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What Did I Do Wrong, Corporal? (Levi x Reader)
“I’m soooo hungry!” Sasha moaned. I rolled my eyes as we headed off to breakfast. “I haven’t eaten for hours!”
“You were dreaming about food. That made the rest of the people listening to your sleep talking hungry too!” Ymir growled at her, storming to the mess hall. I walked alongside them, silently agreeing with Ymir, and entered the mess hall.
Inside I grabbed my tray of food and we sat down to eat, when Commander Erwin came up to me. I got up and saluted him firmly, saying a powerful, “Commander Erwin sir! Good morning!”
“At ease, Cadet [l/n],” he said, waving me off. I relaxed my arms but remained rigid by his side.
“Cadet [l/n], there’s something I want to ask you help for something. Do you mind meeting me in my office after breakfast so we can discuss it?”
“Yes Commander Erwin sir! I’ll be there right away sir!” I replied. He nodded and left. I sat down, wondering what he
:iconotakuforthewin:OtakuForTheWin 1,389 569
Izuku Midoriya X Loner! Reader Part 2!
Regular P.O.V
     You were sitting in your dorm just lying in bed wearing casual clothes with a frown on your face as you scrolled through old pictures on your phone. They were all from your middle school years with all your old friends, and no matter how hard you tried you couldn't forget them. You hated moments when you felt lonely, granted those thoughts came and went whenever they pleased. Being lonely was something you felt often and was a given since you were the loner of your class, and seeing all the pictures on social media of your classmates having fun without you kinda killed any happy emotion you had for a few hours. You always did try to cheer yourself up, but it usually also ended in tears. You were glad that after your encounter with Midoriya today the tears part was over with, and was replaced with just an overwhelming feeling of emptiness. 
     Looking at the time, you realized school had already ended and your classmates&
:iconhowlingmoon2603:HowlingMoon2603 9 5
(Reader x Levi) Boyfriend~ Vacation
(Levi x Reader) Boyfriend~ Vacation
The city was already dark by the time you stumbled into your apartments elevator.  You worked at the Scout Middle School, you taught 10th and 11th graders.  A large test had left you grading late and you couldn’t wait to curl up on the couch with Levi.  He hadn’t called you all day so you hoped he was okay.
As you walked down the hallway you sniffed the air, the only thing it lacked was the over powering scent of Lysol.  Terrified you rushed to the door and pushed it open, he always cleaned when he got home especially the doorknob that's something he hadn’t down.  Inside your apartment looked untouched but all the lights were on.  You dropped your bag and keys and checked all the rooms.  
Rose pattered up to you with a large bow wrapped around her collar.  You reached down to pet her but she raced away into your bedrooms open door.  Sighing you followed the cat, and pushed open the d
:iconmmomo-chan:mmomo-chan 107 10
Levi x Reader // Neighbors // Part. 2
Levi hadn’t looked at you once since his lip had stopped bleeding.  His family was freaking out apologizing for no reason, Uncle felt so bad he got out the good sake.  Levi was brooding across from you, a Band-Aid on his lip.  Finally you couldn’t take the noise anymore and stood abruptly, and walked quickly outside.  
You strode down the hallway before coming to an abrupt stop next to one of the bookcase and crouched down.  
“Ugh!” you growled running your hands through your hair, “why am I such an idiot!”  You turned around and banged your head against the bookcase, and by some amazing coincidence the heaviest book on the shelf fell straight on your forehead.
“Ouch!” you hollered falling backward on your butt, you glared at the old physics textbook.  Grabbing the book you made a motion to throw it but at the last second you sighed and placed it gently back on the bookshelf.  You shoved your hands
:iconmmomo-chan:mmomo-chan 58 21
(Modern AU)Reader x Levi~ Boyfriend~ Market
Sunlight streamed through the curtains to your apartment bedroom.  You smiled sleepily and rolled over, you snuggled into your warm boyfriend.  He still smelled like your strawberry shampoo you had insisted that he borrow.  Your hand rested on his well-toned abs and you pulled his arm around you.  
“Your up early,” Levi said softly pushing aside some stray hairs.  He wiped the sleep from his eyes and gave you a smile.  You leaned upwards and gave him a peck on the cheek.
“Well lets enjoy our weekend now that we’re up,” you said pulling away from his embrace.  He frowned as you walked into the closet leaving him alone on the bed, so naturally he got up and followed.  You had stripped down and was in the process of finding some underwear when he walked in.
