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Team Luigi

This is my picture for Team Luigi! It came out okay, despite the goof ups:

Goofs that I noticed after inking the picture:

~Knuckles doesn't have a muzzle so he looks like a chao! XD He's cute so that makes up for it!
~Luigi doesn't have gloves on, but I made it so his hand is touching Malon's so that's okay *skweeee! Luigi x Malon :3*
~Luigi doesn't have a right foot...
...Yeah, I only noticed this after I was done inking the "TEAM LUIGI" part so I couldn't add it...let's just pretend that its there...
~Luigi's mustache is black when it should be dark brown :P I was looking at Paper Luigi pics and saw that his mustache was actually dark brown instead of black. :shrug: Oh well. Its c lose enough.

You after noticing all of these goofs, maybe I'll just remake this picture. O.o

LOL, I still hope you like it Child! It still looks good :)

Link to Team Mario: [link]
Link to Team ZAP:
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XD I wouldn't even know where to start with Eggman and Ganondorf...but now that you've mentioned it, I'll think about it...
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LOL, I didn't even notice that Knuckles' muzzle was messed up because his expression is perfect! xD

Tails is adorable, Malon is adorable, Knux and Meta Knight are hardcore as always, and I don't mind the goofs on Luigi- I'd probably make even more. ^^;

You even managed to reference LuMalon! :squee:

I really can't thank you enough, this is so neat!
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i do that all the time XD ill post the picture and sit there and look for just like two seconds and realize i forgot something
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LOL, I know right? Normally, I catch this stuff before I make it permanent, xD
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