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I finally gained some time to talk about the project. Anyways, it's been a while since I announced production. I did some casting, but things ended up going to a standstill, with complete silence or no responses from me on the current state of the project. I admit that life had gotten in the way, with both work AND school getting in the way, especially after I committed myself to do better this year for school (I've gotten A's in English so far! My return to University is going well!)

For the record, music is being selected, and that's about it on progress. We've been very busy at work, and combined with other things such as fetching my father's ashes, getting a new id, and etc. you can see that it's been quite busy for me lately! I don't get enough time to work on these things, so it's going to be a while before we can start back up again.

Let's also not forget that MANY of us besides myself also have real-life responsibilities to attend to, making this not much of a priority.

I will let you know that I will still be taking auditions every so often until a break occurs from School. Until then, I apologize for any delays, it's just a normal part of life for me at this point. Besides, I'm not under the government anymore! XD

I hope this answers your questions :iconnatethegreat476:! ~ Afro
I'm actually surprised that :iconemmajh97: ACTUALLY acknowledged my existence on here for the first time in YEARS for this!:


Kaiba Angry Yell Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1 SCREW THE RULES, I HAVE MONEY!!Speech Bubble - Left speaker 2 

1.) You have to post the rules.

2) Answer the Questions and make 12 New ones.

3) Choose 12 People.

4) Tag those people.

5) Tags Back are allowed.


    1.) Do you have any current major art/story projects (comics, novels, etc)?

The Sudrian Chronicles has THREE projects going for it right now. I'm currently in the process of finishing up my adaptation of the Season 5 episode Duncan Gets Spooked, will be writing out several more parts to Railways of Sodor (I'm thinking of wrapping it up to begin work on Book 2 of the Sudrian Chronicles soon!), and of course the Nia film.

I've been trying to finish up casting for the Thomas & The Fall adaption for audio, but school and work take priority.

    2.) How often do you use/post things to DeviantArt?

I post often, but now that I have a new laptop (old one has left for greener pastures... RIP), it's gonna take me a while to get back into character designs while getting everything back to normal.

    3.) Do you use Twitter regularly? Instagram? Neither? Both?

I use Twitter for my social activism and human rights related shit. I tend to follow Masahiro Sakurai to see what he has been doing lately, as well as following Shasta Soda for a chance at winning a year's worth of free soda! (ANYBODY from Northern California will tell you that they prefer a Shasta! It's that good!) Never used Instagram, never will.

    4.) Favorite character from [book/movie/video game]?

Is it not obvious by the amount of favorites that Sakura Kasugano of Street Fighter tops this list off? Come on people! ;)

    5.) Who is you current biggest inspiration and why?

Masahiro Sakurai is my idol for ANYTHING creative. The man puts his heart and soul into his projects, and I do the same thing for many of my works.

I feel that when I become a filmmaker, I will pulling almost many of the same stunts as he does for content!

    6.) What was your favorite year/fondest memory(ies) from school? If you have none, what has been your favorite year/fondest memory from after you went to school?

Meeting :iconemmajh97: during Middle School (we were classmates in Denver, and hung out quite a bit then. Some even claimed we were dating! We weren't thank you!) She made my experience in Denver an easier one, like a lot easier, especially being in the same boat at the time of being a Californian stuck in Colorado. I still remember crying my eyes out the day she left!

Yeah, I'm surprised that I remembered that too...

    7.) What careers do you want to pursue or wish you could?
A filmmaker, there's so MANY stories to tell from around the world, creative shit to do, and oh, I get to do something that doesn't feel like work! Awesome right?

    8.) Is there anyone you would like to meet (online friend, celebrity, your answer for #5, etc)
I wouldn't mind enjoying a round of drinks with the online Thomas community so I can get to know them... beyond Thomas! XD

    9.) Do you like to travel, or stay at home regularly?
I like to travel, but after being with the U.S. Government for 3 years, I'd rather not have any damn rules. If I wish to go drinking, I wanna do that. Smoke weed? Yes. Have sex? Depends on the person, point is, I want my freedom, not a bunch of fucking rules that hold me back from a decent social life.

    10.)Do you enjoy thrill rides at theme parks, or some of the more tame/kid-friendly stuff? Or do you not care for amusement parks at all?
I kinda like those rides that spin fast. I'm afraid of heights, so that's a no.

    11.) If there is anyplace you'd like to go, where would it be and why?
I've always wanted to see Tokyo, it's such a badass city to check out.

    12.)  If you had one chance to go back in time so long as you made an oath not to interact with your past self, when's the farthest you would go and what would you do?
I would go back to prevent the 2016 election from ending in a disaster. In my opinion, going to the past like the 80's and shit would be a bad move, and would be pointless. Our future is the only way to do things right, and for the change, I'd make it so that Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont would win!


Geez, I don't even know... I guess...

New Questions:

1.) What 80's artist is awesome to you?

2.) Chocolate or Vanilla?

3.) What is your ideal university?

4.) How would you rule the world?

5.) Do we really exist?
As recently stated, Thomas & The Fall will be adapted for an audio production as a Christmas gift to EVERYONE this year. The script has already been written, including the bonus scene. The only things needed for this to be possible is a voice cast, music, and sound effects.

On my end, I will be taking care of the other two, as I've done it previously for Music Videos years ago. For the other end, this is where cast members will be needed for the production. The following is a list of EACH character that speaks in the film. If you wish to join in this, please let me know via notes. I can take auditions via Youtube, Discord, Google Hangouts, you name it, just give it your best shot, and PLEASE link or inform me so that I can give a listen to figure out who will be perfect for the part!

Thomas ~
Edward ~
Henry ~
Gordon ~
James ~
Percy ~
Toby ~
Emily ~
Molly ~
Rosie ~
Rebecca ~
Lizzie ~
32106 ~
Old Steam Engine #1 ~
Old Steam Engine #2 ~
Brian ~
Daisy ~
BoCo ~
Diesel Engine #1 ~
Diesel Engine #2 ~
Annie & Clarabel ~
Sir Topham Hatt ~
Burnett Stone ~
Lily Stone ~
Inspector Nash ~
Carly Nash ~
Tanya Jackson ~
Kara Jackson ~
Patch O'Hare ~
Abram Johnson (The Master) ~
Thomas' Driver ~
Edward's Driver ~
Edward's Fireman ~
Henry's Driver ~
Gordon's Driver ~
James' Driver ~
James' Fireman ~
32106's Driver ~
32106's Fireman ~
Brian's Driver ~
Scrap Worker #1 ~
Scrap Worker #2 ~
Stationmaster #1 ~
Stationmaster #2 ~
Stationmaster #3 ~
Signalman #1 ~
Signalman #2 ~
Policeman #1 ~
Policeman #2 ~
Policeman #3 ~
Foreign Driver ~
The Master's Fiance ~

Please spread this around so that I can get as MANY possible auditions as I can! ~ Afro
Hey everyone, Afro here. This is a list I'm making public so you will know what to expect in terms of content, Sudrian Chronicles stuff, and other things such as Commissions I'm currently working on! This is a list I personally made to keep track of MY WORK so that I don't get into any more conflicts with others! ~ Afro

Finished Content!

Sea Green Bullet - F2U! Sudrian Chronicles Duck the Great Western Engine ~ Finished 5/16/18!
Sea Green Bullet - F2U! Sudrian Chronicles Theo the Experimental Engine ~ Finished 5/17/18!
Sea Green Bullet - F2U! Sudrian Chronicles Luke the Irish NG Engine ~ Finished 5/18/18!
Sea Green Bullet - F2U! Sudrian Chronicles Duke the Lost Engine ~ Finished 5/20/18!
Sea Green Bullet - F2U! The Sudrian Chronicles Book #1 ~ The Railways of Sodor ~ Chapter 1 ~ Finished 5/24/18!
Sea Green Bullet - F2U! The Sudrian Chronicles Book #2 ~ The Railways of Sodor ~ Chapter 2 ~ Finished 6/4/18!
Sea Green Bullet - F2U! Wantanabe's Bizarre Evening ~ Chapter 1 ~ Finished 6/8/18!
Sea Green Bullet - F2U! Sudrian Chronicles 98426 and 87546 ~ Finished 6/9/18!
Sea Green Bullet - F2U! Humans of Sodor #1 ~ Stacy Jones ~ Finished 6/9/18!
Sea Green Bullet - F2U! Humans of Sodor #2 ~ Burnett Stone ~ Finished 6/10/18!
Sea Green Bullet - F2U! Sudrian Chronicles Ace the Stunt Car ~ Finished 6/21/2018
Sea Green Bullet - F2U! Sudrian Chronicles Ryan the Tank Engine ~ Finished 6/21/2018
Sea Green Bullet - F2U! Sudrian Chronicles Cupcake Squad ~ Finished 6/22/2018
Sea Green Bullet - F2U! Humans of Sodor #3 ~ Fergus Duncan ~ Finished 6/23/2018
Sea Green Bullet - F2U! Humans of Sodor #4 ~ Kit Twofeathers ~ Finished 6/23/2018
Sea Green Bullet - F2U! Humans of Sodor #5 ~ Captain Patrick Star ~ Finished 6/23/2018
Sea Green Bullet - F2U! Humans of Sodor #6 ~ Lady Jane Brown-Hatt ~ Finished 6/24/2018!
 Sea Green Bullet - F2U! Thomas & The Fall Part 5 - Finale ~ Finished 7/5/18!

Content Being Worked On!

Yellow Dot Bullet - F2U!  Sudrian Chronicles Frieda the German Engine
Yellow Dot Bullet - F2U! Love Me Ryu-San! ~ Rewrite
Yellow Dot Bullet - F2U!  Wantanabe's Bizarre Evening ~ Part 2 (Commission!)
Yellow Dot Bullet - F2U! The Sudrian Chronicles Book #1 ~ The Railways of Sodor ~ Chapter 3
Yellow Dot Bullet - F2U! Yaoi Writing Commission
Yellow Dot Bullet - F2U! Awkward Date ~ Part 1 (Commission!)
Yellow Dot Bullet - F2U! Writing Collab w/ :iconwdvincoii:
Yellow Dot Bullet - F2U! Yong Bao the Chinese Engine

Content Planned Out, But Not Started Yet!

Bullet; Black New Tendo City #1 ~ Kitchen Nightmares
Bullet; Black Other Commission (Not Yet Determined!)
Bullet; Black Other Commission (Not Yet Determined!)
Bullet; Black Sudrian Chronicles Oliver the Great Western Engine
Bullet; Black Sudrian Chronicles Carlos the Mexican Engine
Bullet; Black Sudrian Chronicles Aisha the LBSCR E4
Bullet; Black Sudrian Chronicles Godred's Lament
Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! Thomas & The Fall ~ Part 4
Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! Animation Altercation
Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! Special Story to help promote Even-Guys-Gotta-Go #1
Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! Special Story to help promote Even-Guys-Gotta-Go #2
Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! The Sudrian Chronicles Book #2 ~ The Three Railway Engines

This is ALL the content planned out so far! This will be updated when I get a chance, and this is also the CURRENT list. If you ask me what is next, you will be bluntly sent here by me! :| (Blank Stare)

Also folks remember the following things from me...

I accept commissions, not requests. by MariposaBullet

No Requests by SweetDuke

No Requests Please by Metadream

Requests : Closed by Raidiance

Requests - Closed by SweetDuke

Requests Closed Stamp by xMandaChanStampsx

I ONLY make special exceptions to requests and or collabs if I know you WELL! ~ Afro

Cartoon All-Star Rumble

Sat Mar 31, 2018, 5:56 PM
Hello watchers! Afro's back again to show off something that I previously asked about during one of the polls that I've been doing. This time, it's all about Cartoon All-Star Rumble, which many of you unanimously voted on for seeing what it was about.

Cartoon All-Star Rumble (Nintendo Switch Boxart) by Galaxy-Afro

Cartoon All-Star Rumble is a fighting game that mixes up the gameplay of both Super Smash Bros. and the Marvel vs. Capcom series. The game's roster and gameplay also take a number of cues from the series' represented, which results in a stylish fighting game with elements of cartoons and anime blended in perfect harmony.

The cover art showcases some of the roster, which will be very extensive, and cover a number of fan favorites, and even the obscure characters not seen much anymore!

Here are some of the modes that would be in the game...

Arcade Mode (CASR) by Galaxy-Afro

Arcade Mode is straight forward, fight your way down to the final boss, who would be a completely different one from the one in Story Mode. Your characters would receive special animated endings upon completion, along with their trophies, and other prizes.

Cartoon All-Star Rumble Minigames by Galaxy-Afro

Based on the Stadium from Super Smash Bros, and named after the Springfield Football Stadium in the Simpsons, this is where the players would come to play all sorts of minigames!

More info can be found below....…

In addition to the article, the character roster will be covered starting with several fan favorites tonight!

Ta-Ta for now! ~ Afro

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So after doing some polling about various other content to add to the gallery that aren't related to Thomas & Friends, it occurred to me that despite having published several bios, episodes, and more recently, character designs, that many of you were unaware of my other series, The Stories of New Tendo City. So in response, I've decided to give you guys the 411 on the series.

New Tendo City is basically a reimagining of EVERY single Nintendo character ever created, regardless of relevance. In this series, the Nintendo crew are basically regular people with regular jobs. It's also written as if it were a hybrid between a sitcom and an old cartoon out of the 1920's/30's. In addition to being regular people, the characters all reside in a major metropolis known as well.... New Tendo City! (See what I did there? ;))

New Tendo City itself is based on New York City, as well as Tokyo. Other cities such as London, Cape Town, and San Francisco were also inspirations to it!

In terms of characters, I have been working with several other users to get designs down. Otherwise, it's all me for the writing!

Pretty much ANYBODY out of Nintendo can be suggested to me to add to the ever-growing list of characters getting designed and written for the series. There's no limit to obscurity, after all one of the first characters designed was Lily Flyer from F-Zero!

The current amount of bios can be found below, and the journal will be updated each time I add another one to the list. Designs are a different case, but will be added to each bio eventually.

Alright folks, I've finally gained some time to get these damn stories done! Here is the current list of stories/commissions that will be done, and their current progress!

Bullet; Yellow The Office Commission (commissioned by :iconpyrofanity47:) ~ 20% done currently, to be paid for when 80% done.
Bullet; Yellow Sailor Moon Commission (commissioned by :iconkilkov87:) ~ 20% done, currently on hiatus.
Bullet; Yellow Awkward Date (commissioned by :iconmafer:) ~ 10% done, will be started up again shortly.
Bullet; Black Yaoi Commission (commissioned by :iconvainbanana2:) ~ Not started, to be paid for when 80% done.
Bullet; Black Kasumi DOA Commission (commissioned by :iconvoodoonights:) ~ Not started, to be paid for when 80% done.

Considering that this will be filling up my free time, there will be NO sprites or ANYTHING realating to the Sudrian Chronicles to be released. I would like to knock these out so that I can take on more work, and expand my audience beyond Thomas fans! Thank you to all who have sent me work, and I'm working hard to ensure that these are done as soon as my schedule will let me! ~ Afro

Hello everyone,

My name is Afro, and I'm a writer who works on commissions, makes sprites, and also makes video game ideas over on Fantendo. I'm writing this out for those who are part of the Request Group here on Devientart.

I have several projects that are under one title, which is name the Sactownverse. The Sactownverse combines everything I've created or reimagined in one singular universe, complete with multiple Earths.

Yes, Thomas fans, the Sudrian Chronicles Earth is part of this universe!

Anyways, the original aspect is something that I've been developing, and due to my lack of artistic skills (Sprites are a different story!) I have barely been able to get designs done, at least through commissions, which normally I'd be able to afford, but money is tight for me lately.

The universe in question is located here, and here.

Many of the characters are still being designed and written out, but at least four of them have been complete, with two of them having basic designs down, by different artstyles and methods. Of course, I would love to have someone help out with these. I thank you in advance, and if you have any questions, feel free to message me. ~ Afro
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It's Thomas (Thomas),

You're the leader (leader).

They're two, they're four, they're six, they're eight,

Shunting trucks and hauling freight.

Red and green and brown and blue,

They're the useful crew (that's who).

All with different roles to play

'Round Tidmouth Sheds and far away.

Now Lizzie's joined this friendly pack,

But who's this coming down the track?


Thomas, he's my number one,

Shining in the morning sun,

Working hard but having fun,

Thomas, you're the leader.

Thomas, you're the leader.

Thomas has so many friends,

The list is long, it never ends.

James and Percy huff and puff,

And Emily, she knows her stuff,

Henry, Edward, what a pair,

Toby, like I say he's square.

Gordon thunders down the line.

Everyone's a friend of mine.

(That's right)


Let's not forget the narrow gauge,

Where small and strong is all the rage.

Sir Handel, Rusty, Duke and Bertram (whoa),

Ivo Hugh at the back.

Rheneas and then Peter Sam,

Skarloey, Duncan, he's my man.

With Mr. Peter Sam in charge,

No work's too hard, no job's too large.


Oliver and Duck, Rebecca, Rosie too,

Nia, Mavis, Molly, the Really Useful crew.

It's not just engines full of steam,

There's Jack and all his building team.

Tipping stones and digging roads,

Filling trucks and loading loads.

Sir Topham Hatt, he keeps an eye

On every engine passing by.

Everything is tickety boo,

'Coz out in front is you-know-who.

(chorus x2)

This ties into Thomas & The Fall, maybe. Please comment and let me know! ~ Afro


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Here's a preview blurb of the upcoming Sudrian Chronicles film I'm writing/adapting! :D

During the 1960's, the "Beeching Axe" has taken place, and efforts by BritishRail to shut down branch lines and scrap both steam engines and outdated diesel engines has taken its effect. Only those who have been saved by places such as the Bluebell Railway, or the North Western Railway underneath Sir Charles Topham Hatt II survive. After Charles Topham announces his plan to take a vacation in the South of England alongside his wife, he introduces a diesel shunter named Brian that is to be given a trial on Sodor.

Sir Topham Hatt mentions to the engines that he is leaving one of the railway's top engineers, Burnett Stone in charge of the railway while he is gone. After he leaves on Gordon's express, the other engines begin to voice their suspicions about Brian due to the engine's odd silence when he gets assigned to a job for the first time by Mr. Stone.

Unbeknownst to the engines, Brian has been working under a mysterious man known only as "The Master", an insane Scrap Merchant that intends to melt down all steam engines from Sodor.

When Edward gets suspicious about Brian's behavior after several accidents occur on the North Western, he follows Brian to the mainland to investigate, only to become kidnapped by the Master.

Finding out about Edward's kidnapping, Thomas sets out on an adventure alongside Lily Stone, the granddaughter of Burnett Stone, and her friends to save Edward in his most daring adventure yet!

Also, Season 1 of the Sudrian Chronicles will be released soon, at least the "books" to expect! ;) ~ Afro
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Dear Friends,

It has come to my attention that many of you seem to have quite the questions for the universe that the Sudrian Chronicles is set in. Below, you will find a list of most likely expanding questions concerning the series, the engines, and many of the changes to take place within it. I hope that these will answer everything you would like to hear about the series.

The Author


Question: Will this character appear in this universe?

Answer: Yes!

All characters ever created for both the Railway Series, and the more well-known counterpart Television Series will make an appearance in the series, be it one way or another!


Question: Why were some characters like Belle, Diesel 10, and others changed in design?

Answer: The Sudrian Chronicles is a reimagining of the original books and the television series. It’s also a bit more realistic save for the talking vehicles! Because of this, many characters have been changed to accommodate these changes, such as Belle not having water cannons, Diesel 10 losing Pinchy, Lady not being magical, and even the likes of Sam and Hank not being large American engines anymore!


Question: Will you add in this fanon character?

Answer: Fanon characters that were not created for the Sudrian Chronicles can appear in the series, but as stated before, they will be accommodated to fit in with the realism of Sudrian Chronicles. This of course means that such elements as “parents” for the engines, “romantic partners”, and “magic” are not going to be seen in the series.

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Dear Friends,

It has come to my attention that many of you seem to have quite the questions for the universe that the Stories of New Tendo City is set in. Below, you will find a list of most likely expanding questions concerning the series, the characters, and many of the changes to take place within it. I hope that these will answer everything you would like to hear about the series.

The Author

Question: Will this character appear in this universe?

Answer: Yes!

All characters ever created by Nintendo, and owned by Nintendo will appear as residents in New Tendo City. From Super Mario to ARMS, everything is covered here!


Question: Will future Nintendo characters appear in the series?

Answer: As stated before, EVERY Nintendo character is a resident in the city. Future Nintendo characters are added as soon as they gain an official debut in any Nintendo media.


Question: Will you add in this fanon character?

Answer: Fanon characters are currently not allowed in New Tendo City. The reason for this is to focus on the growing number of characters in the Nintendo family. If a fanon character was added, then it would take away focus from the Nintendo characters that could use it!




Question: Can you write this story in the series?

Answer: Stories are all written by me, and only me currently. I like to come up with ideas that sound hilarious, and could work out with potential. If given an idea, and I end up liking it enough to write into an episode, so be it. Of course, you will be credited with the original idea upon the story being published!


Question: Why this shipping? It’s not MY one true pairing!

Answer: The characters that are romantically involved will be paired up with whoever I feel would have good chemistry. I personally don’t care for “shipping”, and I will NOT respond to comments questioning why your shipping wasn’t added. Remember, this is both a re-imagining, and an alternate universe. Anything can happen.


Question: Why did you make this character gay/lesbian/bisexual/pansexual/asexual/transgender? They weren’t like that in the games!

Answer: New Tendo City, like all my “Sactown Studios” works is meant to be inclusive, and to represent the diverse world that we live in today. Not everyone is straight, and not everyone is gay. This is my way of helping to modernize Nintendo without changing the characters! Keep in mind, they are still your favorite Nintendo characters, just different in terms of their romantic interest!


Question: When will this character appear?

Answer: Characters appear once they receive a role that they can fulfil that will fit with their original versions. There is no set order to who will be revealed next. It all depends on what I felt fit for the said character!

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The Cronk Forest and Timber Mill Company
Having existed within the Cronk Forest since the early 1900's, the company has been known for having locomotives that were both experimental, and of American origin design-wise. Six different engines work for the company, and also deliver timber and logs to the various harbors and ports on Sodor.

CF #1 - "Ferdinand"
CF #2 - "Bash"
CF #3 - "Dash"
CF #4 - "Lexi"
CF #5 - "Stacy"
CF #6 - "Jasmine"
The Sudrian Ironworks
A company that makes various steel related items. The company is also capable of melting down all sorts of metal, and helps make new rails for both Sodor, and the Mainland's multiple rail networks. This company keeps a fleet of both Diesels and Steam Engines. There are currently a total of 13 locomotives working for the company.

SI #1 - "Maxwell" (:iconjavienblackmagic122:'s character)
SI # 2 - "Neolan" (:iconjavienblackmagic122:'s character)
SI #3 - "Rhonda"
SI #4 - "Tilina" (:iconjavienblackmagic122:'s character)
SI #5 - "Barack" (:iconjavienblackmagic122:'s character)
SI #6 - "Carneilis" (:iconjavienblackmagic122:'s character)
SI #7 - "Randy" (:iconjavienblackmagic122:'s character)
SI #8 - "Winsley" (:iconjavienblackmagic122:'s character)
SI #9 - "Hurricane"
SI #10 - "Vincent" aka "Diesel 10"
SI #11 - "Frankie"
SI #12 - "Harry" aka "Iron 'Arry"
SI #13 - "Ronald" aka "Iron Bert"

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So after looking back on my writing policies, it's become apparent that I never cleared things up with everybody, so I'm going to clear up EVERYTHING that I do with this. Here we go, and please pay attention, because if you don't, I'm just going to bluntly link you to this journal! :| (Blank Stare)

All right, here we go!

Commissions! $6 for every 1,000 words!

As I've stated before, I write almost ANYTHING which includes the following...

Bullet; Green Short Stories
Bullet; Green Feature Film Scripts
Bullet; Green Original Stories
Bullet; Green Novels
Bullet; Green Fan Fiction
Bullet; Green Yaoi
Bullet; Green Yuri
Bullet; Green NSFW Content
Bullet; Green New Tendo City Stories
Bullet; Green The Sudrian Chronicles Stories
Bullet; Green Fantendo Articles

I will NOT do the following...

Bullet; Red Poetry
Bullet; Red Racist Works
Bullet; Red Homophobic Works
Bullet; Red Transphobic Works
Bullet; Red Pedophilia

Otherwise, everything else is fair game! Keep in mind that if you can't pay through money or points, shoot me a Note, and I'll work something out with you such as a trade or a collaboration! My works can be found in my various folders, mainly if you are curious on how I write. I'm also on Twitter so feel free to drop by and say hey! ~ Afro
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Hello everyone! Normally I only do commissions, but recently have decided to open up something new. You see, my new series, the Stories of New Tendo City, a modern 21st century reimagining of Nintendo characters living in a big city has done well.... by well I mean, I have some fans, but no one is literally noticing!

The Stories of New Tendo City Logo by Galaxy-Afro

To combat this, I've decided several things....

The first will be seeing a possible artist from the request groups be hired to take on character designs to get them noticed!

The second will be seeing EVERYONE who requests a Nintendo character get a profile. So far, there are 14 profiles uploaded so far....

New Tendo City Brief #1 - Mayor PaulineThe mayor of New Tendo City, and a well-known jazz singer, and talk-show host. Pauline is a kind-hearted woman who truly cares about her city, and the residents’ well-being, notably Mario, most of all. She’s a big lover of cake, and usually prefers homemade cakes over pre-packaged cakes, something which her poor assistant Isabelle had to learn the hard way! She used to date Mario, but they broke up a long time ago. Is rumored to be seeing pop star and “F-Zero” racer Jack Levin recently. New Tendo City Brief #2 - Savvy Stylist AngelaAngela Webster is a prominent fashion designer and clothing store owner in New Tendo City. Her work is often featured around the world, and she is known for designing things such as Lucina’s famous “Fire Emblem” yukata, and Mayor Pauline’s famous concert dress. Her most recent design was based off an incident that left Lucina missing a shirt, and exposing her pelvic area! This design has been proven to be a best-seller! She is said to be tapped for designing Peach’s “Wedding Dress” for the upcoming Mario Odyssey Special on television.

New Tendo City Brief #3 - Ashley Mizuki RobbinsA young woman who is quite talented at playing the acoustic guitar, and is often found performing in coffee shops. She also has great detective skills, and has often helped fellow investigators Ayumi Tachibana, and Yuuri Kozakatta investigate mysteries in New Tendo City. Lives with her cousin, “F-Zero” racer, Lily Flyer in an apartment. Often fights with Lily, but loves her like a sister. Known to steal Lily’s fruit parfaits out of the fridge on more than one occasion. New Tendo City Brief #4 - Little MacA short young-man who has a passion for the sport of boxing. Despite his size, he’s taken down bigger men in the ring through sheer determination, all thanks to his coach, Jerome ‘Doc’ Louis. Really dislikes being called short, and is often known to punch people that make fun of his size. Currently dating Samus Aran, who is considerably much, much, much taller than him. She doesn’t mind, for she likes small. Opposites attract after all!
New Tendo City Brief #4 - Misty CeruleanA water-type Pokémon trainer, who also runs the city’s swimming school, and often teaches both the citizens and the Pokémon how to become good swimmers. Although hot-tempered, she’s really caring, and does truly care for her students to excel. She’s got a major crush on Ash Ketchum, but she has yet to tell him. Is often found staring at the ocean in the 1-UP district, hoping that she will get enough courage to tell Ash how much she loves him. New Tendo City Brief #6 - Luigi Rosato
Mario’s younger brother, and co-star of the Super Mario Bros Super Show. Recently, he has begun starring in his own spin-off involving hunting down ghosts. Although Daisy Flora is his girlfriend on-screen, off-screen the two have been married for the past 5 years. Loves his brother, but often overshadowed. Often found in the company of Daisy, and his close friend Link.

Six of these are being shown right now. They are short and to the point. These are to give you an idea of who a character is within in New Tendo City, and what their role is. Enjoy, and if you want a character, please look through what I've got first, and then note me, and I'll respond with what you want! ~ Afro

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Hello folks! Afro here! I wanted to go over some things real quickly concerning future content for EVERYONE! For starters, despite the popularity of my newly established Thomas universe designs, I have decided to take a break from doing these in order to focus on my writing, mainly so that I don't lose my luster, and also so that I don't forget the COMMISSIONS! Yep, I've said it. I've been very BUSY with new changes in my life, and due to the schedule I'm currently on, I haven't been able to get much writing done. So I've decided to take a break from personal projects, so that I could work on these stories. From my recorded notes, (Yes, I SAVE EVERYTHING EVER WRITTEN HERE!) I OWE the following people (in no particular order) commissioned stories...

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If your name is ON THE LIST, please contact me ASAP so that we can work out various things! Seriously, I want to get them out of the way so that I can get possible new customers on board!

Now that that's out of the way, its time to announce a new series being written by moi. The New Tendo City stories are a fresh take on the cliche "Smash Mansion" series written by MANY, MANY people. The series is a slice-of-life featuring EVERY Nintendo characters ever created in a 21st Century New York City-based setting known as New Tendo City. The stories are intended to have plenty of all-ages stories everyone, as well as some NSFW stories for the adults!

The first story will be uploaded on Thanksgiving Day, and will be a NSFW one involving Lucina of Fire Emblem! To showcase my writing talents, and how much of a jack-of-all-trades I can be, I will also be uploading a alternate version of the story featuring Male!Corrin for the ladies and the gents who love Male!Corrin, and Lucina too! With developments like these, I have to wonder why it took me so long to get back into my writing groove! Heh, heh... Farewell new watchers! ~ Afro
Hello everyone, long time no see. Anyways, let's cut to the chase shall we? For starters, I have been sick on and off since January with colds. I went to the doctor yesterday, and I have been diagnosed with Bronchitis. Because of this, I now have to take a lot of medicine, and at the moment I have to focus on school.

However, commissions are still, and ALWAYS be OPEN! Again, I charge $8 for every 1,000 words written! I have payment plans too! I seriously need money, and I am willing to write anything! However, I need to clear up that "anything" bit.

  • No Pedophilia! In other words, erotic stories involving kids are a big fat no! If you ask anyways, you will be BLOCKED! Nuff said.
  • No bondage stories! Don't ask. Someone asked me to, and I actually went ahead with it before realizing I'm better than that! Again, you ask, your blocked!
  • No extreme erotic stories! I won't do farting, gore, vore, sexualized pregnancy, scat, piss, bestilality, etc. The answer is NO, and again, blocking!
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Anyways, people Afro is in need of over $650.00 right now! This is why I'm in need, I'm trying to secure my spot to receive a dorm at the University, and even though Financial Aid is taking care of the rent, I need this money to take care of the fees for the dorm. I'm seriously in need, and I intend to churn out these stories as fast as I can. However, keep in mind that I produce QUALITY works, and that I have finals approaching. Otherwise, commission away! Seriously, do it! Afro needs your help, and he needs it now! Please spread the word! - Afro

Hello Watchers! I have something important to share with everyone! You see, I have started at Metro State University here in Denver, Colorado. For the time being, I have been living at home, sleeping on my mother's couch, mainly because I simply cannot afford to live in the dorms on campus. I do work a part-time job at a nearby Noodles & Company, but sadly I don't make enough to cover the costs of rent for the dorm, let alone things such as groceries and personal hygiene products I'll need during that time. The rent for the place would be between $700 and $800 USD and as I've stated before, that's not even counting the groceries and other expenses that I would need. Even though I'm living in my mother's home, she has plans to move back to our home state of California, or the state of Arizona. Because of this, I would be homeless due to the meager wages I earn. In addition to that, although my Financial Aid has covered my semester of classes, it wasn't enough to cover the dorms. This is where I'm asking the community for help. Now I can't draw whatsoever, but I can write pretty damn well! I need to work out prices, but this is what I can do in terms of writing!

  • Short Stories - Basically anything that's short and sweet!
  • Comedies - I'm pretty good with humorous stories!
  • Screenplays - I can work something out with this!
  • Super Smash Bros. Style Reveal Trailers - A transcript/description that would be in the style of reveal trailers for newcomers and veterans in Super Smash Bros. 4.
  • Smashboards Support Threads - Again, I can work something out with this.
  • Fantendo Articles - If you have a game idea, and would like to put it somewhere, then I would gladly do so for you! I have taught myself how to use Powerpoint and a bit of coding to make professional looking pages on Fantendo. You would be credited, as I would mainly do the work of writing up an article and doing some image work.
  • Dramas - See above.
  • Erotic Stories - Yes, I'll do erotic stories if you so please. If you would like to, I can keep your identity a secret. I will even do Yaoi/Yuri/Slash

For anything else please message me and we can try and work something out! In the meantime, due to the amount of money I'll need to save for this, I'm afraid that I cannot write anything for free! I'm sorry folks, but I'm in serious need of money right now so that I don't end up homeless! For the record, I am a full-time college student with his own work to do, and I do have other projects that I work on for my own gain, so don't expect me to be able to churn them out as fast as lightning, so I ask for patience! Anyways, I'm quite flexible so if you money issues, no problem! Just talk with me, and we can work something out in terms of a payment plan! Please read this folks, I really need your help! Thanks - Afro