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I have cheap commissions open!
Sketch Commissions
10 points for a bust sketch
30 points for a full body sketch
If you would like coloured:
Simple Base colours
15 for bust
35 for full body
Added shading+highlighting
20 for bust
40 for full body

Note: I'm not gonna give you a crappy, messy sketch. They're cheap but I still want them to look good for you all so they'll be clean sketches :)
No NSFW please. Semi open shirts are the most I'll do since they're not sexually explicit as a fully opened shirt.
If you want to request an animal, send me a ref first. There are some animals that I just can't draw

I will be taking 10 commissions for these next 2 weeks starting Monday so I don't distract myself from homework!

5 spots are taken, 5 left
Come join for a fun time :)
Hey guys, a friend of mine, :iconghostyce:, has been planning a bunch for a really cool project of his, but needs some help getting it started and giving it it's first steps. Anyone is welcome to offer a helping hand, however Tyce is the one who makes the final decisions. It'd be really awesome if you guys would help, or at least check it out and spread the word in any way you can. :D

Looking for long term art partner! by GhosTyce
Someone I look up to and am a huge fan of his art is hosting a raffle! Support him if you can, it'd be awesome :D
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    Hey everyone, Danya aka GalaxyCalotype, here. I know I've been gone long without any explanation and I apologize for that. It's not that I didn't want to be online but rather I couldn't. Some personal issues have occurred and basically I was grounded since June 6th. My phone and laptop were taken away, and just recently I've gotten my phone returned. Though my phone isn't really what I'm worried about. I miss drawing, and streaming with my great friends like :iconmykegreywolf:, :iconamberlight101: and others.

So again sorry for the sudden disappearance. Thank you all for the birthday wishes and gifts it meant a lot. I'm not sure when my laptop will be returned, but I hope it's soon. I miss and love you all. :heart:
Currently streaming! I am working on my submission for the Twist Fate contest that DeviantArt is holding. Why not come join?
Tagged by :iconsalamishowdown: Thank you :D

1. Each person has to share 6 facts about themselves.
2. Answer the 6 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 6 questions for your 6 tags.
3. Choose 6 people and put their icon in your journal.
4. Go to their page and inform them that they have been tagged by you.
5. NOT something like "you are tagged if you read that".
6. You have to legitimately tag 6 people.
7. No tag backs!
8. You can't say that you don't do tags.
9. You MUST make a journal entry.

Facts about me

  1. I am a huge anime/manga geek. Like, HUUUGE!
  2. I am a muslim, and full blooded Palestinian.
  3. I am currently 14, until August 2nd :)
  4. Female ;p
  5. Am a very big poet, and spoken word artist. I have been writing poetry since I was in 2nd grade, believe it or not.
  6. Born and raised in Minnesota sadly DX
  7. Hope to graduate college and become a clinical psychiatrist, while being a human rights activist as a side job for the better of the human race's freedom, and justice

Questions to Answer

1. Do you go to conventions?

No :(... CRI

2. How have your friends/family reacted to you being in a fandom?

Well, the friends/family that I'm close to didn't really care XD. My best friends usually love the same anime fandoms that I'm in, and my cousin is also an anime freak. So I am AY-O-KAY 

3. er...

Huh? Can't hear you...

4. um...


5. have you...?


6. Have you got a piece of art you are most proud of? (link it)

Ah, now I can hear your amazing voice X3. Well, my most proud at the moment, is my first time using SAI. It's not completed, but I'll link the latest one. It's Yusei Fudo from Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's for my older sister.  Yusei Chibi WIP (4) by GalaxyCalotype

Questions for other people

  1. Do you have that one family member that acts as if they're always the better one in a situation, so they end up never apologizing? Like, EVER
  2. What are some hobbies besides drawing (if that is a hobby of yours.) Mine are singing, painting, photography, and poetry.
  3. What's something that everytime you look at it, you can't help but smile and just admire the very beauty of it. For example, when I look the the moon or pictures of the galaxy.
  4. What's something you do to make yourself laugh?
  5. What anime are you a complete nerd, and wikipedia of?
  6. Do you draw as a hobby? If yes, do you think you'll continue it as you grow older? If no, what hobby do you think will stick with you 10, 20 years later?

I tag:
:iconheadlongequestria: :iconsketchiix3: :iconamberlight101:
:iconfairdahlia: :iconsukasa: :iconshaleclaw:
Finished a lot of work on the chibi, thanks to anyone who came out to the stream!
Currently streaming live with a friend of mine, come check it out!

Currently drawing Yusei Chibi 
I have deleted all my uploads of my WIP drawing, "Frangle" that I made for a great online friend of mine, :icondj-klutz: 
But something happened where the file got deleted. I don't know how. I'm not sure if maybe one of my parents did accidentally, but it's gone. Even from the recycling bin. So I apologize to my dear friend for not being able to complete it. I am on the verge of tears because I had 6 hours of work and determination to finish that for you, and it's all freaking gone. I'm going to make it up to you somehow, I'm so, so sorry Bena.
Going to try to finish as much as i can today, but will probably finish tomorrow. Come see how it's going!

