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Dark Magical Girl : Phantom Thief Angel by galaxytxt Dark Magical Girl : Phantom Thief Angel by galaxytxt
This is my entry for the magicalgirlalliance.deviantart… 's Dark Magical Girl Contest

Tiffany Moore comes from a wealthy but disconnected family, she often found herself alone and unattended to in her own house. Her parents were always far off on business and she grew up lonely and cold. Unfortunately her parents business went bankrupt, the mansion Tiffany lived in foreclosed and she left all of her possessions. Her parents left to try and rebuild the companies empire, and sent Tiffany off to a boarding school using the rest of their spare money. The boarding school was for the most prestigious and rich of heirs from across the country, and Tiffany who is left with no money or social standing is even more alone then she was before. She was bullied and excluded, and became a real nobody at the school.

One night in the schools garden, Tiffany wished for her former wealth and status. She said to herself "If only I could take back what is rightfully mine, even if I had to steal it!" Her wish summoned a mischeavious and crafty shadow fairy named Petal who decided to gift Tiffany with a rose crown with the power to transform Tiffany into Phantom Thief Angel. All Petal asks for in return is a share of the goods.

Now, at night, Tiffany transforms into Phantom Thief Angel and steals from the rich so that during the day she can slowly climb the social latter once again with her new money and jewels...
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October 24, 2013
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