“Lower shelf,” he said as he shuffled past you, you were always messing up your stuff so you never knew where things were.  You found your most comf
:iconmmomo-chan:mmomo-chan 123 16
(Modern Au)Levi x Reader-DT-Chitchat in the shower
Warning: You're about to read mature and suggesting themes
Story: Chitchat in the shower
You asked stepping into the apartment. You were exhausted. Your day had consisted on meeting and paperwork. Apparently your bosses had heard that The Recon’s Company had offered you a job and a very juicy offer. So, you guessed that they were pushing you to your limit until you decide to leave. You still hadn’t talked to Levi about it and didn’t even know that you were going to accept the offer but how things were going, you probably would accept it. You were a little angry about how little faith they had on you after everything you did for them.
You sighed and locked the door. You just wanted to snuggle with your boyfriend in bed. You took off your black stilettos; they were left forgotten on the front door. You brought your hands up to your white button up shirt and unbuttoned a few of them. You walked towards the room. He didn’t answer so you a
:iconusagii-chaan:Usagii-chaan 1,081 139
(Modern AU)Reader x Levi~ Boyfriend~ Scream
Warning!  Mature Content! DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!
You opened up the door to your apartment, and almost immediately choked on the air.  The entire one bedroom apartment smelled like pinesol and windex.  You rushed into the kitchen to dump you bags ignoring the hunched over figure furiously cleaning the dishes.  Still wearing your heels you ran over to the windows and opened ever single one as wide as they would go.  
Rolling your eyes at the bare chested cleaning fairy, you dashed into the bedroom and stripped out of your suit and dumped your heels in the closet.  You pulled on one of Levi’s old baggy t-shirts before sauntering back out into the living room.
“How long have you been at this?” you asked skeptically peering over Levi’s shoulder as he rewashed another plate.  Careful not to breathe in the toxic fumes, you often regretted inviting over your boyfriend for this very reason.
“Since I got here, your apartment is u
:iconmmomo-chan:mmomo-chan 311 32
His Everything - (Shouto Todoroki x Reader)
Late at night Shouto had woken up from a dream he had before, it was about his mother hating the left side of him. Carefully not to wake up his girlfriend beside him he sat up and hoped he wasn’t making to much noise.
But of course being the kind girlfriend you were you woke up and turned to him, facing him.
“Shouto?” You asked.
“Sorry did I wake you?” Shouto asked.
“No it’s good, but are you alright?” You asked.
“I’m fine.” Shouto told.
Not believing him with that you signed and knew what had happened, at times this would happen. Even though you both were now in U.A and had moved into the dorms given to you at times the two of you would sneak into the others room and stay the night.
Today was that night.
Sitting up you moved to sit on his lap and brought him into your arms, his head resting on your chest a bit.
“Shouto, listen to me. I know you won’t be a man like your father, and your scar? To me it shows j
:iconyuuki332:Yuuki332 301 6
make em' jealous. | bakugou x reader
"what the fuck is this?!"
you shoved katsuki's phone in his face, the screen revealing lewd messages a girl sent to him. he gaped at you, then growled and snatched his phone back. "why the fuck did you have my phone?!" he snarled. your eyebrows furrowed more. "i, actually, was minding my own fucking business when your phone screen lit up and some girl messaged you 'baby? where are you?' what the fuck am i supposed to do?! leave that alone?! i'm your fucking girlfriend!" you yelled. "does it look like i was messaging her back?! you're so fucking quick to jump to conclusions! if your assuming ass payed any attention, i hadn't messaged her back at all! it's just some slut wanting to get into my pants!" he yelled back louder.
"don't give me that shit!" you yelled back, equally as loud. "there are obviously messages of her replying to stuff you've said, but you deleted your messages! do i look fucking dumb?! and look at the contact name! deku?! like midoriya would betray me li
:icondemoticdreams:demoticdreams 244 23
4 am texts. | bakugou x reader
katsuki <3:
it's 4 in the fucking morning what do you want
i'm sick.. )-:
katsuki <3:
that's not my fucking problem
well now it's your problem. i'm sure you can't fall back alseep now anyway (:
katsuki <3:
i'd rather lay in bed for the rest of the night listening to my parents having sex than talk to you
yikes, tmi
katsuki <3:
why the fuck did you text me
i actually want to tell you something...
katsuki <3:
then fucking spill it out
i like you.
i've liked you for a long time now.
and i want you to be my boyfriend..
katsuki <3:
katsuki <3:
katsuki <3:
we've been dating for a fucking year.
:icondemoticdreams:demoticdreams 151 22
Fangirl Texts (Bakugou Katsuki x Fem!Reader)
(A/N: Kind of a sequel to Midnight Texts (Bakugou Katsuki x Fem!Reader) Warning for cursing and tsundere-ness, and crackfic tendencies.)
[9:51 pm]
From: The Idiot That Belongs To Me
To: My Little Charmander
Omg Uraaaaaa!!!!
I found the most AMAZING cover!
You have to listen to it!
