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Fluttershy loves you

By GAlekz
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I Love You Too Fluttershy. *Kisses Her On The Cheek*
reivax200's avatar
i ship myself with fluttershy so hard right now !I am a dummy! 
preston725's avatar
Me Too, Me X Fluttershy (Flutterwelch) Is Adorable In My Opinion.
reivax200's avatar
i thought i was aloneSweating a little... 
Chardactyl's avatar
Awww that really brightened my day, thank you.
sevenleggat's avatar
Fluttershy I love you much more than you think
dial102394's avatar
I love you, too, Flutz! *kisses her by the lips* Kiss 
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Jackoy123's avatar
Jadnygamestyle's avatar
well this makes sense
FallenShadow000's avatar
*I hug Fluttershy and kiss her cheek* I love you too. :blush:
TotallyDeviantLisa's avatar
I love you too Fluttershy! ^^
LilyDash's avatar
:iconletmehugyouplz: COME HERE FLUTTERSHY! *hugs Fluttershy real tight* I LOVE YOU!
SNlCKERS's avatar
Someone recolored and didn't give credit!…
GAlekz's avatar
Huh, thanks :)
I love you too Fluttershy!
I love Fluttershy too!
Venegal's avatar
You vile trickster, making this just to remind us that the screen is still in the way...
sergeant16bit's avatar
whoops! I realized I made the exact same comment tonight that I made in April of this year! That's either really funny or really depressing
GAlekz's avatar
Huh, can happen with anyone :)
DuckyCupcakes's avatar
I knew u loved meh c': I luv u too flutters
MyLittleBronyMario's avatar
I love you too Fluttershy! ^_^
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