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Sudrian Diesel Shunters by Galaxy-Afro Sudrian Diesel Shunters by Galaxy-Afro
More redesigns! Yay! Here we have Paxton, Sidney, Damien (Diesel), and newcomer Brooklyn! Sodor does have a large number of BR Class 08 shunters, but unlike the television series, there will only be four Class 08's owned by the North Western Railway. Paxton is D5, Sidney is D6, Damien is D7, and Brooklyn is D8.

As I've already shown, Arry and Bert are members of the Sudrian Ironworks fleet, and Splatter and Dodge will be given new roles and names soon. Also, these were simply the Mainland Diesel Shunters sprites modified with the NWR initials, numbers, and black buffers. Nothing more, nothing less. ~ Afro

Edit ~ Added NWR plaque to sides.

Credits - :iconcj-the-creator:, and :iconprincess-muffins:
TobyandMavisforever Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2018  Student General Artist
This is very intreasting.

Diesel for me was a fun one to make a headcanon for. In 1957 he was fresh out of the workshops and worked alongside Arry and Bart. But, they put ideas into his head about him being 'revolutionary' and that he shouldn't let anyone push him around. Unfortunately, this didn't go so well in the long run when Diesel went to Sodor. Duck was reeling from the fact his siblings were being withdrawn and scrapped, and poor communication went both ways. After all was said and done, Diesel found out the truth about what 'revolutionary' meant: that steam engines were being condemned to their deaths. Arry and Bart relished in the thought, but Diesel dreaded it, and he realised why Duck seemed to hate him before the lying had started. He started to go about secretly rescuing steam engines and their rolling stock. One night, Arry and Bart stole a pair of autocoaches. They got away with one of them, but Diesel managed to trick them into giving back the other. Diesel gave the coach to the engine and told them that if a train was coming, to run for it without second thought. He also tried to get the other coach back, but he was too late. He managed to find Iris, a Class 14 he had befriended a while after breaking ties with Arry and Bart, with a second coach she had found on her way to another yard, and they decide to take it to Barrow. They couldn't find the engine, but they did find two other autocoaches being protected by the kindly Paxton (We'll get to him later). They left all three in his care and headed back to BR. As time went on, Iris was bought by an almuitions factory and she and Diesel parted ways. Diesel would still do what he and Iris had started: helping steam engines find a safe haven somewhere, or at least try. Eventually, Diesel found out he was due to be withdrawn, and he figured that shunting near Barrow may be his best chance to survive. Cue Thomas and the Evil Diesel happening. Thomas, Annie, Clarabel and Daisy had won his trust, and their story soon spread. Duck and the big engines were taken aback by their praise, but realise that Diesel was being genuine. Soon, even working at Barrow was doing Diesel no good, but fate had a new twist: One day in 1987, Duck and Oliver were to take trucks of scrap to the Ironworks at Barrow. Duck heard some crying in an old shed and found the tank engine Chichester (a terrier, who replaces Stepney on Sodor). Duck plans to take the tank engine to be restored for work on the island, as Jinty did need help at Tidmouth Harbour. However, Duck and Chichester were captured by Arry and Bart. It was a good thing Diesel was shunting close by, cause he witnessed it all, and his loud toot alerted Oliver. Arry and Bart called Diesel a traitor, and Oliver 'the one Diesel let get away'. At once, Oliver realises Diesel is the one who gave Isabel back to him that night, and Duck and Diesel gain a mutual respect for each other. As a reward, Diesel became station pilot while Pug joined Rosie at Knapford Harbour, and Chichester joins Jinty at Tidmouth Harbour.

