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I'm finally getting close to character designs I'm happy with, for much more realistic versions of myself and my petite amie, November in elaborate costumes for our big scene!

This is for the bonus scene in the upcoming Sexual Fantasy Kingdom volume 1: Galaxy Edition, the re-release of my original animated work - including some major graphic upgrades and bonus material.

This is going to be a pretty elaborate scene (hopefully at least as much as my last GalaxyPink bonus scene), and I hope everyone will enjoy it - because I'm actually kinda self-conscious about being on camera... especially in more realistic form. >_<
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Do not be so shy. Here is a little heads up, if you look anything like your avatar i have one word; gorgeous. Not to sound too naughty but your first scene makes me tingle in all the right places and this more realistic version of you is no different. I can`t wait to see you new scene. ps: have fun with the hobbit (wink wink)
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Thanks for the vote of confidence. So many people really enjoyed the last Galaxy Edition bonus scene... I hope this one will be as popular!
SKF 1: Galaxy Edition release date?
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I never know, but I'm shooting for some time next month!
so what about skf 5 release date? in 2013? or in december?
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That'll be later, but hopefully early next year. I really do not officially announce release dates because I honestly don't know how long it will take me to do things, so I can only give a vague impression.
That is really cool, very well done!
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Realistic you looks much better, wonderful design on the outfits, you and November? This is going to be interesting :) Gods Speed then :)
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It definitely will be interesting! Hopefully it'll be quite an epic scene. ^_^
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:) indeed :) Your work is always epic in it's own sense so I reckon that it will be quite awesome :)
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Thanks, I hope so! ^_^
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You and November always look great. Really glad to see you "back in the pink". Cool outfits, cool images. All good.
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Thanks so much! ^_^
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