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A few of my favorite things...

For some reason it took like a week to complete this and get it posted. I kept getting delayed.

And here's the description... *takes a deep breath*

1. Atmosphere - The vibe you get in different settings. Differences in temperature, scents, lighting, mood, and people around you. The way certain places make me feel is something I can't even illustrate but it is overwhelmingly inspiring.

2. Zombies - They have enhanced my interest of the human anatomy inside and out, and started my interest in abstract/surreal art styles. I also enjoy fictional gore to the fullest extent.

3. Cities - I love big cities like SF. I can stand out all I want, but for anyone that sees me, it's fleeting. I'll never see them again. No worries. I get really weird about being in public with familiar faces. And the city is just gorgeous and perpetually fascinating.

4. Mother Nature - Truly the most beautiful works of art in existence are all natural. My looks have been said to surpass the beauty of nature by more than one person [sadly], and I was deeply insulted by this because that is total BS. I am a mere pimple on the gigantic ass of the universe in comparison.

5. Color - I started using bright colors when I was really depressed a couple years ago. I figured that if I used bright and happy colors in my art, maybe it would start to make me happy. I use it to convey happiness and also a lot to contrast between a sad picture and happy colors. I also love colored pencils as a medium.

6. Raw emotion - This was the best picture I could find for this one. And I probably should have made this square bigger. I'm not sadistic/masochistic or anything, but I like witnessing and feeling raw emotions like rage, despair, and fear. Despite actually dealing with whatever induced these feelings, it's a beautiful thing. It cannot be manufactured, censored, or scripted. It's ugly. It's painful. It's REAL. I don't like crying, or being so angry that I want to break things, but I like being able to feel. Happiness is just so bland and generic now. I like sulking sometimes. Happiness seems like "Okay I'm happy... now what?" to me. And something always comes along to screw it up anyways. I find a different kind of happiness in being ABLE to feel/witness raw, unedited emotions. No one seems to appreciate that enough.

7. Observation - Whether it be studying figures and shapes or just people-watching, I do it. And I need to do it. When I do surreal art, I need something to start with so I can warp it into looking like anything I want and meaning something totally different. This is pretty broad, but it's a fairly simple inspiration.

8. Juxtaposition/Contrast - This is basically what my brain runs on. I'm always interpreting simple events into big complex symbolic meanings. And I constantly use juxtapositions in some form, whether it be in art, in my mind, or in my appearance.

9. Free love - It seems so rare nowadays to see this kind of thing. The "free hugs" video made me cry in happiness. I wish I could've been a hippie and see the free love movement come about. It's rare to see people that are all-around supportive and TRULY are, instead of being all awkward about it. And it's rare to see people that accept free hugs... -.-

10. Outer space - I watched a video once that described how many galaxies there are out there. And it BLEW MY FRIGGIN MIND. HOLY CRAP!!!! By staring long enough into a blank spot of nothing in the universe, there are at HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of other galaxies! Mind you, OUR galaxy is the Milky Way. That includes our entire solar system, and more shit we haven't even checked out yet. And our sun is a star. A PUNY little star!!! Compare its vastness to the size of Earth, then the size of the country you live in, and so on. We are TINY. It's INSAAANE. O.O And beautiful. ;)

11. The human mind - I love psychology. It's fascinating. I think that each mind is as big as a galaxy, in complexity and intricacy, because just so much goes on in there in ones life. You could probably fill a galaxy with that many unique thoughts for each person in the world. Okay well, maybe not THAT many original thoughts. There aren't that many "original" people anymore. -.- But you get the gist. This also includes inspiration from the minds of people I know, because they inspire me more than you could possibly imagine. :heart:

12. Symmetry - My mind also is programmed with symmetry. I've never taken geometry in my life so I don't know formulas, but I'm good at measuring stuff by eye, and I imagine all 3-dimensional things in one place to be on a big 3D grid of some sort. That probably didn't make any sense but whatever. :shrug:

13. Urban decay - This is interwoven with my interest in big cities and the industrial/goth culture. There's not much else I can say about this. It's just awesome. =p

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very cool. I especially like 8 and 13 (two things we have in common!)
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Awesome! :3 Thanks!