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Decided to draw Kali from stranger things!

hope you like it!


I am open for commissions! note me if you are interested. 
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this is AMAZING! Everything captures her personality perfectly in my opinion, but if I HAD to point out anything that is bad, I would say that the blood looks a bit strange. And I KNOW it is picky, but that shows how flawless that drawing is in my own eyes. Great job!
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Thank you!

Do you mind explaining why it looks strange? I'll try and fix it. 
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I'm not sure whether my other reply showed up (sorry if it did) but I just reloaded and noticed it wasn't here. So just incase I shall explain myself again:

Generally, it was a nitpicky comment, you see I try to find critique in all artwork that I see. And I am not an experienced artist, I am just starting digital art myself so I would not have the best eye in noticing flaws in drawings like these. Yeah, it was kinda picky of me but I would suggest maybe (possibly) blurring the blood just a touch next time so it looks slightly more blended. Also, I LOVE the red outline, definitely thinking outside the box there. Props to you!
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Alright, I've updated it, I think it works a little better now, Thank you for your critique! 

If you want to follow people then just click on the "Watch" button on their profile page, its on the top right hand side. Let me know if there is anything else you want to know on DA, i've been here for ages!!
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No problemo. ;)
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Yeah, sure. To be honest it is a nitpicky complaint, just my struggle to find critique. Maybe next time you could slightly blur the blood so it looks just a liiitle bit more blended. But as I said, it was a struggle on my behalf to find issue with your fanart. Seriously, keep it up because your work is beautiful and your other work does too. I'll follow you once I fugure out how to (I'm new to DevianArt)
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