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One of the stars of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, but less used than her best friend Peach Toadstool-Rosato. Skilled in many sports, Soccer being her personal favorite. Married to Luigi Rosato, and often known for her temper towards many people. It's said that she doesn't quite like Waluigi very much, especially off-camera. Loves baking, and co-owns Mayor Pauline's favorite bakery alongside Peach. Close friend of Krystal Bleu, and the older sister of Azalea Flora.
So considering that NONE of my watchers have even seen New Tendo City, (save for two according to my recent poll!), I've decided to bring it back on here to promote it.

Basically, New Tendo City is a 2010's reimagining of Nintendo characters living in a HUGE city inspired by real-life New York City and Tokyo. The idea is that none of the characters will have their original roles, instead going for more "regular jobs" such as bakers, cops, taxi drivers, actors, firemen, and more.

Daisy in this series is reimagined as a baker and an actress in this series, and is also married to Luigi Rosato. Much like her game counterpart, she has a little sister, Azalea from the Mario Golf games. Both would be voiced by Deanna Mustard if the series ever becomes a real thing. ~ Afro

Previous one ~ Hinoka Hoshido

Next one ~ Unknown
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