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The Pachyceratops is a hybrid between the pachycepholosaur, Pachycephalosaurus, and the ceratopsian, Nasutoceratops. It was originally created as part of a project to attract the public to the park. It is a highly territorial and hyperactive hybrid. If I could describe it using an animal, I’ll describe it as being a mountain goat on steroids. It is protected by thick, 10 in., fused plates running down its back. The head frill of the Nasutoceratops and the bashing skull of the Pachycephalosaurus has combined to make an in between of both in this hybrid. The frill is 10 in. thick with a bump on the skull and flat after it. It is also covered with hard scales and bony spikes all around the frill. This allows the Pachyceratops to ram its skull at ridiculous speeds and power without hurting it. 

This has been quite a problem for us, since the Pachyceratops has poor eyesight, much like a rhinos. Plus it being highly territorial, it will ram its thick skull onto anything. We literally have to rebuild its enclosure almost everyday, because it is so blind it thinks a rock is a rival challenging it, even though it is the only one of its species. It also doesn’t help that it has spikes all over its skull and fused plates as added protection. My other coworkers and I have nicknamed the specimen “ Bulldozer “, because it will ram and destroy anything it sees.

It is 1.8m(5.9ft) tall, 4.7m(15.5ft) long, and weighs 2,000kg( 4,400lb). It weighs more than both of its predecessor because its armor plating which are all 10 in. thick. Another fascinating thing about this specimen is that, like goats, it can lift up its body to deliver a headbutt( which does even more damage to the target. The tiny, remnants horns of the Pachyceratops are not useless, since it helps by amplifying the damage to a single point. This is because of pressure, it hurts more to be stung by a nail than a bed of nails, the pressure is delivered to a single point. Which is another reason why we must be careful around this hybrid even though, compare to the ceratopsian hybrids, it is quite small it is still deadly, already having 3 casualties and around 20 injured.
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