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I'm baaaack!

Sorry, I just wanted to make a cool title. Did it get your attention? Well if you're reading this I guess so!!

I haven't logged into this account in...three-four years? I had made a new one at one point because I got locked out of this one but it felt kind of lonely and I wanted the seniority of this account I guess? (Does that make sense?) 

So a Quick Life Update: 

- Attended community college for graphic design while in limbo trying to figure out what I really wanted to do in life
- Worked a hell job at a fried chicken chain in which centipedes fell from the ceiling, coworkers sold weed out of the drive through, and we put too much sugar in the sweet tea! (Oh my)
-Got horrifically depressed after coming home every night post-night-shift and eating cold tenders in the dark while wearing a damp dish-water soaked uniform
-Got accepted into my dream school! The Savannah College of Art and Design
    -Genuinely had an awesome time, learned a lot, got my feet off the ground, became independent and learned cool adult stuff. 
    -Came out of the closet wooh!
-After two years and some pretty awful stuff that began to transpire I realized home is where the heart was and a cool education didn't way out the crippling loneliness of city solitude and being so far from my friends. 
-Came back home to Florida and am now currently attending UCF for Art Education

Uh, a lot has happened this year! Like really big life changing stuff that has really set me back. Like splitting-family-car-crash-law-suit-chronic-illness-discovering-facing-mortality-of-loved-ones life stuff. I'm currently in the process of dragging my feet through the mud to greener pastures hopefully but sometimes life just be like that yo. Am I doing so hot? Nah not really! But I'm working on it and that's what matters I guess.

Anyways I couldn't log into this account because I couldn't remember my email and everything from sending deviantart my license to wip pictures of the art posted on here just doesn't cut it unless you have an email lmao! In the end I had been typing in the right password so who even knows why I couldn't get in? I had to go to mackenzies and check my laptop I let her borrow a couple years ago to get the account info out of it. 

All that matters is I got it back tho I guess! 

Currently: I'm a illustrator and sequential artist. I'm currently working on a full length issue in collaboration with a comic script writer! I have a few personal ideas in the works and as always a shit ton of ocs. I'll try and not bombard the like, total of eight people following me with deviations! I'm much better at art now though and I want to show it haha.

Till next time! 
More like a saga, it's gonna get a little crazy in here.
I'll show some art progression because that's always fun, then it'll get a little personal. 

I have been on this website for roughly five years

My first account was, admittedly, from when I was 12. (That's under the allowed age kids, don't do what I did.) If you wanna go see it and it's cringe worthy glory come on down. I can't deactivate it because the email it's associated with was my moms ancient long forgotten email lmao. 

I used this account for some miscellaneous drawings. All of incredible quality.

non sideways aura trio by eon-crystal angel with a white rose by eon-crystalRANDOM ANGEL by eon-crystal

My next account was one I just deactivated, it left me a little sad but it was probably for the best. It was therandomcatdemon, and I used it during the latter half of middle school and a smidgen into my freshman year of highschool.

I used it primarily during the time where I was working on a youtube magical girl fanime titled Aura. A few other projects were featured on it too but over all I used it right around when I began to get serious about art.

But now here I am!! This is my new account which I hope to use much more professionally, as I am becoming very serious about my art. I'm now going to college for graphic and interactive design! With the new year I'm hoping to look forward to attending my first artist alley and beginning commissions once I feel comfortable.

Objecthead by galaxytxtAlways by galaxytxtSailor Moon by galaxytxtMagical Girl Estella by galaxytxt

Deviantart has helped me discover so many inspiring artists, being able to use it to talk to my friends in the early years helped me get through a lot and created a very supportive environment for me as a budding artist. Every feature in a group, new watch, or fave was a little piece of confidence that helped me out later in life.

As of right now, I feel like I'm in a very good place. No doubt about it I'm anxious and worried about what the future holds, I'm about to go into college and start getting much more serious about my art. I know I can get better, and hey I WANT to get better (I can't wait!) But looking back on my progression through the years recently has made me feel good about where I'm going and I'm confident that after a lot more practice and going to school I will be on the right track to getting to where I want to be as an artist.
So I feel kinda bad for not really being on deviantart? I love this website from the bottom of my heart and have been here for YEARS. (Had an older account before this one) I think now that I've graduated I want to put a lot of time into it and start getting involved with the community. Heck, I forget there are forums sometimes! I think it would be pretty dang fun to join an RP group or something, so I guess we'll see! Hopefully I'll be more active from now on!
I'm going to make a formal greeting journal entry for anyone visiting my page, new followers, old followers, hobos...ect.

My name's McKenna, you can also call me Miki.
I'm a senior in high school who loves to create comics. I love video games, anime, and manga.
I do digital art as well as traditional pieces using coloring pencils and watercolor.
I like to write and I'm hoping to become involved with the deviantart roleplay community

My favorite things are magical girl stories, shoujo, high fantasy, monster girls, and history. 
I would love to get to know people so please feel free to talk to me!

