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Names Galaxy (I know it say Angel, haven't gotten the chance to change it K)

If you seen my Friend Crystalreader 's message to everyone and wanted to know who the friend was, IT'S ME.

I'll be taking over her Queens and other Arts including her Castor work(Back in the day we worked it together so ye)

Some Big Changes and Clarities Crystal wanted me to do for her so I'm doing it here.

1) Some of the art will be Re-uploads from her account with my Watermark on it. Got Permission to do it K.

2) Sweets-Macarons gave me the k to use any piece of work the two of them shared in there universes when working on mine.

3) There will be one Base Re-upload and that is the stick princesses bases since they be the only ones I likes see

4) Crystal left some writings for me to use as ref when it comes to writes the Bios and some unfinished ones as well

5) Crys passed all her adopts onto me to use she noted all the owners she could recalls before she logged off for the last time to let them know but if any come when I use one she adopted its why.

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