His voice is sooooo hot (*≧▽≦)
Oh crap. Kacchan just ignore
From: My Little Charmander ♥
To: The Idiot That Belongs To Me
Who the HELL is this guy?
From: The Idiot That Belongs To Me
To: My Little Charma
:iconjeluvs2laugh:JEluvs2laugh 350 39
i like you! | midoriya x reader
mutter, mutter, mutter, mutter...
"the possibilities of this are endless. on one hand, she could reject me, ignore me forever no matter how much i try to approach her, she could slap me in front of everyone, or, worse, she could say she likes kacchan instead of me-"
izuku snapped out of his thoughts, and turned around to look at you. you huffed out your cheeks. "finally! what's wrong?" you asked, and izuku stared at you blankly for a moment, then turned around, not answering you.
he's not answering me!
"deku-chan! what on earth is wrong with you?!" you asked, hitting the top of his head with a textbook. izuku turned back around to look at you. "w-well, i..uh.." he stuttered, not looking you in the eye anymore. you've never been this confused. and he's never been this nervous around you. "t-there's this one girl i want to confess to, and, well, uh..i'm scared to." he sheepishly said, his face growing redder and redder. you
:icondemoticdreams:demoticdreams 98 11
Izuku Midoriya x Reader - Help
        "Sometimes being a hero just means being helpful."

        The freckled boy was wandering in circles, you were sure of it now. There was no way he was just passing by the window of your dad's flower shop twice every five minutes on accident, right? Was he looking for someone or something? You wondered what it was that caused him to hang out on your block that particular afternoon. 
For the eighteenth time, you saw him coming up the sidewalk, before it looked like he saw someone and he turned sharply into your family store. Your giggle pierced the air of the nearly silent retail space. He looked up from beneath his curly forest green hair that looked like a ton of fun to run your fingers through.
        "Hiding from someone?" The boy nodded, hair bouncing.
        "Yeah.  A childhood friend.  He wa
:iconmelynie:Melynie 155 4
Midoriya Izuku x Reader [Candies]
“H-H-He smiled!”
You never thought you would ever be so happy just to see someone smile and yet here you are, peeking behind a wall like a stalker just to look at a guy standing in front of his locker in all his gullible glory.
That guy was none other than Midoriya Izuku.
“Look, he’s muttering to himself while writing on his notebook again,” one of your friends commented with a sneer, “He’s soooo weird!”
Frowning, you look over to where the person in question was sitting.
“Oh, please. He’s not hurting anybody so just let him be, won’t you?”
“But (Y/n), he’s weird!”
“But he didn’t touch you or anything,” you scoff, “Don’t be so mean. He’s not bothering you so you shouldn’t do so to him, too. I think it's great that he can memorize everything about heroes! I would love to know anything I could about my favorite
:iconpuffiepuffin:PuffiePuffin 33 4
Midoriya Izuku x Reader [Green]
‘His smile was so cute, I had to bite my lip really hard to keep in the squeals.’
… and at that moment you knew that you screwed up and fell for the adorable green-haired Midoriya Izuku from your class in middle school.
    You weren’t exactly able to get close to him during your time together as classmates. He was often bullied and you were too scared to get close and help because of Bakugo. But when no one was standing by the lockers, you left some candy in Midoriya’s locker to try and cheer him up. You saw him smile while eating the candy you secretly gave him and it made your heart flutter.
    Your friends always teased him because he didn’t have a quirk. When you told your friends how you thought Midoriya was amazing because he can familiarize himself with many things about every hero he knows, they thought you were also teasing him and laughed. You couldn’t tell them that you were ser
:iconpuffiepuffin:PuffiePuffin 22 2
Ice Cream Man [Shoto | Reader]
    Shrill cries and whines ring through Shouto's ears, the annoying sounds the only things he can hear as he waits for you by the ice cream stand. Cool yet obvious annoyance spreads across his usually impassive countenance, causing him to frown deeply, brows meeting as the child's cries grow shiller, knuckles growing white as he clenches his fingers around the arm of the wooden chair he seated himself onto. The teen sighs, lazily sliding his gaze toward the child to glare fiercely at it, then at the oblivious mother texting on her phone. 
    Raising his hand, he quickly delivers a fast-moving rush of ice through the crowd and onto the kid's melting ice cream. Nearly tumbling down onto the floor due to the force of the shot of ice, pigtails bouncing, she gasps, staring at her previously melting ice cream in wonder. Hesitantly, the young girl bends down, her pink tongue poking out of her lips as she slowly licks the ice. She reels bac
:iconatashi9205:Atashi9205 35 4


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Heya! This is my first post on here, don't mind the fact that this is traditional ;W;
fandom: attack on Titan ©Hajime Isayama
character: Levi Ackerman ©Hajime Isayama
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