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Who is your favorite SFK main character?
  |  203 votes
  • Athropos the Dark Elf
  • Shay the red-haired Adventuress
  • Eshes the Gothic Lolita Vampire
  • The Magistrate
  • Delphine the Pirate Queen
  • Aisling the Peasant Girl
  • Aleris the forest Elf with red-streaked hair
  • Princess Aricia
  • Thania the Elf Priestess (or her gf Holy Knight Captain Sera)
  • Prince Meris the Girl Prince of the Sea Kingdom
:thumb419827536: I've just started a Patreon campaign, and I'm really excited about it!  Patreon is a service like Kickstarter that lets artists and creators raise money from fans for their projects.  Unlike Kickstarter, where you raise money for a single project with individual large donations, Patreon lets fans sign up to donate a small amount on a regular basis, to help keep their favorite artist afloat!  I definitely recommend giving it a try, for artists, and for anyone who wants to support the arts with tiny little helping hands. ^_^ Times get tough for me sometimes, and I know a lot of the people who love my artwork don't buy my prod
Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. 1: Galaxy Edition
:thumb356446353::thumb358149770::thumb356671134: UPDATE: I've just released the full version for Windows and Mac on my site, including the bonus scene, and everything is polished and looking beautiful! It was September 2007, when some of you guys first took a trip with me into the Kingdom of Sexual Fantasies, a world inspired by folklore, fairy tales, and epic fantasy that I've spent the last few years trying to fill with good humor, romance, drama, lively characters, and all kinds of sex!  Maybe some you never even thought of!  There are four volumes with a total of thirty scenes so far, and a cast of about sixty characters and counting.  


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1 Message from Hungary. Happy Birthday Jessica :-). Boldog Születésnapot Kívánok Neked Jessica :-).
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Is SFK officially dead or why nothing new has happened in years ?
Waiting a very long time for nothing… very bored.
Have you given up on SFK or what does it take to create and finish SFK 5,6,7,8,…?

– Please do not put your effort on somekind of a large RPG like 3D The Elder Scrolls( Do not !) because the SFK’s idea is the small and fast videos. Not somekind of hour and hours of gaming.

We already got: Dragon Knight 4 2007 remake, Knights of Xentar, Pretty Soldier Wars A.D. 2048, Cobra mission and such small and fast RPGs.

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TimetraxxHobbyist Digital Artist
Happiest of birthdays to you. You have such amazing talent!
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1 Message from Hungary. Happy Birthday Jessica :-). Boldog Születésnapot Kívánok Neked Jessica :-).
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MrOrbitalProfessional General Artist
Happy Birthday!! :cake::party::cake: