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Fighting is Magic - Flitter *Commission

My second of two commissions for :iconrandomrainbeam:.
Hope you enjoy it!

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro and :iconfyre-flye:

Fighting is Magic belongs to: Mane6. If you haven't checked it out already, check it out this instant! What are you waiting for? GO!
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PacmanPower89's avatar
hey can you do my oc 
HavenTheKitty's avatar
Hasbro.... WHY??? I WAS GONNA BE GREAT!!!!!No, I disagree! 
955968Falexin's avatar
Please do one of Dr. Whooves.
saskianaDarkLink's avatar
you do this for free? :iconcuteeyesplz:
111poppydash111's avatar
Can you please do Luna? I really love her as much as your art! :D
fligirl202's avatar
I just wanted to ask you..

What did you use to make this? I wanna try makin' one! >w< But yours are epic.
Derpy-Hooves23's avatar
You will make this pony [link] for me? Please! This is for my friend!
Gojira123's avatar
You should do one for Soarin' or Caramel
Redtriangle's avatar
No one has drawn or at least put up Cloudchaser in "Fighting is Magic" style.

Anyway, I wonder does Cloudchaser have any special ability like Rainbow Dash's Sonic Rainboom and Spitfire's 'Fire power,' if so I think she have ice power.
BiigLord's avatar
Now I feel bad not knowing who Flitter is, after consistently praising all of your fanmade Fighting is Magic splash screens. ._.

Anyway, great job as usual!! :D
LazyPixel's avatar
I don't know how you repeatedly manage to get on EqD but I guess your artwork is just that amazing
Galaxyart's avatar
I really don't know how I get featured so much either. x) It wasn't until now that you mentioned it that I realized that I was... again. I guess my 385 watchers just love me! <3
SonOfTheNorthe's avatar
*stereotypical gay voice*
Oh my god, this is so thuper-duper!

Nah, but really, this is pretty awesome.
Galaxyart's avatar
BR0KENMUS1CB0X's avatar
Nice. I love her game face. Flitter needs a little more love.
SgtGrub's avatar
I agree completely.

Too bad this would never happen, though, since all of their set characters are season 1 exclusive. :/
BR0KENMUS1CB0X's avatar
Oh well. The fandom will keep her alive. Hopefully.
bryfury's avatar
so much awesomenes, i cant believe how good you are at this :iconclapplz:
Lunar-Rays's avatar
YES!!!!!! This is awesome, thank you for getting the second one done so soon.
LuneM0on's avatar
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