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The Limnorhyncus is the hybrid of the amphibian Limnoscelis and the pterosaur Coloborhyncus. If I have to describe it, I’ll say it is the Emperor Penguin of the hybrids that InGen has done. It was created to attract the public to the park. The wings that Coloborhyncus once had, now resemble flippers for better movement upon the water. The translucent and colorful frill that runs down its body and turns into a fluke is also use for better maneuverability in the water. Its large beak is perfect for trapping large amounts of fist, working similar to a pelican’s pouch. Its long tail also helps it propel itself in the water.

The strangest thing of all from this creature is its dna. Although it looks and resembles a pterosaur, it is strangely enough an amphibian. We do not know why that is; we’ll need to study that even more. It is also really top heavy with its ginormous head the size of its torso. Its upright posture also doesn’t help it, you can see it waddling around and then falling on its head like a toddler( we feel sorry for the creature every time). Unlike the other hybrids that are quite aggressive, the Limnorhyncus is quite docile and playful. It also likes to have company, making us believe it is a social creature like penguins. When we discovered this, we placed it in a penguin enclosure just to see what happens. The penguins were skeptical of it but soon became close to it and adopted him.

The Limnorhyncus is 1m(3.3ft) tall, 3m(9.9ft) long, weighs 34kg(75lb), and has a wingspan of 1m(3.3ft). It is a piscivore. It is able to live in rivers, lakes, and even in the Antarctic circle near penguins. It is able to dive 12m(40ft) underwater. It is able to go 15km/h(9.4mi/h), outrunning the emperor penguin. On land, it has better mobility than penguins because of its tail, but, like I said earlier, it stumbles and trips a lot because of its giant head. The penguins have accepted the Limnorhyncus as their own, and I’ve never seen it as happy as it is now.
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