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Should there be stories for the Sudrian Chronicles where more leaders visit aside from Queen Elizabeth II? 

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Swiftwin4ds Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I did a story where Prince William came to a branch line opening ( This one)  Sudrian Railway Chronicles-Episode 58Chris Carries On-Part 4
Set in Stone
Within the first week, the line to Ffarqhuar had been completed, and Sir Topham Hatt set about to allocate resources for the construction of the Ulfstead section. The plan was that another crew would lay a section of the line starting from Wellsworth and meet the crew which had built their section from Ffarqhuar to Ulfstead at the westernmost Skarloey Railway station near Ulfstead. Edward helped with the construction of his end of the line. Meanwhile, Chris was getting ready for something special. He steamed up one morning and said to himself, "I'm going to ask Ellis out. I'm going to ask Ellis out." He now realized that with the time he was spending with Ellis, a budding romance had begun between the two. The engine in question was already in steam and was on her way up the line with a goods train. Her mind wandered. She was thinking about Chris and was hiding the fact that she had a crush on him. She gave a dreamy sigh with a wheesh
 , and another where STH visits Prince Edward in Berkshire for a hunting excursion (This one)  Sudrian Railway Chronicles-Episode 38
Henry and Spencer

Sir Topham Hatt had been invited by the Duke of Wessex for a hunting trip on his estate in Berkshire. To get there, he was going to have Gordon take him there. The morning he left, he came to see the engines at Tidmouth sheds. "Gordon and I will be away for some time. I've made arrangements with the Duke and Dutchess of Boxford, and while we are gone Spencer will take the express. Henry and James, you will show him what to do when he gets here." Sir Topham Hatt explained, then he got into Gordon's coach and the big engine set off down the main line towards England. 
"Spencer is a big, silver, showoff." Henry grumbled. 
"He's always trying to be extra when he's pulling coaches. Private engines aren't bad, but he's the worst one I've ever met." Added James. Later, James and Henry were simmering at Knapford Station when it was time for the express to depart and Spencer steamed in wearing a conceited smirk on his face. 
"James, Henry. I see I'm here
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