I'm always open to doing requests :)

gaia:    sue_in_space
I really wanna do stuff to get in the summer time mood, despite how busy I've been. Time for catching up on various shows...drawing new things...relaxing and self meditating. Ya know, all the good stuff :D

I hope everyone's having a good summer~ If you read this I grant you with a whole week of good luck!
Gosh I want to join SO bad it look's like such a great site but I don't know anyone with an account. A friend's friend has an account but I don't know if she will be able to hook me up.

Anyways, everyone having a good summer? I'm already pretty bored lol.
So lately I've been drawing a lot and my art style has been improving a ton, so I've seriously considered doing commissions over the summer if anyone makes an offer. I probablyyy won't be doing them through deviantart though, so we'll see.

ALSO I started designing a magical girl series with my little sister in mind but it also ended up being a revamp/good character/story designing exercise.  I will always have a huge spot in my heart for magical girls.

ALSO ALSO I'm going to be able to study at Ringlings this study! I'll be taking two of the teen courses. I have to apply for need based grants first but regardless my dad agreed to pay. As fun as the character and graphic novel workshops sound I want to work on something more serious and technical so I'll probably end up doing concept sketching/drawing or the illustration and design classes. Nevertheless, I'm a little nervous that I'll have trouble matching up artistic level wise to others at the workshops but I know it'll be great practice and I'll grow a lot from it so it'll be worth it! I hope not EVERYONE is totally amazing though that might make me a little nervous lol.
I'm also going to go on a gem mining trip up in the carolinas which sounds fun!

UH ALSO X3 I have a lot of money and a camera at walmart went on sale and I kind of want to buy it? I'm doing creative photography over the summer and while I can just use my moms camera I would love to have my own. Oh boi I'm nervous. HMM.

ALSO (they're like bullet points by now) I want to do a JBF cosplay/photoshoot but IDK if I'll have the money. Oh well! IT's going to be a really, really fun summer!
Since my last post was me complaining about the weather, let me talk about how much I like it in this one! It's so beautiful and warm and sunny and when I walk outside I feel like im getting a biiiig cozy hug. I love the summer storms too. Fluffy white and dark ominous clouds in the distance promise excitement...
School's end is rounding the corner and I'm so excited! For everything!
I haven't been this happy and excited for pretty much everything in a long time!!
This will sound super floridian, but man I want the temperature to be back in the eighties already! I feel like we had the most beautiful weather a week ago but then it suddenly dropped near freezing. Errr I have to bike to school, it better warm up! I don't like arriving to portfolio with numb toes...

Also I've finally started to try and act on my secret life long dream of RP-ing! I feel like I'm late to the party because all of my friends RP and have done so for years, but I'm just so shy when it comes to things on the internet. My goal is to find a good Sci-fi rp... (Also to have SOMEONE COUGH COUGH set up that puella magi RP they're working on)
I always come up with tons and tons of ideas and stories and characters and I record lots of them down and even start some of them but I never ever finish them! They literally span every form of media possible. I have video games stories comics animations novels rp's
and its like
ya know?
The trip to DC was a little disappointing but that's my fault I guess, I got food poisoning and felt super sick the entire trip...
not only that but all of my friends seemed to be at wits' ends with each other! I didn't come to DC for the sights, I came to be with my friends...
Guess it left me a little melancholy

So this, along with my last two trips up north, have always been the most depressing times I've ever went through, and they've all been during the fall too.

That's the last time I'm ever going up north for the fall >:I
I get to go to Washington dc and I'm really excited! Were going to the museums and memorials. It's going to be cold, and since were marching in a parade that will be a...more or less interesting experience (It's a field trip for band)
Oh, but I love museums and stuff! My art teacher said I should take lots of pictures so I have inspiration for the end of nine weeks project.

Also speaking of art! I got my first ribbon at an art show! Second place in the High School Painting division at a local art festival. It was my least favorite piece so I was just kinda like "Welp."

Yeah excited explanation point point point! I get prize money too, which is going to my DC fund. I can't wait to go on the bus with all of my friends. Anyways, I'm gonna finish drawing this Golem girl (aka, wage a war with my tablet in the fruitless struggle to produce art on a budget device), post it, then maybe post some other stuff? Then finish catching up with Once Upon a Time which is a pretty good TV.

Also! I might be starting a webcomic, so uh, OC's, character sketches, design concepts, ect all incoming! Just a heads up lol.
Welp that's all for now, gravy out!
Woopsie this is my first journal entry and I don't really want to go into introductions but rather just talk.

I've sort of been drafted into working on a video game. It's going to be a parody rpg based off of stereotypes and breaking them. I asked for more on the story but the girl in charge of story wasn't quiet sure but all I got was the entire world was built on top of a dragon which sounds cool, also a bit mother 3-ish.
Anyways now there's a bunch of people jumping in drawing pictures and offering advice and I'm starting to get a big tired just because at the end of the day I'm going to be all of the modeling and actual game art.

Speaking of modeling I just started last weekend and 3D modeling is both harder and easier then I anticipated. If anyone has found themselves on the edge about whether or not they should give it to go it really is worth it! You might be pleased with the results.

Well if more actually comes out of this I'll post some of the concept art and character sketches on here! There's a character with horns hey did I mention I really like horns okay I do.
Horns are great <3
Horns and gravy<3