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The Gags of Kung Fu Panda - 09

Here come the new strip.
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Lol hhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
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WTF? That is just HILARIOUS.
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That would happen.
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:rofl: That totally should have happened in the movie XD
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xDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Hahaha, I love Shifus Sentence " Do you guys realy want to be the dragon warrior?" xD Love the sentence! xD Shifu is so annoyed by Tailung and opens him even the dragon roll! xD
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hahaha!! lol!!!
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hahaha! XD This is so damn funny! XD
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Well this is some paradox what I wanted to think. Paradox can somehow shows the outcome that we do not expect, such as this artwork(^^) hehheh~~last panel is amazingly touched. I always loved paradox(or whatever) like this...Make bunch of more of this gag, won't you? Nicely done~
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hahaha i luv it... :3
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hah! Thank you :D
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Didn't you mean 'budge'? Bulge is that thing in your pants ;p

Sorry, I'm a grammar freak.

Great work BTW.
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What a shameful mistaken!!
Thank you a million for correct this!!!
TheBeardlyBen's avatar
No prob, everybody makes mistakes, including great artists.
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That's what I thought, too.
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An easy mistake if English isn't your native language.
Zerohope2survive's avatar
I agree and that's why I didn't say anything.
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