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The Adventures of Kenny by Galaxy-Afro The Adventures of Kenny by Galaxy-Afro
There once was a teenager named Kenny who thought that his life sucked, but a very cool surprise made him think differently about life altogether !!!
Kenny was a babysitter for the famous movie star, Alec Baldwin, he did this because he was lazy and babysitting was all that he was good at, because he watched over his own siblings. One day Kenny was so bored that he stumbled over a disturbing photograph, the picture had Mr. Baldwin dressed as a conductor on it along with two kids that looked his age, an old man, another conductor who had blonde hair, and a fat guy in a suit with a top hat, okay so it wasn’t that disturbing but this picture was never seen by even Mr. Baldwin’s own kids! So when Kenny showed the photo to the kids, it magically started to suck all of the people in that room into the photo. Once they were in the photo they were flying through a world that they had never seen before, it was all colorful; In fact it looked so colorful that you could say you were high! Then the Kenny and the Baldwin kids flew right out of some magic buffers, and they all landed on a hill. Then they saw the weirdest thing they ever saw, it was talking trains, yes talking trains! It was all so weird for Kenny, because he thought that talking trains were only seen on cheaply written TV shows for playhouse Disney.
“I must be dreaming, because this isn’t real at all, in fact I’m going to close my eyes and wake up in my bedroom, that’s right I’m just dreaming…” said Kenny.
Kenny tried to go to sleep, and when he woke up he realized that he wasn’t dreaming at all…
“Dude I can’t believe that this is real! I’m sure that I’m high right?” said Kenny.
After a while of this Kenny decided that it was real, and that was that. Kenny and the Baldwin kids decided to explore this strange world until they came up to a sign that read: The North Western Railway, there’s nothing quite like it! “Dude this railway, is on the Island Of Sodor? So you mean that I’m stuck on a stupid railway with a bunch of trains that act like a cast of freaking morons?” Kenny exclaimed. “Excuse me but I don’t appreciate what you called these engines… Kenny! What are you doing on Sodor?” said Mr. Baldwin in his conductor outfit. I found a picture that sucked us into this world,” said Kenny. “Well I guess I can’t be mad at you, now that you’re here, I might as well even take you all to meet the engines and The Fat Controller as well, ” said Mr. Baldwin. Meanwhile an evil scientist that goes by the name of Dr. Ham’n’Cheese (What kind of a name is that?) was busy plotting to take over all of Imagination Land that our heroes are stuck in, and he is so busy trying to be evil that he doesn’t realize that he’s about to bump his head into some weird looking potion. Then he started screaming, and his genetics started mutating him into the weirdest looking train you would ever see with your own eyes, this was a diesel engine that had over 100 claws, the brain and the face of an evil scientist, and he called himself Diesel 100, 100/100 for extreme power over every single person in the world! He rolled out of his lab to begin his takeover of this world. Meanwhile Kenny and the Baldwin kids had met all of the engines and The Fat Controller, who liked them a lot, and in fact The Fat Controller invited them to dinner at his house, but while they were all talking and laughing, Diesel 100 was doing his horrible deeds, first he arrived in the United States and rolled up to the white house. “Yes, yes I know Michelle, I know the kids miss me being at dinner, but I have to clean up this mess that the last idiot in here left this country in, love you too bye…mmff,” screamed President Obama! Diesel 100 had just begun the first part of his world takeover, kidnapping President Obama! “Let me go you monster,” screamed the President! “Ooh! I’m afraid that I can’t do that cause I’m the villain of this world so say goodbye to your country President Obama, because I’ll be taking over!,” said Diesel 100 in very oily voice. “You won’t get away with this!” screamed the President. Meanwhile back on Sodor Kenny, the Baldwin kids, and everyone else were having lights out at the Fat Controller’s House that is until the news came on. “This just in President Obama has gone missing,” shouted the Muppet News Man! We now go to our reporter on the spot Kermit the frog, tell us what happened Kermit,” shouted the Muppet News Man. “Thank you Muppet News Man, said Kermit. Today the president of the United States was kidnapped by an unknown person; I’m here right now with the vice president Joe Biden, and Michelle Obama, said Kermit. Mrs. Obama what do you think happened to your husband?” asked Kermit. “I don’t know Kermit, but I hope that wherever he is that he’s okay and not dead!” said Mrs. Obama. “Mr. Biden, how do you feel about becoming the president, until Mr. Obama is found?” asked Kermit. “I don’t know Kermit, I didn’t even expect for the president to go missing at all!” screamed Joe Biden. “Well there you have it folks there’s no sign of the president at all right now!” said Kermit. Kenny and the Baldwin kids are saddened by this news, and they were hoping that the president will be found. The next day Diesel 100 sneaks up onto Windsor castle… Queen Elizabeth II is having her tea and crumpets as usual… Diesel 100 sneaks up and puts a bag over Her Majesty. “Help!” screamed Her Majesty. “There’s no one to help you your majesty… cause I’m taking over your country as well!” said Diesel 100 in his oily voice. “You won’t get away with this!” she shouted. But Diesel 100 did get away with it, and he got away with kidnapping other world leaders, famous people, and even famous trains until he came to Sodor… The Fat Controller was eating a Big Mac at McDonalds until Diesel 100 snuck up and grabbed him. “Wait, can at least finish my Big Mac?” asked The Fat Controller. “I suppose…” said Diesel 100. “Alright I’m done you may now kidnap me! Wait a minute help!” shouted The Fat Controller. Soon Diesel 100 took over the entire world and it turned into complete chaos, for all the good leaders of the world had been locked away, while Diesel 100 had all of the people of this world bowing to him that is except Kenny and the Baldwin kids. Kenny had decided that enough was enough with this horrible take-over, so he wished and he gained a lightsaber, I mean after all it is Imagination Land isn’t it? Kenny went to challenge Diesel 100 to the death! “So this little teenager thinks he can defeat the master eh?” said Diesel 100 in his oily voice. “I’m here to set all of this world free from your demon self!” shouted the brave Kenny! So Diesel 100 and Kenny got into a star wars style fight with lightsabers and Kenny pretty much won the battle and had Diesel 100 trying to hold onto the gargoyle that somehow appeared for no reason at all, and then no one knows what happened next, it could be that Diesel 100 was hallucinating, or perhaps the stone came to life, either way Diesel 100 fell to his death into the fire below, and went straight to the bad place where he deserves to be after all of his horrible deeds! As soon as Kenny let everyone free all of Diesel 100’s black magic was turned into the beautiful world it was again, then Kenny woke up, it was 5:00 am when he looked at the clock, he got up and went to the mirror in his room, all he could see was himself with no scars from the fight he was in, as it all turns out it was just a dream, so Kenny went back to sleep happy that he didn’t work for Alec Baldwin after or did he??? Oh yeah and in case you’re wondering if there’s a moral for this story, then never go through your bosses photos or you might be sucked into imagination land!
The End!!!
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