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Trieste Class Research Ship

The Trieste Class Research ship is the latest in a series of Civilian and Military class of scientific research vessels built by the New Atlantus Corp. Replacing the older Seeker Class vessels, the Trieste is equipped with the latest in sensory imaging and data recording systems in the fleet. Furthermore, the class features the new Grav- Drive Bell first seen on the Atlantus class Armored Cruisers. This new technology from the Alliance allows much faster speeds and more efficient drive systems for the ship.

As with her predecessor, the Trieste is not armed with heavy offensive weapons, and only carries defensive missiles and cluster lasers. Also, she is lightly armored and would not fair well in heavy combat. However, she is equipped with the new Argus EW Jamming system, which could disrupt the targeting sensors on a limited number of attacking vessels, allowing the ship to evade combat or act as an EW support ship when needed.

Specs: Coming Soon!
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super model, good work :) (Smile)
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when it comes to designing ships, no one seems to be willing to leave even the non-combat vessel unarmed. :)
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I want one!
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added to Sketches and concepts in Sci-fi Archives
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Oooooooh! Very nice. I really like the lines and details of this one!
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I really really want one :)
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Looking good. It is nice to see non combat ships as well
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ok thats beautiful
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she is very nice..good job mate...:)
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