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My Bio
My life

My name is Alexis R. Grim
(Country girl, Barrel racer and marine wife)

I live with Matthew D. Grim, my husband.

Now how we meet, now that’s a funny story

We been together sense Feb,11, 2010
We met at school in vet science class but, later on I found out that he had a crush on me a year before we started dating. What got him to ask me out was, I almost hit him with my car one day! I was coming back from the doctors driving my car then I was going to turning a corner and I made sure that NO one was coming and there wasn’t anyone for miles to come. I promise!! but god has a sense of humor cause, all of a sudden when I was turning the corner, and he just came out of NO where right in front of my car BOOM there he was, I almost hit him but, I missed by 2 feet. Later I got a text message on my phone say "your new name is road rage now" and I knew it was Matthew. I ended up sending him a 3 page long message going sorry sorry sorry. He got my number from a friend and told me that he liked me, He asked me out the next day.

We had our first date at Dairy Queen Feb, 12, 2010, our first kiss on Valentine's Day 2010, our first sleep over March 19th 2010. Our first dance at a FFA convention, at OSU 2010, there are so many first time I can name off. I love and cherish those time and will never 4-get them. Now our relationship isn’t one’s is. We still have a fight and moments, but this is our first even longtime relationship we ever had and now we are taking it the next level.......

He gave me a promise ring on my birthday in 2011. It was my 19th birthday. That was such a great night he took my out to dinner and we rented some movies to watch, but be4 we did anything else he told me to close my eyes and stay there.....30 seconds later he told me to open my eyes and there he was...with the promise ring and this cute and hoping look on his face!


He asked me to married him at the 2012 sister's rodeo-in front of 3,000 people on the microphone, on a BIG screen TV. Everyone cheered and was happy for us. Poor Matthew was so scared, that he was shaking and trembled. It was so sweet and surprising, I cried, I saw so happy, I just couldn’t stop!!! That was the best day of my life. I am so happy to have such a great man, that I am proud to call my hubby <3. We are getting married Aug, 27th, 2012. Honeymoon in in Hawaii in the summer of 2013-Oh Ya, I can’t wait!!! That was my first rodeo I have even been to, Matthew made it a rodeo I will never forget ever! I had a blast; I couldn’t stop thinking about when I get to be in a rodeo soon.

I am going to Linn Benton community college and getting my Vet Tech degree first, then when Matthews in the marines, we will be traveling a lot so I am also going to be getting Equine vet degree.

A little more about me before all this I did, well.......

I was in FFA for 2 year. I was the historian. I made a lot of friends and had good times, Matthew was in FFA for a while 2. I was in 4-H for 1 year. I was in a group called the Spring Valley Riders.
I got my first horse, while I was there. He was a sorrel gelding with 4 white socks and a white blaze. Sadly I was having money problems at the time I had to give him up. BIGGEST mistake of my life, I wish I would of just tuffed it out!!!

I showed chickens and meat goats at the Polk county fair in 2009. Got first and second place with my meat goats! I got the same with chickens! I had a lot of fun
I also showed jersey Cows and Donkeys at the Redmond fair in 2011. Loved it! I did great, Got Champion!!! I did so much better this time around. I got more time with the animals and trained a lot more.

I been getting a lot better with my art. I had been drawing in many different thing/ways. Everyone I show it 2 just loves my work. Makes me happy so much!!!! I been drawing more cartoony work.

Now about my pets and family-

We have a few animals, like any normal family does:
I have 2 cats, a kitty named Scooter who a raised from 3 weeks old, he is now a big fluff ball and loves to hunt and be outside and play with his sister.
My second kitty's named Felicity,. She is just a joy, and loves to act crazy and talk to you.
I got a shepard, huskey, pit, ridge back mix pup. Ya hes a BIG mutt but we love him alot. We named him Diesel....he is just a doll, wild and loves to cuddle

My family is a little big, I am a older sister of 3 sisters and 2 brothers. I was Frist born on the Baker family and third born in the Brazzra family. My Family.......They are nothing but mutts, I’m part Mexican, Irish, white and many other things...I'm a mutt. I’m mainly Mexican and Irish. I don’t look Mexican at all, this is what my family calls me a bean burrito because I’m white on the outside and brown on the inside. I love my family so much, it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Now There are some new members, so far we have the bakers, Brazzra, Carmona, Davis, Rodríguez’s, and now I am bring in the Grims, well more like i am being taken by the grims. My pack just keeps growing more and more.

My family owns the Starduster cafe restaurant in independence Or airport. I love the food there; No one else has better food.

My hobbies/likes-
Drawing, horseback riding, biking, swimming, hanging out with friends, be with my family, Having Matthew, walking, training, play the X-box, Cooking, Baking, ridding on the beach, collecting schleichs, photographing, FFA, 4-H, belted cows, boar goats, Friesians, horses, cutting cattle, nature, Quails, landscaping, camping, traveling, horror movies, 4-wheeling, Barrel racing, shooting, fishing, boating, horror movies, my pets, animals, love, creature movies, being silly, tattoos, tack, trucks, small things, surprises, Barrel racing and working -out.

What I can’t stand-
Liars, cheaters, snobs, drugs, yelling, fighting, drama, the heat, being sick, dumb asses, animal abuse/gasing, people who judge, sluts, people, small and dark places, being trapped, clowns, spiders, zombies, being alone, rude people, pain, peta, pitbull haters, traders, lube, big bugs, the cold and periods!

Favourite Visual Artist
every one I watch
Favourite Movies
Passion of the christ, Dragon booster, Death Race, Zombie Land
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Favourite Games
wolf quest, pokemon soul sliver
Other Interests
Horse back ridding, drawing, camping,beinging with my friends and family, FFA
If you would like to become friends or just talk on some other site here are some others- just look up- Alexis Grim E-mail- goldbeau_89 or alexis.baker58 Youtube- christianpack Neopets- Galaxy_89 Feel free 2 ask, I welcome new pack members:hugs: More info about just look down at my profile photo- There will be a whole section on me! Check out my gallary if you like, its not the best but I like Feel free to look at my clubs I'm in My favorits- you can tell alot about me Got 2 go, goin horseback ridin Ture love is hard to find these days, so when you find it, DONT F it up!
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Getting married I am no longer a baker, I am now A grim. Matthew and I have been wait to do this for a long time now. &lt;3 &lt;3 He's the best guy, best friend, husband, and so much more!!! EVER!!! We met though High School, so that makes us high school sweet hearts&lt;3 lol We been together sense Feb,11, 2010 We met at school, I first met him in vet science class but, after we started dating he told me later that he had a crush on me a year. what got him to ask me out was, I almost hit him with my car one day! I was coming back from the doctors driving my car then I was going to truning a cornner and I made sure that NO on was coming
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New life

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I love Matthew so much. He plan this trip, that he is still working on but anyway, He planed a 3 day and 2 night stay at the beach in the really nice suite, with a great view of the ocean and beach. Then he is going to take me horse back ridding for a whole day in the beach. Going out to eat and a nice places and hanging out, going shopping and just spoiling me, like he always does! I cant wait for this to happen, but he wont tell me when he is going to do it. EVIL! Its going to be soooo mcuh fun: Get to build &nbsp;sand cattles, walk on the beach, go swiming, and sooo much more YAY! School has been gping great, I love it so much. I been doing
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