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Flora the Tram Engine by Galaxy-Afro Flora the Tram Engine by Galaxy-Afro
Built as an experimental unit, Flora was shipped to Sodor in 1900 for the newly formed Harwick Tramway. Being the sole engine for the Tramway, she strived to make sure that her owner, Mr. Carl Harrigan would be proud. During her time with the tramway, she ended up striking a very close friendship with Mrs. Henrietta Harrigan, the Spanish wife of Mr. Harrigan. Being close to her, Flora ended up taking on Spanish as a second language. However, a deadly disease spread through Sodor in 1901, and Mrs. Harrigan was one of the many Sudrian residents to have her life taken by the disease. Devastated, Mr. Harrigan drank himself into a deep depression, and with no motivation to keep up the business, the Harwick Tramway shut down in 1902.

At first to be sent to the scrapyard, Flora was saved by the Wellsworth and Suddery Railway, and became the railway's #6 engine. In 1924, she became a member of the newly formed North Western Railway, which was made up of the many Standard Gauge Railway companies. Upon this merger, she politely asked to be repainted in green. When asked by Sir Topham Hatt I why she wished to be painted green, she responded with wishing to honor the legacy of the Harrigans. With the exception of World War II, Flora has remained in green since 1924.

Upon the North Western Railway's board of directors deciding to number the engines, Flora became NWR #52. ~ Afro

Credits ~ :iconprincess-muffins:, and :iconcj-the-creator:
Galaxy-Afro Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2018  Student Writer
Correct! Some elements of the Sudrian Chronicles will be based off of those of the Stories of Sodor. I love the series, and try to incorporate it into Chronicles often. Toby's story from the series fit Flora better,  and also allows me to have Toby's story the same as Awdry intended.
luis18artist Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love that livery
Looks better on her than the Yellow
If she returned i believe she would live in Vicarstown as i know so far supposedly there is a Tramway track on the city
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