) and say what they want (another God-given right backed up by our government's Constitution) and nowadays be whoever they want (which I don't agree with, you are who you are and you can change, adapt, and grow within a reasonable range, but aside from that I don't think it makes sense to say you're Japanese when you're clearly a black dude from New York or a white guy from the suburban Midwest), but why does everything you say or do have to be approved (by force) or validated by people you don't know or care about?  Remember the good ole days when you sought your parent's approval or your spouse's recognition or your friend's attention or your older sibling's respect?  What happened to that?  Now it's: "The government has to tell me I look good!"  "The backwoods folk I wouldn't piss on if they were on fire have to approve of my wedding!"  "Those bakery owners down the street whom I've never bought anything from have to cater my underground sex party in their own basement or I'm going to sue!"  WHAT THE HELL?!!!!

The world has lost its collective mind, and I don't mean the whole wide world, but in's still way too damn many people!  What happened to everyone keeping to themselves and minding their own business?  Whatever happened to treating people the way you want to be treated? (oh, nobody reads their Bible)  What happened to the pursuit of happiness?  Forcing other people to be unhappy in order to gain your own happiness is not what that means!   Forcing the government to change the laws to suit you on a whim is not politics!  Because racism existed for a time and still does in some places, well that doesn't mean that it's OK for you to be racist for awhile against said people!  NOOOOOO!  It doesn't work like that.  You can't punish people indirectly related to something that happened years in the past to someone indirectly related to you with the intention of gaining something for yourself.   That makes absolutely no damn sense!  Come on!  We can do better than this!

So here it is!  A New Year's resolution for the world!

Here's to:

