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Ode to Fatness
Blobbish, flobbish, puddle of sweat
Huff and puff, stairs, most hated enemy
Round, mound, now the seat is wet
Just another roll, part of the identity
Sugar, snacks, cravings, eat and eat
They laugh, I cry, rinse repeat
Smell the bacon, eat the meat
Just one more bite, the treat is a cheat
Thighs of thunder, see them quake
Poke it, jiggle it, body made of Jell-O
Laugh at the struggle, the chest shake
Judgments, segments, feeling hollow
Fifty pounds, a hundred, it matters little
Wipe my mouth, feed the beast, wipe at the spittle
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For the Whored: Vicki
For the Whored
Elunara: Purple-haired Night Elf spy with a voracious sexual appetite, code name “The Whore”
Gerald: Human spy, an ace at cards, and Elunara’s contact and spotter, code name “The Shark”
Shry: Human love-sick fool
Vicki: A human prostitute
Random human men
Mid Afternoon to Midnight
A small inn in a big city near the spy headquarters
The inn is rustic, the wooden tables sat liberally throughout the structure. Large casks and glinting bottles line the shelves behind the bar. Men sit around the room, some have the occasional woman in their lap, while serving women carry massive trays of alcohol to various patrons. On the tables you see candles lighting the way, and steins dripping with various alcoholic substances.
[Enter from the main door, a purple haired night elf, her long ears bouncing as she looks around the room. She spots the man she was looking for, and Elunara moves through the inn. She nod
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Ok, so, I should have updated this some time ago.


I flaked, like I do on everything lately. 


Here’s an update.


I passed Chemistry with a C+, but I had to drop two other classes to pull it off. I went to my advisor and I went to an advising appointment with the English major. English majors only have two tracks, teaching (HAHAHAHAHAH NO), or literary focus. I want to focus on writing as a career, so I was directed to the Humanities advisor.

I am now Majoring in Humanities with a primary focus in English and a secondary in Sciences.

The fun part is that I can have the science classes I want, without doing the hard math.

I am also minoring in Creative writing while getting a technical certificate in scientific writing. The end result is that I’m taking classes specifically for the minor and certificate, which applies to my major, and allows me to do all four without yanking my hair out.


I am hoping that this means I’ll be able to write articles for the zoo, so I’ll still get zoo experience, I just won’t be a zookeeper. I can still volunteer, but I won’t be stressing my marbles.


This semester I’m taking 3 English classes and a painting class.

I just dropped out of the painting class, because my teacher humiliated me in front of the class, repeatedly. But I’ll get to that in a minute.


So far, it’s… okay. My creative writing class is half poetry, which I hate… My technical writing class is online, but the stupid system is making it difficult to get my instructions for class, which I’m having to work directly with the teacher to get my work. And my rhetoric class is on political discourse. Kill me.


My painting class………….

Long rant at the end of this


Anyway, I’ve been writing. I have submitted a manuscript to a writing competition, and some short stories to other competitions. Here’s hoping.

So, I’m doing pretty good except…..


I am so upset by this...

I have hand tremors. I don't talk about them, because of obvious reasons. Some days it's bad enough I can't hold a pencil, but most days they're easy enough to ignore.

Last Wednesday my art teacher noticed my hand was shaking and asked me why I was doing that. I told her I didn't know, I'd been to several doctors and tried different medications, it was just something I lived with. She told me that "now" she was impressed I was trying to get tiny detail in my painting.

Yesterday, she had us get into groups to discuss some of the other paintings. She told our group to look at 4 paintings not our own and discuss lighting, shading, etc. She then tells the group to discuss any problems or experiences we had with the project. THEN she turns to my group and says "Elizabeth has shaky hands and can't paint like everyone else, she has difficulty with straight lines." And she turns to me and says "You should talk about your hands and how much trouble you have doing any of this."

I was shocked and embarrassed and I didn't say anything, just redirected my comments back to the annoying parts of the object I chose to paint.

The teacher then gets the whole class together again and is going picture by picture making comments. SHe comes to my painting and again starts in on how I have shaky hands and how that affects my work and I don't even know what all she said I was just so shocked and appalled and she just kept going, even going so far as to demonstrate how I should be holding my arm to get straight lines.

I wanted to curl up under the nearest desk and die. At the end of class I gathered up my things and left. I did not say anything, I just wanted out of there. I've been completely upset and shaking harder since.

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