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Sidon X FTM!Reader ~ The Translator ~ Chapter 1
Chapter 1
You had never experienced relief to the magnitude that you felt it now, reaching the river near the Lanayru Tower, the first river the two of you had come across since descending Death Mountain. You had assumed that everything would feel cold after the heat of the home of the Gorons. Instead, your body seemed to have perfectly preserved the feeling of holy shit I'm burning alive and seemed incapable of feeling cool again on its own.
The river, on the other hand, was soothing as you waded into a calm area, one eye on your horses and gear, grazing aimlessly by the shore. Link had gone to claim the Tower, and judging by the number of monsters you'd seen around it he would be gone for some time, leaving you with plenty of time to recover from your most recent adventure.
You hated getting your binder wet but it was already soaked in enough sweat for it not to matter, and you thought little of your clothing beyond removing your tunic and trousers in your haste to get
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                            Starting out
Galaxyninetails: to let you now this is a fluff or smut but I will wright smut and fluffs later any way you are a Merc: stand for mercenary, with a past that you have not told any body any way "ahem" Y/N: stands for your name, L/N: last name, D/T/M: is date and time and month, Y/P: your profession Y/H/C: your hair color, E/C: eye color, SK/C: skin color, S/C: shirt color, Y/C/N: your code name

you lived in a house and you were a merc that needed a job Y/P and you saw an add that said help wanted for with a phone number at the bottom you called and a lady replied
?/?; hello who is it
Y/N: well I’m Y/N L/N and I am interested in the job offer
?/?: oh hello and my name is Ms. Pauling well first we need to meet
Y/N: ok when and what time
Ms. Pauling: well what is it to day again oh yes D/T/M shall we meet a week after
Y/N: sure I am free that day
Ms. Pauling: well shall we meet at a cafe
Y/N: alright
So then she told you were you were to meet and date and then the date came for you to meet Ms. Pauling, you heard your alarm turned it off and went to your closet to get dressed you grabbed your keys, opened your door went out and then closed the door behind you, locked the door and off you went to meet Ms. Pauling, then you decided to take your car you drove to the cafe parked in the parking lot went inside and ordered (kind of fav drink you like) and ordered (your fav food) sat down and waited then you saw a lady with a purple dress shirt and a black skirt stockings and black heels with glasses and black hair you got up and said
Y/N: excuse me are you Ms. Pauling
she looked and saw Y/H/C, E/C, SK/C with a S/C, with (whatever bottoms) and (what ever size you are) "sorry got sort of lazy" and said
Ms. Pauling: yes and you are Y/N right
Y/N: yes that’s me
Ms. Pauling: well it's nice to meet you Y/N
then Ms. Pauling ordered whatever drink then went to were you are sitting and she said
Ms. Pauling: ok lets talk about your contract
so there you two sat and discussed the contract and where you would be working at you found out it was at and then you told her where you lived and the fact you drove a car (brand of car) and what address when you and Ms. Pauling were done she said
Ms. Pauling: ok I will pick you up at D/T/M
Y/N: ok
then you both left after several days the time came for you to leave for you did not know what to expect but In some weird why you were exited you got ready packed your things after you were finished you looked at your house one last time then you heard a nock at your door you opened your door to see Ms. Pauling and she said
Ms. Pauling: time to go
Y/N: alright I will fallow with my car
Ms. Pauling: we will bring your car later for now we need to take my car
you agreed then you got in Ms.Paulings car then drove you looked back at (city and country you lived in) as it faded out of view after a couple of hours you two were on the high way you and then she said
Ms. Pauling: by the way we need a code name for you to protect your identity how about Y/C/N
Y/N: ok that’s fine
after a while you arrived at
Galaxyninetails: I will make the fluff and smut based off of this part so in a way this is part 1.
Starting Out
hope you enjoy it
I am going to start writing smut stories and fluff of tf2 characters any suggestions comment on my page I will do what I can and if you want to suggest yaoi/hentai like tf2 x reader female/male or tf2 x tf2  


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