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Sizing up the competition Collab

A collab with the amazing decors! They did sketch and background and I did lineart, coloring, and shading! I have to tell you, I am utterly dead after this XD I'm really happy with the result, though! We did a wonderful job together! :D

Faction Brawl VI

Tokotas' imports: /// Tulrujuq 16329 and Commander Lexa 3187
Faction: /// Pack Leader
Tier Entering: /// 1
Owner(s): /// decors galianogangster 
Extra images: /// N/A
Bonuses: ///
  • +5 for depicting one full body (75%+) tokota belonging to a faction mate tsareia  Crusoe 5345 and Karana San Nicolas 17271
  • +5 for correct background (read class information).
  • +10 if the piece is a collaboration between you and a faction mate.
  • +10 for the depiction of a rival (opposite faction) Tokota, full body (75% +). angel-jolie Hamlet 14703 and lightningspam Eris 24120
  • + 5 point score = Wild Trait  (Tulrujuq and Commander Lexa)
    +10 bonus points = Impeccable Stamina (Tulrujuq)
  • 1x Sharpened nail caps - Adds 10+ to the score in any group-sanctioned ice fishing, ice racing, sled racing, or hunting entry (Commander Lexa - in bank)
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AHHHH I love how this looooooks! ; 0; Thank you so much for including my boy <3333
galianogangster's avatar
I'm glad you like it! Thank decors for that :D
decors's avatar
<3 thank you so much for the collab! a great pleasure
galianogangster's avatar
Same here! Although it was stressful, we did a fantastic job! :D
decors's avatar
I still have one thing to finish - AHHHHHH
GearStorm's avatar
Oh they're so gorgeous <3 Such pretty work you did!
galianogangster's avatar
Thank you so much! :D
tsareia's avatar
Ahhhhh!!!! THANK YOU!!!!
galianogangster's avatar
You're welcome! I couldn't think of any better pack leader to spoil X3 
maiise's avatar
This looks beautiful!
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