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The Elementals: Dragon of Water

By GaleforceRin
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Adobe Photoshop CS5

Class assignment where I had to design and paint 4 elemental dragons based upon a written prompt. This is the Water Dragon. The spots are mostly plopped in texture from a photo of a Whale Shark. This was a bit of a rush-job, sadly. I might come back to it later to tighten it up and add more texture.

For those of you that are curious, the tiny white dot is the Water Dragon's master: a several million year old woman who looks like she's 6.
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Beautiful. Absolutely amazing. I love it!
Wow. I love it! You gave me a new vision to see the water dragon. I applaud you for it. Great work. Stunning. Absolutely beautiful!
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really looks like a water dragon, very fluid n elegant!
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Aaaah, looks good! You resolved the fins really nicely! :D
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Except the back fin still sticks awkwardly out of nowhere. T_T I tried to make the body slant up towards it like you pointed out in actual fishies, but I don't think it worked out. >>;
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What? No, look, don't worry about it. This piece looks solid and finished and the design works as is. Any parts that still bug you, just digest it and try to apply to the next piece. If you tweak this any more you'll go NUTS and I do NOT WANT TO SEE YOU GO NUTS.

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