Arry and Bart, well, I mentioned them in Diesel's potion, but here's some more of their backstory. Arry and Bart were some of earliest 08s out of the works. At first, they weren't anything too special, they shunted in the yards as per usual. But, time went on and the drivers said they were more efficient than the steam engines. This went to their metaphorical heads, and they thought themselves revolutionary. This was further proven in their minds when the modernisation plans were put forward. The diesels were coming of age and steam engines would be melted down to bits. However, they just allowed it to happen back in the day, not actively do it themselves. That changed in 1967, when the first 08 was withdrawn from active service. There were still some steam engines running loose on BR, and now one of their kind was being withdrawn? That was the final straw, and Arry and Bart went about trying to scrap steam engines. Their first target was trying to get Oliver to go after them by stealing his two autocoaches. Of course, Isabel was returned to Oliver, but Harrison was cut to bits. They targeted other engines, some of which they successfully scrapped, but others were rescued by preservation groups. One day, they were sent down to the Barrow Ironworks, and they were really unsuccessful with any engines there. The Sudrians were smart, and steered well clear of their grasp. But there was one occasion where they thought they were lucky: Duck had slipped in nearby to rescue a tank engine named Chichester from an abandoned shed. Arry and Bart struck, and took them to cut up. However, Diesel and a GWR 14xx raced in and rescued the tank engines. Arry and Bart were enraged to see their traitor brother and that the 14xx was the one they had tried to capture before, Oliver. It got worse when the Fat Controller and their manager punished them by making them generators at the back of the Ironworks. However, Diesel 10 found them and asked them to take part in a Sodor raid. But of course, that goes as well as one expects (Still working on that).

I haven't fleshed out the others as much, but here's what I got for Paxton: a timid little shunter, his driver had worked with a steam engine before, and he taught him how to talk to them and behave around them. The first steam engine he ends up meeting happens to be Duck's sister, Jacqueline. She was lonely when Duck left for Sodor in 1955, but Paxton's friendly and gentle nature gradually won her over. As time went by for the two, Jackie and Paxton started to develop a strong friendship, often talking late into the night while their feuding siblings were fast asleep. Unknowingly, their relationship would get so strong no one would ever believe... Things went bad 1956, where Jackie was going to be withdrawn. Paxton was determined not to loose her, and got both crews to arrange for her to be sent to London Transport, where they were searching for a couple of engines to take light passenger trains. Jackie thanked Paxton for his kindness and determination... and even kissed him goodbye! Paxton did so too, and they both whispered, "I love you." Life without Jackie was miserable for poor Paxton. He was transferred over to work in the Barrow-In-Furness Scrapyards later that year. Paxton had witnessed steam engines being cut to pieces. This had scarred the poor little shunter, and he became very timid and depressed.  One night, in 1968, Douglas had come round with his Midnight Goods, and assured him that it wasn't the diesels fault that steam engines were left for dead, but rather, the BR officials had done it. Douglas had offered Paxton a trial on Sodor, but he declined when he found out Oliver, Isabel and Toad needed it more than he did. Paxton also helped Donald and 7101 rescue Alice, Mirabel, Dulcie and Ted from the scrapyards. Because of Paxton's good deeds, Sir Topham made plans to purchase him. He eventually did so in 1979, as a shunter for the Ffarquar branchline. In the 90s, Paxton had the biggest surprise of his life: his secret love, Jackie, had arrived on Sodor on a heritage tour. Jackie was afraid of how the others would react Paxton reassured her that they were not the only steam/diesel couple on the island, and they would more accepted now. But, that begged the question: what would Duck and Diesel think? When the two of them found out about their relationship, Duck and Diesel were shocked beyond belief. Yes, they had swept their differences under the rug, and they weren't cross, they just didn't expect this to happen! It did take them a few days to overcome this shock, but when they did, Duck and Diesel were more than happy that their younger siblings had found love, and gave them their blessing to be together. As well as a romantic relationship with Jackie, Paxton also has a close friendship with Percy, both being naive but well meaning.

As for Sidney, he was to be a shunter like all his brothers and sisters. However, Sidney always had a habit of... getting his trains muddled up. Sometimes, he'd shunt a coal train for an engine when it was meant to be a tanker train. Or, he might put the brake coach in the middle of the train instead of the back of the train. However, the little shunter was a good natured sort, always willing to try his best. In 1979, Sidney was purchased for shunting duties on the Arlesburgh branchline, and eventually learned to sing some little songs to help him remember what to do on the branch. (Yeah... that's all I got)

Last of all is Splatter and Dodge. I'm thinking they will work at Peel Godred Works while Victor, Harvey and Kevin work at Crovans Gate Works and Den and Dart at Vicarstown works. (Brush the works diesel goes back and forward between the three of them). Splatter and Dodge's real names are Seth and Dominic. They used to be Diesel 10's lackys, but they disapproved of scrapping and they only followed him out of fear. Their incompetence can frustrate other engines sometimes, but they'd take Splatter and Dodge over Arry and Bart any day of the week. (And... that's all I got.)
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