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Barn Swallow Stock

Feel free to use however you wish, just credit me and show me what you did :)

Went to the farm today ^ ^
I have a confession. I love barn swallows. Specifically these ones. At the farm, these little buggers worship me because I cut the grass (which makes the bugs all fly out) and they get tons of food XD So, I can never get a good pic of them when I'm just standing outside because they're fast little frickers. So, I went in the old barn where all their nests are and hung out there :) They didn't mind me one bit. It's cool to see how active they are. And noisy. They all have little noises specific to the bird, I've learned. It's amazing just to sit there for two hours and listen to them chatter and squeak at eachother. I even got a good look at Porkie, the little woodchuck. He was carrying dead grass (a large mouthful of it) to his little brush pile. He was trotting along with his big belly and little mouth full of grass XDDD So cute.

Photography (c) Becc@ Petersen

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Nov 30, 1999, 12:00:00 AM
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Looks great! Thanks for using and crediting! 
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Hello, I used your your stock here: [link] thank you! :hug:
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Thanks for using! :)
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i've used your stock right here: [link] :tighthug:
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Looks fantastic! Thanks for using and crediting :)
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oh i'm so glad that you like it. :3 and you are very welcome! :heart:
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You practically have a monopoly on the dA barn swallow stock market! Great stock. I've used it as a reference [link]
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Is this a purple martin? [link]
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The birds I photographed at for sure barn swallows (see the tails :) )
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nice! we have a bunch of these guys too...I like them since they eat the mosquitoes.
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Same here. I like bugs, but I don't like the fact most of them think I'm a buffet ahahaha. I love my barn swallows ^ ^ I'd love to get a mounted one someday if it's legal XD
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They would look neat, you could find an old mud nest to put it in. Yeah I'm not big on bug bites either.
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I've got tons X3
It'd be my dream mount because we have to sell the farm and I'm afraid my little swallows' barn will be torn down :(
I'm going to miss them.
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aww that's sad.
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barn swallows are cute! they are my second fave birds! second only to chickadees
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We don't see a ton of chickadees at the farm, we have obese robins and big mean crows to scare the little ones away :( But the swallows dominate XD There's so many, they just all bunch together and charge at the fat robins that can't even fly for more then a few seconds hahaha
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we really dont see chickdees much either only cardinals, blue jays, and a morning dove that used to have a mate but i think she was shot :(
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Aw. I love blue jays, but they're mean. :(
We used to get cardinals :)
Oh god, don't even get me started on Morning Doves. We have zillions of them and they're dumber than rocks. I don't even know how many have ran into our window XDDD
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