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Alissa the Mermaid Merchant

[For the Faulty Apprentice contest]
 Check out  dinmoney's page for more!
The game :…

Meet Alissa, a merchant extraordinaire! 

A year ago she turned 30, her tail split and she gained the ability to walk on land! she is still getting use to them, but that hasn't stopped her from sharing incredible trinkets collected over her years living under the sea. 

This ditsy mermaid is excellent at finding magically infused bits and baubles but has no idea if they are possessed with good or evil, will you risk buying something from her?

When not collecting, she enjoys sunbathing and pampering herself with soaps and perfumes, something the ocean life doesn't really have. She also loves to listen to gossip and with her lack of understanding metaphors & sarcasm, sometimes the simplest of rumors can turn into wild stories.

She is inspired by Greek mythology, with a touch of the little mermaids curiosity and sense of wonder.

I will do a version of her mermaid form at some point, she has a orange-red tail with a rose tail.

Good luck to all contestants!
EDIT: re-uploaded to a higher resolution, I realised you couldn't see her freckles.
Made with Clip paint pro (Manga studio)
I am open for commissions, please note me if you are interested!
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Hey! She is really pretty! Dig the back story and overall colour choices. Like the idea of her being ignorant to sarcasm and metaphors. Nice item display of using her sleeve to show items. The little Apprentice doll made me laugh XD Who's the green haired doll next him?
Thank you so much for being a part of Faulty Apprentice! Hope you had fun (=
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Thank you very much! I had a blast designing her!

The other doll is a female template doll, buy it and customise it to look like your rival, or your love interest!
keep up the good work on the game!