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Commander Feral VS Metallikats


3 of 3 Swat Kats Tributes

Commander Feral , Mac, Molly and Dark Kat
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Risen-Art's avatar
Feraaaaal <3

And I ADORE what you did with the Metallikats!
betaruga's avatar
This is just ridiculously legit. Like something you'd find in the New Yorker if they did cartoon splash pages. 
bigfootRULES's avatar
whats is that thing in mollys purse? a evil robot chihuahua?
CartoonFetishMan's avatar
I love the stylised retro look on the this picture! It almost looks like a real movie poster! (Well without the captions)
Deus-Suetonius's avatar
love this <3 i wish you would do some pokemon stuff <3
whatwazthat's avatar
love the angles on this! and teh coloring? *o*
I just love how they all look here :) This picture is amazing! ^_^
KimiBarHonda's avatar
this can be a masterpiece that could have exhibited in a museum!!!!:)
KidFromTaiWan's avatar
This is my favorite cartoon!!
Tigershard-R's avatar
The Enforcers will handle this!

ChibiLoveXD's avatar
wow this is awesome!
altho molly is just super scary >_>
Tiquitoc's avatar
This one looks really good... :clap:
JosephtheWeasel's avatar
The Enforcers have handled this!
ulyferal's avatar
Wow! How did I miss this flick! Fantastic work of my fav character!
galgard's avatar
He's little but vicious!! Thank you so meow!! \:D
masdos's avatar
Out of the three you've made (which are absolutely gorgeous), I think this one's my favorite. I just love Molly's "kitty-inna-bag", too!

I'm really digging this style!
kristensk's avatar
Oh, wow! Looks like Feral's in a fix. I love Mac's extra guns. And, the style. You have a really interesting style, especially the coloring!
galgard's avatar
That why I love robots! \:) Just want to see what Swatkats look like in children book stlye. Thank you for the comments ]:D
kristensk's avatar
You're very welcome. Your work looks great!
Shin-Wolf's avatar
ดูรวมๆแล้ว รูปชุดนี้(ที่มันคล้ายๆกันเนี่ย) สีแบ็คกราวน์เข้มไปนิดนะฮะ (สีตัวละครแต่ละตัวด้วย ใกล้ๆกัน)ทำให้มันกลืนๆกันไปหมด ยิ่งไม่มีเส้นขอบด้วยแล้ว

พี่กัลลองปรับให้มันกลายเป็นขาวดำดูสิ ถ้าแยกออกสะดวกในขาวดำ ภาพสีก็จะไม่มีปัญหา

galgard's avatar
มารู้สึกผิดหลังโพสไปแล้วเหมือนกัน ขอบคุณมากสำหรับคำแนะนำ! ]:)
xavirfrost's avatar
Oh my god dude!
You took it soo back with this one.
This is real old school.
SWAT Kats was my favorite show when it was on.
Lorfis-Aniu's avatar
I do not know that cartoon
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