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So who wants to see my PERSONAL Smash Switch Roster if I got to decide it? 

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luis18artist Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My top 10 New Characters for smash are

10-Decidueye: As Pokemon has a new Generation the old has to stay behind and that is Greninja he is from the past generation and the most likely candidate is Decidueye or maybe Incineroar

9-Waluigi: Its time for old WAHHHHHHHH to make his way in Smash no more Assist Trophies WALUIGI FOR SMASH!!!!!!

8-Crystal: We need new Star Fox characters in Smash more than Just Fox Falco or Wolf

7-Champions: These guys have a lot of potential as Fighters and as we will have Breath of the Wild Link in Smash this could be a very cool idea

6-Banjo and Kazooie: The appareance of those 2 in Smash its very very possible as Rare gave permission for putting them in Smash for WII U

5-Amaterasu: Its very possible that with the remake of Okami in the Switch,she could be in Smash

4-Rayman :Seeing the good relationship between Nintendo and Ubisoft he could be a really cool figther and maybe for his Final Smash caling a hoard of Rabbids

3-M Bison :If Ryu stayed on Smash why not have a Villian from his own Universe and that could be M Bison also other good ones could be Zangief or Chun Li

2-Geno :This is one i really would like to have in Smash,Geno is a fan favourite since Super Mario RPG and was considered for every Smash since Melee,and considering as Square gave permission to Nintendo to put Cloud in Smash its very likely that a Geno could be in the game,even Sakurai himself has like the idea of Geno in Smash since years ago

1-Crash Bandicoot :FREAKING CRASH BANDICOOT!!!!!! ,one of the Biggest Game Companies Mascots from the Golden Days
Just Imagine it my friend Mario vs Sonic vs Pac-Man vs Mega Man vs Crash Bandicoot the legends figthing again like in the 90s they did

Well this is my own roster
I will be delighted to see yours Hug 
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