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Forum updateshey ppl, I wanted to let you all know that I updated my forum a bit lately.My shops on there;>Graphic shop [free]>Commission shop. [DP or Paypal]Events:None yet but there is an Easter event in the works. Collectables:>50x50 stamps. there are 200+ to collect right now.>Trading cards. A simple TCG.>Pets like Pokemon and Digimon. More adoptables are coming...maybe.>Pixels dolls and sprites>Graphics from events and such.Roleplay:>Rules and info was updated and charged around.>Alchemy is now able but WIP.>Magic was updated but needs work.>Plans of a new tech based planet to be add. Or something called NETWORK for Rps set in the worlds of .hack, SAO, and other online based games/animes.>Lores and such are set up for the RPers to add and build up the -planets- as they play.Forum styles:>header of the main style was changed to 1200x400. If no one likes it, I'll change it back to the 1200x200 size.>Halloween 2020 style will be changed soon....... Other then that, I'm still in need of:>Active members such as Role-players, artists and others.>Pixel sprites and dolls makers.>Staff members...Here's some RP wants that I would love to do: (but only on my forum)>Transformers AU - Bee x my oc.>Final Fantasy - Cloud x my oc>Pokemon - Green or Red x my oc.>TLOZ - Twilight Link x My OC. (may need to make a planet for LOZ rps...)>Original - Witch(my oc) x Fox demon>Original - Alchemist x her king or a male knight.Before you ask, yes I'll play a male or another character for your oc, if I know that character. Sadly, I really want to get back into role-playing but It's hard for me... but please work with me and help me get back into role-playing as well as writing.Forum link:
Under Moonlight by NEOH-Night
Palladium System Chibis by NEOH-Night
Messier Otaku Senshi
CO- Sailor Barnard 14 by FireFlea-San
CO- Sailor B342 by FireFlea-San
CO- Sailor B342 Bust by FireFlea-San
CO- Sailor V357 Carinae by FireFlea-San
Recreated, Redesigned Canon Senshi
Coloured Komat Saturn Star Crystal and Mirror of by JediSenshi
Coloured Komat Vesta Star Crystal and Mirror of by JediSenshi
Coloured Komat Ceres Star Crystal and Mirror of by JediSenshi
Coloured Komat Pallas Star Crystal and Mirror of by JediSenshi
AlexLyre's Original Senshi
CO- Tuxedo Prism by FireFlea-San
CO- Tempest Sailor Zephyr by FireFlea-San
CO- Sailor Topaz Gaia by FireFlea-San
CO- Sovereign Senshi Back Views by FireFlea-San
Arch-Guardian-Angel's Original Senshi
CO- Sailor Nebula by FireFlea-San
CO- Celeste by FireFlea-San
CO- Sailor Nebula by FireFlea-San
Naoko Takeuchi style - Sailor Messier30 by hoshi-kou
Ayachi-Chan's Sailor Black Moon
CO- Sailor Black Moon (Older) by FireFlea-San
Xmas Gift- Sailor Black Moon 2016 by FireFlea-San
Xmas Gift- Sailor Black Moon by FireFlea-San
Merry Christmas Ayachi! by FireFlea-San
David3X's OC Senshi
Sailor Senshi Tamina by David3X
CO- Sailor Sunny Flair by FireFlea-San
CO- Sailor Rosella by FireFlea-San
Sailor Jasmine Flower by David3X
Fireflea-san's Birth and Original Senshi
Birth Senshi Sailor Opal by FireFlea-San
Opulent Sailor Topaz by FireFlea-San
Birth Senshi Sailor Onyx by FireFlea-San
Birth Senshi Sailor Diamond by FireFlea-San
iCheddar's Original Senshi
Adopt: Celestial Magic Senshi by FragmentsofMagic
YCH-CrystalAM: Black Pearl Panther by Lucithea
YCH-CrystalAM [evolution] Black Pearl Panther by Lucithea
YCH-Anti: Celestial Sailor Aquila by Lucithea
JanaMay's ArgentStar and OCs
Argent by JanaMay
Comforting (Art Trade) by FireFlea-San
Being Difficult (Art Trade) by FireFlea-San
Argent and Ramses (Art Trade) by FireFlea-San
Lisseas' Original Senshi
CO-Sailor Fury and Venus by FireFlea-San
Lucithea's Anti-Senshi and OCs
SailorRussia meets Mundial 2018 - Player n Beauty by Lucithea
Madwon's Original Senshi
Comm: Sailor Cosmic Anti-GammaRei v1 by Lucithea
Maedelin's Sailor Rhapsody and OC Senshi
CO- Cafe Love by FireFlea-San
Magical-Mama's OC Senshi
Mystery Fan Senshi Revealed: 2 by Magical-Mama
MasterofRa's Giga Starburst
Xmas Gift- Sailor Giga Starbust Bust by FireFlea-San
mimineko828's Original Senshi
Sailor Pastel Venus by Sweet-Blessings
PandanaLove's Original Senshi
YCH-Anti: Sailor Europea by Lucithea
SailorMoonShadow's Original Senshi, OCs
CO- Dark Kingdom Charon by FireFlea-San
Sailor-Serenity's Senshi and Moon Mamas
SMOC - Sola Profile by Sailor-Serenity
Sakkysa's Sailor Astera and Original Senshi
Sailor Nemesis and Sailor Astera by Alex-Asakura
SLMGregory's Black Hole Guardians
Messier 88 2014 by GwenMayhem
Suuz-chan's Original Senshi
Let me show you some magic by Suuz-chan
Sweet-Blessings Original Senshi
Sailor Olympics 2012 by Sweet-Blessings
TheEnchantedPhi's Original Senshi
Leopard-Swan Kiss by PhiannaRose
aelloblu's Serendipity Senshi
Otaku Senshi Amino by aelloblu


