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The Lost Temple

By Galhad
I was inspired by the Jungle Books by R. Kipling:
"You could still trace the stone causeways that led up to the ruined gates where the last splinters of wood hung to the worn, rusted hinges. Trees had grown into and out of the walls; the battlements were tumbled down and decayed, and wild creepers hung out of the windows of the towers on the walls in bushy hanging clumps.
A great roofless palace crowned the hill, and the marble of the courtyards and the fountains was split, and stained with red and green, and the very cobblestones in the courtyard where the king's elephants used to live had been thrust up and apart by grasses and young trees. From the palace you could see the rows and rows of roofless houses that made up the city looking like empty honeycombs filled with blackness; the shapeless block of stone that had been an idol in the square where four roads met; the pits and dimples at street corners where the public wells once stood, and the shattered domes of temples with wild figs sprouting on their sides."

I made this illustration the International Contest:
"Arrival and Departures" [link]
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I like the texture you used in the trees
This may sound weird, but this looks like it could be from the comic book series Fables.  Love it!
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Wow!! This is so stunning! I admire this art style so much, it's so beautiful, everything about it! It flows with creativity and a great story awaits it.
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Thank you very much for the kind comment!
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Una vera meraviglia!
Galhad's avatar
Grazie! sono lieto ti piaccia e mi lusinga che questo commento arrivi da un'artista della tua caratura!
anche il tuo genere mi piace molto !!
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:bow: sono lieto ti piaccia!
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Wow! :wow: E' fantastico! :D
Galhad's avatar
Grazie! troppo gentile
IlaFlute's avatar
E' bellissimo :clap:
Galhad's avatar
IlaFlute's avatar
Non c'è di chè ^^
True-True's avatar
wow! veramente bello, gli alberi ricordano un po' Toppi :D complimenti
Galhad's avatar
:bow: Troppo gentile, davvero!
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Che bell'impatto visivo!
Galhad's avatar
Grazie! troppo gentile!
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*smiles. I have not been on in a long time, and now I use an new name. But, I have missed your art. You have great style. I love your lines and the use of color. I mean how you don't always use so much of it. Color as meaning, I use this in my own work. Some of your layouts has even inspired me as I've gone back to school to get my Ba in Graphic Design. Anyway, very nice work as always. *smiles. I hope all goes well for you. -Jessy
Galhad's avatar
I'm glad you like my art! good luck for the BA! sometime I regret of having studies very different subjects instead of art. I'm actually a professor in plant science at Bologna University
Jessydrish's avatar
After I get my Ba, I'm kinda thinking of getting my Masters in Creative Writing. I really want to write and draw most of not all my own pictures. I still have confidence issues though sadly! *smiles. Plant science sounds interesting though. It's kinda funny out our interests and what we end up doing in life can really seem like opposites. *smiles.
Galhad's avatar
I actually always thought to become a scientist... art is a a pastime that complete my interests! good luck for the Ba and Ma. I think the Ma on creative writing is an excellent idea!!
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Molto originale e ricco. Un disegno da guardare e riguardare alla scoperta di ogni piccolo tesoro :D
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