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More like a saga, it's gonna get a little crazy in here.
I'll show some art progression because that's always fun, then it'll get a little personal. 

I have been on this website for roughly five years

My first account was, admittedly, from when I was 12. (That's under the allowed age kids, don't do what I did.) If you wanna go see it and it's cringe worthy glory come on down. I can't deactivate it because the email it's associated with was my moms ancient long forgotten email lmao. 

I used this account for some miscellaneous drawings. All of incredible quality.

non sideways aura trio by eon-crystal angel with a white rose by eon-crystalRANDOM ANGEL by eon-crystal

My next account was one I just deactivated, it left me a little sad but it was probably for the best. It was therandomcatdemon, and I used it during the latter half of middle school and a smidgen into my freshman year of highschool.

I used it primarily during the time where I was working on a youtube magical girl fanime titled Aura. A few other projects were featured on it too but over all I used it right around when I began to get serious about art.

But now here I am!! This is my new account which I hope to use much more professionally, as I am becoming very serious about my art. I'm now going to college for graphic and interactive design! With the new year I'm hoping to look forward to attending my first artist alley and beginning commissions once I feel comfortable.

Objecthead by galaxytxtAlways by galaxytxtSailor Moon by galaxytxtMagical Girl Estella by galaxytxt

Deviantart has helped me discover so many inspiring artists, being able to use it to talk to my friends in the early years helped me get through a lot and created a very supportive environment for me as a budding artist. Every feature in a group, new watch, or fave was a little piece of confidence that helped me out later in life.

As of right now, I feel like I'm in a very good place. No doubt about it I'm anxious and worried about what the future holds, I'm about to go into college and start getting much more serious about my art. I know I can get better, and hey I WANT to get better (I can't wait!) But looking back on my progression through the years recently has made me feel good about where I'm going and I'm confident that after a lot more practice and going to school I will be on the right track to getting to where I want to be as an artist.
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August 8, 2014


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