Beautiful Spring by oOIsiusOo Beautiful Spring :iconooisiusoo:oOIsiusOo 10 3 Sailor Dream chibi by Tetiel Sailor Dream chibi :icontetiel:Tetiel 430 56 Chibi Commission: Sailor Dream by Kalisama Chibi Commission: Sailor Dream :iconkalisama:Kalisama 141 66 Sailor Dream by SarahForde Sailor Dream :iconsarahforde:SarahForde 109 73 Golden Goddess Senshi by AngelOfBeauty88 Golden Goddess Senshi :iconangelofbeauty88:AngelOfBeauty88 25 4 Goddess Power, MAKE-UP by AngelOfBeauty88 Goddess Power, MAKE-UP :iconangelofbeauty88:AngelOfBeauty88 35 3 5 Goddesses by AngelOfBeauty88 5 Goddesses :iconangelofbeauty88:AngelOfBeauty88 22 1 Anything for my love by AngelOfBeauty88 Anything for my love :iconangelofbeauty88:AngelOfBeauty88 30 32 Dragon Goddess - Sailor Seiryu by AngelOfBeauty88 Dragon Goddess - Sailor Seiryu :iconangelofbeauty88:AngelOfBeauty88 63 18 Phoenix Goddess - Sailor Suzaku by AngelOfBeauty88 Phoenix Goddess - Sailor Suzaku :iconangelofbeauty88:AngelOfBeauty88 67 17 Serpent Goddess - Sailor Genbu by AngelOfBeauty88 Serpent Goddess - Sailor Genbu :iconangelofbeauty88:AngelOfBeauty88 48 14 Tiger Goddess - Sailor Byakko by AngelOfBeauty88 Tiger Goddess - Sailor Byakko :iconangelofbeauty88:AngelOfBeauty88 66 21 Crisis Jedi Senshi by JediSenshi Crisis Jedi Senshi :iconjedisenshi:JediSenshi 38 8 Crisis Sun by JediSenshi Crisis Sun :iconjedisenshi:JediSenshi 35 9
Hello everyone! It's been quite some time since an update was posted. We are still very much active and are always seeking new members and affiliates :love: The gallery is going to be going through another mass clean-up with the removal of deactivated users' folders and the addition of new folders dedicated to more Sailor Moon fan artists <3

Want to suggest a folder for a specific user? Let us know!

:star: RECENTLY ADDED :star:

Current featured artists with their own folders
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Hey ppl, I'm in need of members on my forum. You can post your graphics, stories and such, run a shop in the black market place, chat with others, or role-play with others. There is no limit of what you can do but all I ask is for you to read the rules and be active.
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Hey there! Reckon NEOH-Night and I could get a folder for the Palladium System? (Neoh's Makaiju head canon system full of senshi).
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G'day! May I ask how I can get a folder for my Serendipity Senshi?
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It seems to me (the positive meaning of the word) that the title on this page shows that you have your forum about warriors.
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Can I ask what's allowed and what isn't allowed to be posted? Like things made in a doll maker, is it allowed?
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Hi there. I just joined. How would I go about getting my original senshi up in the group?
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