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March 6, 2009
The Lost Temple by *Galhad exhibits dexterous composition, displaying an adept sense of design through perfect balance of space and highly engrossing details. Bright, contrasting pigments serve to accentuate dimensionality, as well as to tell a story. An excellent paradigm in the illustrative genre.
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The Lost Temple


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I was inspired by the Jungle Books by R. Kipling:
"You could still trace the stone causeways that led up to the ruined gates where the last splinters of wood hung to the worn, rusted hinges. Trees had grown into and out of the walls; the battlements were tumbled down and decayed, and wild creepers hung out of the windows of the towers on the walls in bushy hanging clumps.
A great roofless palace crowned the hill, and the marble of the courtyards and the fountains was split, and stained with red and green, and the very cobblestones in the courtyard where the king's elephants used to live had been thrust up and apart by grasses and young trees. From the palace you could see the rows and rows of roofless houses that made up the city looking like empty honeycombs filled with blackness; the shapeless block of stone that had been an idol in the square where four roads met; the pits and dimples at street corners where the public wells once stood, and the shattered domes of temples with wild figs sprouting on their sides."

I made this illustration the International Contest:
"Arrival and Departures" [link]
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I like the texture you used in the trees