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Too bad this was not the actual head of a crocodile. Head sawed off to kill it. Crocodiles are just vicious killing machines.
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I disagree, Humans are just vicious killing machines. :naughtypointer: 
EmmetEarwax's avatar
Well, woof !

I go by the recent reports of unprovoked vicious attacks on humans,even babies, by alligators & crocodiles. Raising a croc from the egg does not imbue in it any love for you. They still wait for your back being turned. Same for pythons.
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Yes, croc, lizard...etc are not very affective, it's true ^^

It's not like wolves. I just don't like people who says that animals are "bad" or "mad". You do not the amalgam, that's ok :)
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But all joking aside, it's pretty good!
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You're sure it's not the beginning to a Rainforest Cafe prop?
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Amazing! I'm just curious as to what this is made of. Does anyone know?
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This one was made out of epoxy clay.
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This is amazing
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What a nice scale texture!
NihilisticTemptation's avatar
Huge respect for you keep it up. :)
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¡¡¡Está muy bien!!!! Enhorabuena
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Beautiful already!
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That looks amazing!
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Wow esta padrisimo, me gustaria ponerlo en patio delantero =]
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So amazing it's scary.
Cryuz's avatar
Awesomely sick! Keep on, muchacho!
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Muchacho eso esta muy bueno, ¿de donde eres?
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This is going to look amazing!
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just wondering, what's it made of?
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