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SSBU Newcomer #1: Lily Flyer by Galaxy-Afro SSBU Newcomer #1: Lily Flyer by Galaxy-Afro
A young woman in the Galactic Space Forces who's seen plenty of front-line combat, even though she's only 14 years old. Her reason for joining the F-Zero Grand Prix is simply to further herself in her training, and the money she would win goes back to the organization. She's said to collect frog knicknacks, and is said to really love fruit parfait, and wishes the mess hall would make it more often.

Neutral Special - Bunny Grenade: Lily Flyer tosses out a grenade towards the opponent. Upon exploding, it will release a bunny shaped explosion which will do the least amount of damage when the opponent is near the "face", and more damage if the opponent is near the "ears".

Side Special - Bunny Rocket: Lily Flyer brings out a homing rocket which functions somewhat similarly to Snake, Falco, and Sami's launchers. The difference is that Lily's produces a bunny shape, and can be used to make a shape of a bunny if timed right, which will explode on impact.

Up Special - Bunny Hop: Lily Flyer crouches down and springs up to hop up and down as if she were a bunny. While in this position, she can freely move around the stage and can hop on her opponents heads to deal damage.

Down Special - Bunny Reflector: Lily Flyer activates her Galactic Space Force Reflector which is customized in the shape of a bunny for her. It can block projectiles and can sometimes even be used as an offensive weapon.

Final Smash: Bunny Flash - Lily Flyer calls in the Bunny Flash, which crashes through the stage in front of Lily Flyer. Whoever it hits when it first appears will be hit by the rest of the move. Characters who are not hit will stay in place until the end of the smash. A short cutscene appears, and the opponents are run over and sent flying. Like certain other Final Smashes, if no one is hit when the Bunny Flash appears, then the attack fails.

This is the first in a new series, where I showcase fighters that could be in Smash Bros. if the roster was decided by me rather than Sakurai himself. Some of my watchers may recognize these selections from my Smash Universe Thread on Smashboards, and the Smash Universe game on Fantendo.

Lily Flyer is a Nintendo character. Her render in the photo belongs to Nintendo/Sega. The moveset however belongs to me, for I made it myself!
TheRealT-ZER0 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Neat picture of Lily. Really eye-popping.
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February 25, 2016
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