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prices are non-negotiable

extra art for them all can be seen here:…

cherry cheesecake: $306
M-0838 Cherry Cheesecake by SooshDatabase

starry sundae: $711
O-0473 Starry Sundae by SooshDatabase

taurus: SOLD to SnakePill for $555
O-0367 Taurus by SooshDatabase
galaxy cupcakes: SOLD to Free-Shade for $186
O-0284 Galaxy Vanilla Cupcakes by SooshDatabase

jellyfish gummies: SOLD to XxCandyKittyxX for $65
O-0209 Jellyfish Gummies by SooshDatabase

cancer: SOLD to the-kawaii-king for $243
O-0117 Cancer by SooshDatabase

dino cupcake: SOLD to Free-Shade for $310
O-0090 Dino Cupcake by SooshDatabase

soosh appraisals:

if you want me to hold a design for a little while (no more than about a week) i will take a non-refundable deposit of ~10% of the price of the design. the remaining ~90% of the payment is due on the last day of the hold. the length of hold i'll do depends on the amount. 

i will do payment plans for characters over $150. if we start a payment plan, you will pay at least 20% of the purchase price on the first day, which is non-refundable to deter unserious buyers. the remaining amount will be paid in installments at least every 2 weeks, and in the amount of at least 20% of the purchase price. (minimum deposit and biweekly payment amount will vary by price. there will be no more than 5 payments allowed, including the deposit.)

i have more characters for sale also, details below
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if cancer's still available i'd love to buy her :heart: