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The Spirit of the Stubborn by Galaxy-Afro The Spirit of the Stubborn by Galaxy-Afro
Enough people favorited the piece with Billy in my headcanon in it. I've decided to release the sprite of the Wellsworth and Suddery Railway version of Billy from my headcanon.

As stated before, Billy is killed in the Winter of 1912 while speeding with an express passenger train. The impact kills him, and the people aboard the train instantly, and as a result the Wellsworth and Suddery is left without a #4 until the purchase of Charlie in the Spring of 1913.

Billy's ghost was said to haunt the line after the accident, and was been spotted by many people all over Sodor during that time. Many Sudrian engines scoffed at the idea, until Billy's ghost train popped up at a station, and a woman who began screaming bloody murder was placed into an insane asylum due to the sights she saw in the passenger coaches of the "ghost".

It wasn't until a team of engines decided to put a stop to Billy's terror by interrupting the process of repeating his death. This was accomplished by having his former controller, Mr. Nathaniel Prescott, inform Billy that the train was no longer needed to be taken. Billy's Ghost disappeared afterwards, and became a Sudrian legend, at least to those who weren't there.

Billy's accident was based off of the same one that Arthur the Big Tank Engine suffered in Victor Tranzig's Stories of Sodor. After his death, Arthur continued to haunt the line, until Toby suggested that Mr. Nigel Zorro, the controller of the Sodor branch of the LMS Railway be the one to get rid of Arthur. The plan worked, and Arthur stopped terrorizing Sodor.

The reason that Billy was chosen to fulfill this role rather than Arthur, was simply because I prefer working with Arthur's character, and he's also a personal favorite of mine. Billy has nothing to salvage out of the original series, to the point that Sharon Miller ditched Billy in favor of Charlie, especially when considering that Billy was to appear in the CGI series starting in Series 13!

Billy also had no way to incorporate him in the universe I was building, and that says a lot when I can find a use for Magic Railroad and Misty Island characters, but not an orange tank engine! He was going to be on Thomas' Branch Line, but I cut him in favor of another engine. ~ Afro

Edit ~ Updated Colors.

Billy sprite originally made by :iconcj-the-creator: and :iconprincess-muffins:

The W&S livery was created by :iconwildnorwester:
RattlerJones Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2017  Student Filmographer
spirit of the stubborn?
Galaxy-Afro Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2017  Student Writer
Yep, toyed into Billy's stubbornness from the episode "Don't Be Silly, Billy!". Basically, in my headcanon for my universe, Billy was an engine for the Wellsworth and Suddery Railway, specifically engine #4. He was stubborn beyond belief, and never listened to anyone, which lead to his accident which kills him, the crew, and the passengers during the winter of 1912.

Billy later is replaced by Charlie as the W&S's #4 the next year. He returns in the 1930's, repeating his accident and scaring both people and engines. After a meeting, the engines realize that the controller of the former controller of the W&S is still alive and get him to tell Billy he doesn't need to take his train that evening. The trick works, and Billy's ghost finally leaves the island, and the world forever. ~ Afro
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