Characters belong to:
Headlong Flight (brown hair): :iconheadlongequestria:
Sketchy Scribbles (Blue hair): :iconsketchiix3:
Continuation of the Christmas special, that I wanted to give to :iconheadlongequestria: as a gift. It is him and his shipmate, :iconsketchiix3: Will be trying to finish the sketch and finish the lineart. Will be submitting it on Christmas day! Come join me and a good friend that I'm multistreaming with :iconmykegreywolf:
I am continuing my drawing for a very good friend of mine, probably my closest here on DA, :iconheadlongequestria:. I'm drawing a christmas themed special with his OC Headlong Flight, and his shipmates OC :iconsketchiix3: Sketchy Scribbles. Ship name Sketchlong. 

I used to draw ponies, but I lost the talent to be able to draw them. I can never make them look right anymore. So I decided to convert them into chibis where I'm more comfortable in since that's what I'm good at.
Come join me!

Danya Wazwaz


“My story to write, not yours”

I am a Muslim

And proud of it too, yet people try to make me feel as if I shouldn’t be

But give me one good, actual reason why I shouldn’t be?

I am Palestinian

And with this scarf, I’ll show off my pride

Because I have got nothing to hide

Nothing on me that I don’t want to share without the feeling of being blessed

Now I know there will always be one person

That one person, who would love to hate

To push me down. And I know there is one of you here

But to be honest, I don’t care

You think that you know me,

Know what my life consists of, know what I’ve been through.

But don’t start walking away yet

Because I have a lot to tell you.

Palestinian, and Muslim

I never thought that being who I am,

Who I was born to be, would be shot with bullets

Bullets of hate, bullets of ignorance

On the news, “ISIS attacks again”

But I am not ISIS. And I am not a terrorist

Yet why do you still see me as one?

I got spit on, I got pushed

I got flicked off so many times it doesn’t even surprise me anymore

I remember as a kid, wearing my palestinian cap smiling

And a man in his car passed by, and said to me,

Get the F out of our country and die in yours you terrorist

But I obviously didn’t know what that meant. What first grader would?

In my old schools, I have always been around muslims

Not as many non-muslims

But that doesn’t mean that I was immune to hate

Because hate is everywhere

Whether in the biased american media

Or through the mouth of ignorant human beings

Hate is, and will always be near me

But my armor still hasn’t worn down

Because being a Palestinian Muslim is still who I am,

and who I will be even in my grave

And sure, the hate towards me was bad

But not as bad as others

Man gets pushed in front of an upcoming subway

Because woman thought he looked muslim

She thought.

We’re told as kids,

Think before you act

But what they should’ve said,

“Is your action going to hurt anyone?”

She probably thought “he’s a muslim, so I should push him”

What she should’ve thought, was if I push him

he’ll get hurt

The reason she did it.

Revenge for 9/11

It’s funny how the world accuses all of us muslims as being terrorists because of 9/11

I’m not Osama Bin Laden, I’m not related to him

Every muslim I know, isn’t him, or was related to him

So why must we suffer from his attacks?

The world thinks that most terrorists are muslims

But you only think that because almost every terrorist group, or attack

That you see on the news, is titled as

“Muslims strike again”

But I have a fact that will surprise you,

that I know a lot of you won’t believe

But of the 1.7 billion muslims,

and the 100,000 al qaeda members,

and the 31,500 Isis members,

Those 2 “islamic” terrorist groups only consists of 0.00007735294% of the whole Islamic population

So are we the real problem?

I do have a simple question.

Why can’t we be us, but you can be you?

Why can’t I be me, and figure out my full self

Without you labeling me.

With a barcode of hate

Each line and each number, representing

What I am not.

Why can’t I read my Quran in peace,

pray without your spit landing in my face

Walk in the halls, without the worry

Of what could happen to me

Everyday i walk in the school

I always try to enter or at least pass by door 3

My friend asks me why,

And I say it’s because it is the only place

Where I can find my flag, where I can look at it

And think maybe I do belong here

But then I go into the cafeteria,

and see the Israeli flag instead of Palestine’s

and think maybe not.

But I will not give up.

I will fight and speak for my country and religion

For my people until my final breath

In your opinion, can you honestly say

that you knew most of the stuff, that I have just said

I will always be here for my country.

If you can fight for yours, I can fight for mine

And think to yourself, if you have ever,

or thought of telling someone non-american

“Go back to your country”

Realize that the reason they can’t go back to their country,

is because their country is being bombed, slaughtered by yours

So yeah. I’ll go back to my country, but why don’t you get it out of it first?

Now I’m going to sign-off with something I tell myself,

every single day, if I i’m alive the next morning.

“I will yell if I can, for the justice of my people

If I can’t yell, I’ll whisper

I’ll whisper if I can, for the justice of my people

If I can’t whisper, that’s fine

Because if 9/11 deserves a moment of silence,

Then Palestine deserves us to never speak again.” -Danya Wazwaz

Streaming with :iconmykegreywolf: 
Going to be continuing my drawing of Helena, a character from My Chemical Romance's music video titled "Helena". (check it out! )
I stream on, anyone is welcome to join as either a guest or member.

Going to be colouring a chibi i drew for a friend, anyone is welcome to join

I have finished the drawing for pinkstylist and have sent it out to him! To see the final project, look forward to my next submission

Going to be finishing it today and probably starting a new project if this one doesnt take too long!