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Paper Mario X

This is a picture for the awesome story trilogy (for now, XD) Paper Mario X by Child at Heart Forever! (if your a Mario or Sonic fan, then check her stories out, they rock!)

First picture done with colored pencils! I like the way it came out, so I'll probably do more!

Link to Team ZAP: [link]
Link to Team Luigi: [link]
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I've read all stories and they're the greatest!

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I put this on the TV Tropes page, hope you don't mind. [link]
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I freaking LOVE this trilogy! And as I've said before: If you think Paper Mario X is the best damn Paper Mario adaptation ever, put this in your profile. Nice artwork for such an awesome series!
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Lol this makes me laugh. XD I loved Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door, so I can see why this would be considered an awesome idea! I like the cartoony art style too! XD
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It is! Its a really awesome (and long) trilogy if you have the time to read it! And thanks! I was trying to make it as papery as possible!
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I know it's long. The only problem I had with TTYD is the final boss. She was HARD!! And the only reason I finally won (with 1 HP remaining! O_O) was because I decided to finally use a badge that increased my power by 5 or something like that when I was in peril, due to realizing that I seemed to end up in peril more often in that fight than in any others I had done so far. WHAT LUCK. As for the other two, the first game I played some of and I don't totally like how the combat doesn't allow extra damage for well-timed button presses, as it kinda makes it boring without that for some reason, and Super Paper Mario doesn't even have turn-based combat, which while keeping it a fun game once again kinda ruined it for me. Although I have yet to play either of those for more than an hour or two and I have yet to own any of the three (i borrowed TTYD from a friend), I definitely hope to get the second and third one someday and maybe I will eventually get the first as well. ;)
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I've never actually finished either game (my brother did, several times in a row) so I wanna finally get the new one and play it through :)
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Okay, whatever! As far as I can tell, it's actually really interesting story-wise, but I just think I liked the series better when it had turn-based battles instead of simple run jump and shoot stuff.
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Thanks! The X looks off cause it was a last minute addition, and yes it was all colored pencils (don't have photoshop)
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Wait you did the whole thing with colored pencils? I just realized that, and I just realized that you did an INCREDIBLE job with the "Paper Mario" part of the title! That seriously looks way too good to be done with colored pencils instead of photoshop or something, because you can't see the lines or anything! That's the only reason I am not including the "X" in that compliment! XD
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Just so anyone who looks at this drawing and wants to read her stories can check them out.

And that's an awesome drawing of Team Mario, great job!
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Thanks! And thanks for adding the link (I don't know how to add links)
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looks more like paper smash bros.
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xD Now that you say that, it does doesn't it? LoL, its actually based off of a story by Child at Heart 4ev, in which Sonic, Samus, Kirby and Link travel to Mario's dimension and help him save the world!
And Kirby looks exactly the same. XD

Very well done!
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XD Thanks! There's not much you can do for his paper form, XD
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EEEEE! It's adorable! I love it! :eager: :la: :squee:

Thanks for doing this, it's really cool! :D
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samusssssssssssss eve
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