The end of "Virtue-Signalling"
The end of "Race-Baiting"
The end of "Me, Too"
The end of "It's a religion of peace"
The end of Fake News (notice the lack of quotation marks)
The end of being butt-hurt about nothing
The end of online dating
The end of social/emotional validation
The end of life-choice validation
The end of "It's okay as long as the government says so"
The end of shitty blockbuster films
The end of shitty music
The end of Anti-Fa
The end of fake-ass Feminism (You can't be pro-woman anything and support Islam, sorry.  You can, but you'd be a hypocrite)
The end of fake-ass Humanism (Let's face it, you don't really care about people.  This is just another excuse not to go to church)
The end of "Global Warming"  (notice the quotation marks again)
The end of "Green Energy"  (Yeah, you know that stuff that gets made by those giant things spinning outside your windows, cluttering your beautiful landscape and gets shipped off to another state where it can't be stored and sometimes doesn't get used?)
The end of pretending that peace just comes wrapped in little bows
The end of feining oppression to get attention
The end of calling "Nazi!" by being one
The end of going into an argument without facts (especially on national television)
The end of "Loot Boxes" (am I right, gamers?)
The end of STAR WARS  (Thanks, Disney!  You killed it, it's dead!)
The end of "I think that's on NETFLIX"  (Yeah, I don't give a shit!)
The end of celebrity politicians (No, I don't mean President Trump, or Senators Bill Bradley or Al Franken, or Governors Schwarzenegger or Ventura.  I mean that one guy who produced that one movie that hasn't been released yet that was nominated for that one award that got on his damn soapbox on national TV and told us all what his opinion was about whatever.  Yeah people like him.  STOP!  I couldn't give a shit!)
The end of celebrity soapboxes (see above)(if you can't entertain us, PISS OFF!)
The end of entertainment award ceremonies
The end of "Taking A Knee"
The end of present-day issues being portrayed in futuristic sci-fi (I call bullshit!  Way to get outside that box!)
The end of MARVEL COMICS (they've been trying to commit suicide for years, now.)
The end of "THE MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE"  (this quilifies for, but is also still separate from "shitty blockbuster films")
The end of lying to get your way (It's childish when a child does it, even more so when journalists and critics do it.)
The end of ROTTEN TOMATOES (again, couldn't give a shit - I'll decide what to watch on my own, THANK YOU!)
The end of the FREAKING "ROTTEN TOMATOES" logo being printed on my FREAKING dvd box (DAMN IT!  ENOUGH ALREADY!!!)
The end of hypocrisy in every deed  (I know I qualify here sometimes)
The end of claiming someone IS what you actually ARE and expecting no one to notice (Yeah you college protesters, I'm looking at you)
The end of stereotyping and living up to one's stereotype
The end of thinking and saying you are being attacked (wherever, whenever), when you know you are not
The end of "Safe Spaces"
The end of "Male Tears" mugs
The end of dishing it out and not being able to take it
The end of "The Russian Connection"
The end of CNN  (seriously, get a life already!  Report the f**king news!)
The end of "A DAY WITHOUT MEN"  (check out all the things that were invented by men and try not to use them for just one day, go on try)(That also means a lot fewer cops, firefighters, doctors, paramedics, first-responders, construction workers, plumbers, truck drivers, cooks, and soldiers - hope you don't need them either)
The end of Fear-Mongering
The end of drawing a line in the sand when it comes to foreign relations  (no one in the world respects that, get a clue)
The end of shitty television
The end of political agendas in entertainment (it's not entertaining, sorry)
The end of cancelling shows based on politics ("social commentary is fine as long as it agrees with me" is not "DIVERSITY")
The end of PUSHING for diversity (we should be varied as a people, that's basically America, but how is that a goal? - it either happens or it doesn't)
The end of shitty CGI in movies  (Indie films can do effects so much better)
The end of forced diversity in movies  (If it's not okay for Matt Damon or Scarlett Johannsen to star as Asian characters or in Asian cinema, then why didn't anyone say anything about the Marvel films?  Doctor Strange - bad; THOR - worse = Australian, black Englishman, white Englishman, and a Japanese - not a single Norseman, but no one cares I guess)
The end of Movies In 3D!  (holy cow, how outdated and gimmicky - THIS BLOWS!)
The end of Virtual Reality  (it would figure this generation would buy into this, too)
The end of rewarding children for misbehaving (school, home, public, wherever - they all apply)
The end of making kids dumb at school  (that defeats the purpose of going to school)
The end of "Cyber-Bullying"  (If you don't want your kids to be eaten by sharks, keep them out of the damn water!  Easy solution.)
The end of the "White Privilege" mindset  (this isn't a thing)
The end of testing middle-schoolers on their "WHITE PRIVILEGE"  (this only just started, but stop already!)
The end of giving kids sex-changes  (most kids don't understand what sex is, so why are we changing anything in this area before they develop?)
The end of celebrities pretending to care about women's rights or children or the environment and then helping to cover up all the issues they or others they know have in these areas  (If you see something, say something - works at the airport, it can work here, too)
The end of caring what celebrities have to say  (go on, stop caring, stop listening, you'll be better off)
The end of playing on your EFFING phone/device/teether/binky/pascifier everywhere you go  (one day someone's gonna dump your books!)
The end of pretending your phone carrier or online provider is so different from anyone else's  (you know they all suck, admit it!)
The end of FALSE ADVERTISING  (see above)
The end of Socialism disguised as Liberalism
The end of Sex Trafficking
The end of Pedophilia
The end of Genital Mutilation
The end of supporting any of the above three
The end of talking about "the wage gap"  (It has been debunked I don't know how many times, move on already!)
The end of Sharia Law  (especially the suggestions about its implementation in America)
The end of contradictory motives and stances  (I feel we've covered this, but it had to be said)
The end of having nothing better to do with your time than harassing others about the most minuscule issues  (GET  A  LIFE!)

PS:  It's Okay To Be White.  It's Okay To Be Black.  It's Okay To Be Brown.  It's okay to paint yourself pink.  It's okay to be what color you were born as, because you had no choice.  It's not okay to not be okay with this.  If you're not okay with it, there is something wrong with you.  Please, get help.
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